How to recover parental control restrictions passcodes?

Tag: ibackupbot password crack

Tag: ibackupbot password crack

i have forgoton restrictions password, how do you reset it? [Re-Titled by Host]. More Less. iPad 2. Posted on Jan 7. Download now [ Direct download link (Windows) ] IBackupBot Crack|| Tags: Apple, backup, Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, GPU acceleration. iBackupBot Crack is a software for backup and restores data of iOS devices. and browse files from a backup that is password protected.

Over the last few years, Apple has certainly added many features for parental control, like the Restrictions on iOS 8 to 11 or the Screen Time on iOS 12 and later versions. Using these native features on the iPhone, parents can control the way their kids use their phones. To bypass a parental control setting, a pre-set password is needed. Usually, the passcode is only known to parents. Sometimes, parents keep unique passwords that they end up forgetting themselves. If you also forgot the parental control password, then don't worry – we are here Tag: ibackupbot password crack assist you. Read on and learn how to recover a parental control password on your iPhone.

forgot parental control password iphone

How to reset an iPhone parental control password by performing a Factory Reset?

The easiest way to reset the parental control password is by performing a factory reset on the device. As you know, a factory reset would restore your device to its default settings. The default settings will overwrite the Restrictions password and all the saved customized settings regarding parental controls. Therefore, when you would factory reset your device, it will be brand new, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. You would have to perform an initial setup once again.

While the process seems quite convenient, it has a major drawback. All the saved data, user content, and settings will automatically be deleted from your Tag: ibackupbot password crack. Therefore, it is recommended to take Smart Game Booster 4.4 PRO - June 2020 crack serial keygen backup of your phone first before you factory reset it. In this way, you can resolve the forgot parental control password issue without losing any important data from the phone.

Here are the steps to perform a factory reset on your iPhone.

  • Once you have taken the backup of your device, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, go to its Settings > General.
  • Now, tap on the "Reset" button. Select "Erase All Content and Settings" to factory reset the device from all the provided options.
  • To confirm your choice, you need to enter the passcode of your device. Remember, this is the device's lock-screen passcode and not the parental restriction code.
  • To confirm your choice, tap on the "Erase iPhone" option. Wait for a while as your phone would be restarted with default settings and no parental control restrictions.
  • After you complete the initial setup, you can set up the Restrictions or Screen Time again by creating a new passcode.

Recover Your Restrictions Passcode

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

How to recover the parental control password without restoring the iPhone or iPad?

By following the above-stated technique, users can recover the parental control password. Though, they would have to lose their data in the process. If you don't want to restore your iPhone and still recover the parental control password, then you need to walk the extra mile. There are a few iTunes backup extractors that can help you resolve this issue. While the process is a bit complicated, it will certainly meet your requirements. If you forgot the parental control password on Tag: ibackupbot password crack iPhone, then follow this stepwise approach.

1. First of all, you need to take a backup of your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. To do this, connect octane render 3ds max Crack Archives iOS device to the system and launch an updated version of iTunes on it.

2. Select your device and go to its Summary tab. From here, you can McAfee LiveSafe 16.0 R7 Crack + Activation Key 2021 Full Download your device on the local system. Select "This Computer" instead of taking a backup on the cloud. Also, when you are taking a backup of your iOS device, make sure that the restriction code is enabled on it.

forgot parental control password - backup your iphone via itunes

3. Now, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, you need to install an iTunes backup extractor on your computer. We recommend iBackupBot as it is a user-friendly tool.

4. Launch iBackupBot on your system and load your iTunes backup. From its left panel, you need to navigate to System Files > HomeDomain > Library.

Recover Your Restrictions Passcode - install iTunes backup extractor

5. On the right, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, this will display all the files in the Library folder, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. Go to the "Preferences" folder and look for the file name "". You can also look for this filename on the search bar as well.

