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User Stories vs. Job Stories: What’s Right for You?

Software Development

Oct 25, 2021

User Stories vs. Job Stories: What’s Right for You?

Empathy is central to most design and development processes. For example, empathy maps help UX designers better understand a user's state of mind when trying to accomplish a task. Similarly, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, developers employ user stories to provide context for software requirements. In both cases, the goal is to put yourself in the user's shoes.

Of course, user experience design is constantly changing, and there's no shortage of novel approaches to gaining empathy. For example, job stories have become a popular alternative to user stories that add more context to proposed features, enabling developers to explore the best ways to help users Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen a given task.

Let's take a look at the difference between user stories and job stories and how to decide on the best option for your business.

Why Write User Stories?

User Stories are non-technical explanations of a software feature written from the end user's perspective. Unlike technical requirements, User Stories use non-technical language to provide context to development teams. The goal is to understand why the feature is necessary and its value for users, rather than just a technical scope of work.

The general formula for a User Story is: "As a [persona], I want to [action], so that [expected outcome]." For Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, "As a sales professional, I want to share notes with my colleagues, so we can more effectively close a sale."

Product managers write user stories, and the team decides what stories they'll take on during the sprint planning meeting. In addition, teams may estimate the difficulty of user stories using planning poker or other strategies. That way, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, it's easier for the team to ensure that they can realistically complete their story commitments during a sprint.

User Stories Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen helpful for several reasons:

  • They focus on the customer rather than the technical specification. That way, you’re less likely to develop a solution that doesn’t match an actual customer need.
  • They encourage collaboration between design and development teams to arrive at the best possible outcome rather than keeping teams siloed.
  • They spark creative solutions that may not otherwise arise with strict technical specifications that leave no room for creativity.
  • They create momentum by showcasing actual user-centric accomplishments rather than a checklist of technical tasks with no wider context.

A common criticism of User Stories is that they make some fundamental assumptions. In particular, the "I want Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen statement assumes that it's Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen best action to take. As a result, the team cannot think outside the box when reading the user story because there's no other context, such as the situation or the user's motivation for wanting the feature.

Improving with Job Stories

Intercom came up with the idea behind Job Stories, and JTBD ultimately refined the concept and gave it a name. According to Intercom, rather than focusing on what users want to accomplish, Job Stories frame every design problem as a job focusing on the triggering event or situation, the motivation and goal, and the intended outcome.

The general formula for a Job Story is: "When I [situation], I want to [motivation], so I can [expected outcome]." For example, "When I want to find out more about a sales lead, I want to see conversations my colleagues had with a lead in the past, so I don't have to ask them."

Compared to the earlier User Story, the Job Story provides more context as to why the user wants chat functionality in the application. In particular, the user's pain point is much more visible (e.g., the annoyance of asking colleagues about past conversations with a sales lead) than the User Story leads on—and the team can design to eliminate that pain.

When writing job stories, product managers should provide as much context as possible, focusing on the motivation behind the feature rather than the implementation details. As a result, development teams may identify better ways to accomplish the job than the proposed implementation in a Job Story.

What's Right for Your Team?

The decision between User Stories and Job Stories depends on your business and team dynamics. For example, if you have a mature product and team, you may not need Job Stories or User Stories to empathize with your users, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. However, if you have a new team or product, these stories can help your team better understand the user.

User Stories tend to work best in companies with rigid software requirements. If you don't have flexibility in building a feature, user stories can help provide customer-centric thinking without deviating from the desired specification. However, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, if you have flexible requirements, Job Stories are better to help the team consider problems from every angle.

Job Stories also work best when you're already taking a Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) approach. Unlike activity-centric design that focuses on tasks like "store a file," JTBD focuses on customer transformations, like "keep a safe backup copy in the cloud." Of course, you're storing a file in both instances, but keeping a safe backup is the driving customer motivation.

If you're interested in learning more about the JTBD framework, you can download Alan Klement's excellent book on the subject for free or purchase a hard copy on Amazon.com. The JTBD blog also contains a wealth of information about the approach to help you better empathize with customers and build great products.

Building Empathy with Users

Job Stories and User Stories are just two tools you can use to better empathize with and understand users. In addition to these tools, there are many other strategies that user experience designers, product managers, and developers can use to ensure that they're on the right track building products that customers will love.