6. Select the file, right-click it, and open it with a text editor (like Notepad or WordPad).

forget iphone parental control passcode - Recover Your Restrictions Passcode

7. Now, you need to carefully look for the parental control restriction key in this file. Search for the "SBParentalControlsMCContentRestrictions" in the file. Our aim is to find the following lines:

<key >SBParentalControlsMCContentRestrictions<key >

<dict >

<key >countryCode<key >

<string >us<string >

</dict >

Just after the </dict> tag, you need to make some adjustments to the file. We have to add a key and a string Tag: ibackupbot password crack to it. For instance, if you have to Tag: ibackupbot password crack as the restriction code, then the key will be as follows:

recover iphone parental control passcode

<key >SBParentalControlsPIN<key >

<string ><string >

9. Great! You are almost there, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. Once you have entered the code, please save the file, and close it.

Now, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, connect your iPhone back to your system and let the application detect it automatically. Select the device, right-click it, and restore the backup.

step to recover iphone parental control passcode - restore the backup

Select the backup file on which you have made the relevant changes.

Once the backup Tag: ibackupbot password crack restored, the restriction passcode will also be updated to the provided string. In this case, it is "".

How to reset your Screen Time passcode?

If you forgot your Screen Time Passcode or your kid's device passcode, you could reset it by following the below steps. Please note that this method works only on iOS and later PTGui Pro windows Archives - How to give better iPhone parental controls for kids?

As you can see, it takes a lot of effort to recover the parental control password on the iPhone. If you don't want to go through so much hassle, then try FamiSafe, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. Even if you have forgotten your FamiSafe password, you can reset it easily without losing any data.

FamiSafe is a professional parental control app that works on every leading iOS device. Easy to install and use, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, it comes with tons of advanced features. Parents can track the live location of their kids, set strict time limits for the device usage, and even monitor their kids' activity and control the device remotely.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Let's have a glance at the supported features of FamiSafe!

  • It provides real-time location tracking of a device. Parents can also check the past location records of their kids. For iPhone users, kids can also share their real-time location with their parents.
  • Use Geofence to Tag: ibackupbot password crack instant check-in and check-out alerts whenever your kids enter or leave a restricted area.
  • Block apps by age category remotely to prevent kids from developing an addiction to certain apps.
  • Web Filter feature will block websites that contain harmful information automatically.
  • Set strict time or location-based restrictions on the device to help kids form a good digital habit. Parents can also block the device anytime they want by using the Screen Time feature.
  • Detect porn or nude images and send instant alerts to parents from MediaMonkey Gold 5 Serial Key phone galleries.
  • Monitor disturbing YouTube videos or channels with keyword alerts.

Recover Your Restrictions PasscodeRecover Your Restrictions Passcode

There are tons of other features that FamiSafe has to offer. You can download it on your iOS device for free to explore it further. After completing its 3-day free trial, you can get its premium subscription for as little as $ a month. It is quite easy to install and would not require you to jailbreak your device as well.

Now that we have learned about how to recover iPhone parental control passwords for Restrictions or Screen Time, you don't need to panic anymore when you forgot the password. Moreover, FamiSafe is also a good alternative for parents looking for a more comprehensive parental control method.

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By Heather Mahalik

This blog is a cursory glance of iOS14, which was officially released this week. To keep with my previous trends, I focus on basic artifacts that impact almost every investigation and then dive in and take a bite from the apple. Think of this blog as the bobbing part. 😊 For this blog, I tested the tools that I have available to me personally. If you think something is missing &#; share it. If you are a vendor and think something is missing &#; share it with me and I will try it for myself. At this point in time, an encrypted iTunes backup seemed to be the most stable option. I know that vendors are releasing updates to support iOS14 shortly, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, so be patient. If you DO NOT encrypt the backup, you will NOT extract Calls, Apple Maps (some databases extracted but are empty), Safari, Health and probably a Tag: ibackupbot password crack more!

Apple didn’t go of the beaten path to much for the primary artifacts. There are some strange things I noted and those will be shared. Since iOS13, best practices are to encrypt your backups! If you do not, you will not get all the databases needed for basic examinations.

For this blog, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, I acquired many ways to compare the differences. The ones in bold were the best acquisition.

Mac Acquisition Tests:

  • Backup on a Mac using Finder &#; Encrypted
  • Backup on a Mac Tag: ibackupbot password crack Finder &#; No encryption set
  • Backup on a Mac using Finder &#; Encryption set but DID NOT save the password to the keychain

The issue I found when backing up to a Mac and saving the encryption passcode to the keychain is that the does not show the encryption flag and the tools do not request the passcode for parsing.

Thus, you don’t get much of anything! I loaded all of these extractions into Cellebrite Tag: ibackupbot password crack Analyzer and Magnet AXIOM to verify and the keychain taking the passcode really limits us examiners so pay attention when using a Mac to create a backup and DO NOT let that box stay checked or your examination opportunities will be limited.

Windows Acquisition Tests:

I first attempted to use a previous version of iTunes and it didn’t even see my device running iOS I updated and all was good from that point forward.

  • Backup with iTunes &#; Encrypted
  • Backup with iTunes &#; No encryption set

There weren’t any oddities here other than the fact that as soon as I moved my backup from the MobileSync directory, iTunes claimed it was never backed up to this PC.

And a backup a few mins later.

Keep in mind, I did about 10 backups of this device because I kept adding data and then pulling it. It makes sense if you think about it, but I know that the device stores this information, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, so I was surprised to see iTunes simply relying on the backup directory for this Tag: ibackupbot password crack. Bottom line do not trust what iTunes states regarding backups on the summary screen because the truth lies within the iOS device.

For this test, I created new Contacts, placed Calls (both FaceTime and regular), texted (used the new “reply to a message” feature, took photos, searched for directions (and even had to do extra drives to get really test Maps), created a note, and browsed using Safari. These are the key items that everyone should examine for Tag: ibackupbot password crack cases, so I tend to start there. My colleagues and I are going to dive into the harder artifacts (KnowledgeC, locations, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, Health, etc.) and will do a separate blog on that.

The common artifacts:

Contacts: var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/mlbjerseyschina.usdb &#; parsed by commercial tools

Calls: var/mobile/Library/CallHistoryDB/mlbjerseyschina.usata &#; &#; parsed by commercial tools

SMS: var/mobile/Library/SMS/ &#; mostly parsed by commercial tools. See below for more details.

Safari: var/mobile/Library/Safari/ &#; mostly parsed by commercial tools. Note: Make sure your tool parses history, Google searches and Tab history.

Photos: var/mobile/Media/DCIM/APPLE/ &#; parsed by commercial tools Affinity Photo Crack + Activation Key 2021 Download However, there is a new table. Take a look below.

The table ZGENERICASSET that we have relied upon for so long is now ZASSET. Thanks to Jared Barnhart for finding this first. 🙂 And thanks to Scott Koenig for this query to parse it all.

Notes: var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/ &#; parsed by commercial tools

**NEW File and Path***

Maps: var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/


Apple Maps is the biggest change and to be honest, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, I thought I lost them again. If you aren’t sure what I am referring to, please read my previous blogs on Apple Maps, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. I have spent countless hours trying to find locations and you know what’s sad &#; I don’t even like Apple Maps. I prefer Tag: ibackupbot password crack. However, as a researcher, I must test all things. Let’s take a historical look at Apple Maps.

History, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. mapsdata &#; was the primary storage file for Maps until iOS 8

mlbjerseyschina.usta &#; the primary storage file for Maps from iOS 8 &#; iOS 11(ish). Went to cloud storage for iOS12 and then came back and stored here again for iOS13 &#; again refer to my previous blogs &#;How the Grinch stole Apple Maps artifacts… or did he just hide them? and First the Grinch and now the Easter Bunny! Where is Apple Maps hiding?

MapsSync_ &#; the new file on the block &#; this is the primary file storing iOS 14 Maps data.

MapsSync_ seems to only keep the last 15 history items. This is about directions/lookups/searches based upon my testing. I dumped my device several times to confirm this. Let’s look.

Here is how it looked when I first extracted the data.

And just two Apple Maps searches later, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, it looked like this.

The bad news is that none of the tools I tested parse this file. The good news? Here is a query for you. Use your tool of choice to parse it. Keep in mind the “Time Created” below will reflect the time The device was updated to iOS Thus, this is NOT when that search occurred. To get that information, you need to examine mlbjerseyschina.usta &#; the protobuf that stores this historical information.

When examining the output, I was perplexed by the lack of results, which is when I realized that number of 15 stayed constant no matter what I searched for. It appears to be transactional in nature. Also, I went through all the coordinates and realized that the Type “coordinates of search” will not show as “navigation journey” unless selected.  For example, I searched for UMMC (no longer part of this database in my final dump, but the “coordinates of search” persist. The one set of coordinates is for the University Medical Center in Maryland (the one I navigated to) and the other a University Medical Center in Mississippi, which I never selected.

The good news &#; mlbjerseyschina.usta has the historical searches made in iOS13! If you do not see these in the MapsSync_ database, go back and examine the protobuf for locations of interest. Below we can see the searches for UMMC, which are no longer in MapsSync_ exist Tag: ibackupbot password crack src="" alt="" width="" height="">

What about those BLOBS stored in “zrouterequeststorage” you ask? Well, they store your starting location and your final destination. Pretty important, right? This is the literal journey.

These BLOBs are protobufs and a special shout out to Jon Baumann who stayed up late to fix his script for me. You can find his script here to parse these nasty buggers.

Here is some sample output of my file. Note that it isn’t perfect (he worked on this in minutes) and may have false positives.

Protoc can be used to look at the protobufs. And there are many scripts to help. One recommended by the Cheeky4n6Monkey is

Another consideration is going back into your tool and searching around. Cellebrite Physical Analyzer has a built in button to search in binary blobs. I did two searches here, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. One for my home street (not sharing that here) and one for a location I navigated to/searched for (chantilly).

Another option is to convert the BLOBS from the query provided above to Hex so you see the output and are alerted. Again, this is a preference thing, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. Thanks Jared Barnhardt for the suggestion here!

I plan to keep digging into Apple Maps and will blog more as I find more information. For now, use this query if you dump a device running iOS Don’t be afraid to make it your own too! You will see many columns that I could not get to populate with valuable information.

For iMessage, you can now reply to a single portion of the conversation. The below Tag: ibackupbot password crack shows you how this appears on the device.

The database has two new columns called “thread_originator_guid” and “thread_originator_part” which appear to be what the tools are not yet parsing and is what alerts you to the message the reply was to. I have yet to determine what the “thread_originator_part” means.

Refer to the screenshot from the phone to put this all together. Until the tools catch up, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, here is a query that will get you part of the way. It’s not perfect, and I plan to try to merge them. Maybe one of my friends will help write a script for it (Calling Tag: ibackupbot password crack, Ian and Cheeky4n6Monkey!). The query below has been updated for iOS

Bottom line &#; Apple isn’t rotten. The days I spend researching and blogging are for my family until I press submit! 😊 Please research and share! Validation is key. We all need to do it! Create test data and try it for yourself. If you find bugs, report them to vendors. If you find gaps, report them, and find someone who can build a tool to parse it. It’s our job in DFIR to educate and share. Happy hunting on iOS 14! And you may see this image coming office professional plus 2019 you publicly soon!

AppleApple MapsAXIOMCellebriteiosiOS14itunesMacPAparsingPhysical AnalzyerprotobufИсточник: []

Table of Contents

You primarily come to this web page for just to know that how to Hack Restrictions Passcode in iOS. Effectively, don&#;t fret, I provides you with four step-by-step options to reset your restriction DISCLAIMER - MASTERkreatif. However earlier than that, let&#;s have a look at some fundamental background data on restriction passcode.

The aim of iPhone restrictions is to lock sure capabilities of the gadget, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. They&#;re additionally known as Parental Controls, able to hiding songs with specific lyrics, stopping YouTube from operating, and so on. By setting a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) for a &#;Restrictions Passcode&#;, mother and father can management which functions and options others, normally their kids, can entry.

With out the four-digit passcode restrictions cannot be modified. In case you have forgotten your restrictions passcode it&#;s essential to restore your iPhone utilizing iTunes to reset the passcode. When requested, don&#;t restore the iPhone from backup, in any other case the outdated passcode you do not know can be enabled.


Take a fresh backup

The very first thing is, we need to do is to take a fresh backup first, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. So, why fresh backup? Because, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, old backup may have different restrictions passcode. The other thing is that if this process isn&#;t done correctly then you may damage your backup so taking a fresh backup will not cause any problem at all.

How to Unistall iOS 11 Beta update and restore iOS 10?

For taking backup, just connect your device to computer via USB cable and open up iTunes. Now go to Tag: ibackupbot password crack and hit Backup button.

Access Encrypted Keys of Passcode

I hope that you already download and installed iBackupBot in your machine, or if not then do it. After that, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, go through following steps below:

#1: Open iBackupBot and select latest backup.

How to Hack Restrictions Passcode in iOS?

#2: Click on System Files and then HomeDomain

#3: Click on Preference

#4: Search for  in the search box

How to Hack Restrictions Passcode in iOS?

#5: Right click on it and open with Built-it Editor

If software asking for registration then simply click on Cancel. Or, you can also buy iBackupBot&#;s full version.

How to Hack Restrictions Passcode in iOS?

#6: Copy &#;RestrictionsPasswordKey&#; and &#;RestrictionsPasswordSalt&#; somewhere

Do not modify any file. Just copy keys and close the editor

Cracking Passcode

Now, you have keys for passcode but those are encrypted so we have to crack them. Just hit the button below to go on a site that will help you to crack it.

Online Cracker

Quick tip: If you completly don&#;t know the passcode then open above link in 10 tabs. In first tab, put the starting value & last value and hit search. In second tab, put to and search it. And, so on.


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The number of iOS 14 users is on the raise, and we will see it running on most Apple devices pretty soon. Apple had already stopped signing the last version of iOS 13 on all but legacy hardware. Soon, we will only see it running on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 which didn’t get the update, and on a small fraction of newer devices. If you are working in the forensic field, what do you need to do to make yourself ready for iOS 14? Our software may help.

The iOS backup system is truly unrivalled, Tag: ibackupbot password crack. The highly comprehensive, versatile and secure backups can be created with Apple iTunes. For the user, local backups are a convenient and easy way to transfer data to a new device or restore an existing one after a factory reset. For forensic experts, iOS backups are an equally convenient, versatile and easy way to obtain a Batman Arkham Asylum crack serial keygen of the user’s data without attempting to break into the device. In malicious hands, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, the backup becomes a dangerous weapon. Logins and passwords from the Keychain allow hackers accessing the user&#;s social accounts, messages, and financial information. A backup password can be set to protect local backups, but it can be removed just as easily shall the hacker have access to the physical iPhone and know its passcode. In this article, we’ll discuss how the Screen Time password can be used to further strengthen the protection of local Tag: ibackupbot password crack alt="" src=";d=mm&#;r=x" height="60" width="60">

How can you obtain the highest amount of data from an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple Watch? This is not as simple as it may seem. Multiple overlapping extraction methods exist, and some of them are limited to specific versions of the OS. Let’s go through them and summarize their availability and benefits.

backup, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, checkra1n, EIFT, full file system, iCloud backup, iOS, iOS backup, iPadOS, iTunes backup, jailbreak, keychain, logical acquisition, tvOS, unc0ver, WatchOS

An update to Google Play Services enables manual Google Drive backup option on many Android handsets. Since AndroidAndroid has had an online backup solution, allowing Android users back up and restore their device settings and app data from their Google Drive account. Android backups were running on top of Google Play Services; in other words, they were always part of Google Android as opposed to being part of Android Open Source. Unlike iOS with predictable iCloud backups and the manual “Backup now” option, Google’s backup solution behaved inconsistently at best. In our (extensive) tests, we discovered that the first backup would be only made automatically on the second day, while data for most applications would be backed up days, if not weeks Tag: ibackupbot password crack the initial backup. The ability to manually initiate a backup was sorely missing. (more…)

Apple has a wonderfully integrated ecosystem. Apple computers, tablets and phones conveniently synchronize information such as passwords, Web browsing history, contacts and call logs across all of the user’s devices. This synchronization mechanism uses iCloud to sync and store information. The syncing mechanism works independently from iOS system backups that are also stored in iCloud (or iCloud Drive). As opposed to daily iCloud backups, synchronized data is updated and propagated across devices in almost real time. Extracting this information can be invaluable for investigations as it provides access to the most up to date information about the user, their activities and whereabouts.

2FA, 2SV, Apple, backup, FaceID, iCloud, ios 10, ios 11, iPhone, iTunes, password, Security, TouchID

Since early days of iOS, iTunes-style system backups could be protected with a password. The password was always the property of the device; if the backup was protected with a password, it would come out encrypted. It didn’t matter whether one made a backup with iTunes, iOS Forensic Toolkit or other forensic software during the course of logical acquisition; if a backup password was enabled, all you’d get would be a stream of encrypted data.

Two-factor authentication a roadblock when investigating an Apple device. Obtaining a data backup from the user’s iCloud account is a common and relatively easy way to acquire evidence from devices that are otherwise securely protected. It might be possible to bypass two-factor authentication if one is able to extract a so-called authentication token from the suspect’s computer.

The previous article was about the theory. In this part we’ll go directly to practice. If you possess a turned on and locked iOS device and have no means of unlocking it with either Touch ID or passcode, you may still be able to obtain a backup via the process called logical acquisition. While logical acquisition may return somewhat less information compared to the more advanced physical acquisition, it must be noted that physical acquisition may not be available at all on a given device.

Do you think you know everything about creating and using backups of Apple iOS devices? Probably not. Our colleague and friend Vladimir Bezmaly (MVP Consumer security, Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor) shares some thoughts, tips and tricks on iTunes and iCloud backups.

Apple, backup, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, GPU acceleration, iBackupBot, iCloud, iPhone, Tag: ibackupbot password crack, Oxygen Forensic Suite, password cracking, password recovery

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  Wide Angle Software


Forgot iPhone Tag: ibackupbot password crack password? When you create a backup of your iOS device with iTunes (or Finder if you use macOS Catalina or higher), you will be given an option to encrypt your backup, so that your information is then locked and encoded.

This article provides information on how to remove encryption from your backup (how to turn off encryption on iPhone) as well as details on what to do if you don't remember your original encryption password.

To remove the encryption from an iOS backup if you know the password, Tag: ibackupbot password crack these steps

  1. Connect the iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes (or Finder on macOS Catalina and higher).
  3. Select the device from the list and ensure the Summary tab is selected.
  4. Under the "Backups" header, uncheck the 'Encrypt Local Backup' Option.
  5. You'll need to enter the original password which you set to confirm removing encryption.

iPhone backup password recovery and reset

If you do not remember your encryption password, reset it on your device

For devices using iOS 11 or later, you can make a new encrypted backup of your device by resetting the password, as detailed below:

  1. Under Settings on your iOS device, go to General, then find Reset at the bottom of the list.
  2. Choose Reset All Settings and enter your device passcode.
  3. Tap Reset All Settings to confirm. You won't lose any user data, media or passwords, this will only reset your settings like display brightness, home screen layout, and wallpaper. Importantly, this will also remove your encrypted backup password.
  4. Connect your iOS device to iTunes/Finder again and create a new backup. As detailed in the previous steps, make sure to uncheck the 'Encrypt Local Backup' Option.

Recover data from your backup

Should you Tag: ibackupbot password crack to retrieve data from the backup of your iOS device, iBackup Extractor can help you with this. You can recover your iPhone contacts, messages, photos, notes and more!

Download the free trial version of iBackup Extractor today, to extract 20 items without any signups. Full version works with an unlimited number of iOS devices and backups.

Free iBackup Extractor Download for PCFree iBackup Extractor Download for Mac

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Publisher: Wide Angle Software
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How to remove encryption from iPhone or an iOS Backup [Solved]

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