Some other popular tools include:

  • User Personas are detailed profiles of potential or existing customers that explore their personality, influences, expertise, goals, devices, relationships, and other information. Most teams use multiple personas to reflect different types of users.
  • Empathy Maps explore what users are thinking or feeling at various points when accomplishing a task. They may also detail the user's pain points and what they're saying or doing when using the product to provide greater context.
  • Journey Maps are visual stories of a customer's interaction with your product. It provides insight into common customer pain points along the way and a template for running experiments to determine whether workflows will be successful.
  • User Interviews can help provide valuable insights into user thoughts and actions when you have a prototype ready. For instance, you may watch a user navigate an application while talking through their problem.

The Bottom Line

Job Stories aim to provide more context than User Stories—and you can use them in the same way throughout the Agile development process, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. They work best when paired with other customer-focused development practices, such as JTBD, but you can also use them as a strict substitute to promote outside-the-box thinking by developers.

If you need help reaching product-market fit, Intent can help you with everything from pre-development research to marketing and maintenance. Contact us for a free consultation!

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How to Conduct Effective User Interviews

How to Conduct Effective User Interviews Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen

Steve Blank notes that entrepreneurs need to "get out of the building" to be successful. Rather than working in isolation, the founder of modern customer development believes that entrepreneurs need to talk with potential customers, partners, and suppliers to truly understand them and deliver the best possible solution to their problems.

Let's look at how to conduct compelling user interviews PowerISO 8.0 Crack With Registration Code 2021 (Latest) leverage the results to improve your product.

Why Interview Users?

Interviews provide valuable insights into a customer's (or a potential customer's) life and how they perceive and use your application. Since most developers don't consume products they build, these exercises provide a necessary perspective to ensure they're on the right path. Best of all, you can collect these insights before writing any code.

For example, suppose that you're building a feature to store medical data. You could try to guess what nurses will think when entering data and build out a solution—but the odds are you've missed something. After all, you don't have an in-depth familiarity with a nurse's workflow nor how they feel about their existing way of doing things.

Fortunately, you can interview nurses to see how they log medical data, what current solutions they use, and the shortcomings of those solutions. Then, you can build a product that addresses a real pain point and meshes with the way nurses already operate. The result is a much more compelling solution that they'll want to adopt.

Of course, validating a new product is only one reason to interview users. There are many other reasons that you may want to consider user interviews:

  • Assess the usability of a new feature or workflow.
  • Determine if a new feature helps solve a problem.
  • Identify problems with an existing workflow.

User interviews are invaluable when you're searching for product-market fit, but they're equally helpful when building a new feature or even just reassessing how an existing product performs. The most successful teams consistently interview users throughout the product lifecycle to validate features and ensure they're on the right track.

Who to Interview

The ideal interview candidate depends on your interviewing goals. For instance, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, you might look toward your existing customer base to assess the usability of a new feature. On the other hand, if you don't have a product yet, you may need to interview potential customers in a target market to validate product-market fit before beginning development.

Fortunately, several platforms make it easy to source users:

  • UserInterviews.com matches you with participants based on predefined criteria and screener questions, helping you fine-tune your target audience and identify high-value individuals that you can interview.
  • UserTesting.com provides one of the most comprehensive platforms for video-first customer development.
  • UserZoom.com has a fully integrated participant sourcing engine and even enables you to incorporate your own users. As a result, it’s a great option for companies that already have users they can use to run interviews.
  • FeedbackLoop.com provides access to over 100 million B2B and B2C users around the world, making it one of the most comprehensive Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, especially for businesses looking for niche user groups.
  • TryMyUI.com is a user research platform that lets you watch videos of participants as they use your product. Rather than an active interview, the platform provides a way to see how users naturally interact without guidance.

You can also look for local users on Craigslist or at other in-person events, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. By sourcing local users, you can host them on-site CyberLink PowerDirector 19 Crack With Activation Key Free Download gather more specific insights than you can with remote interviews. The downside is that these meetings may take extra time to coordinate and organize, plus you may need to compensate test subjects more for their efforts.

Conducting Interviews

Start by preparing the key points and questions that you'd like to cover. These questions should be open-ended—not leading questions—and focus on behaviors rather than feelings to provide the most insight. Then, during the actual interview, you can ask follow-up questions to get specific details about a workflow or piece of functionality.

When you start each interview, give the user a brief rundown of what to expect. Explain how long the process will take and explain the nature of the questions (e.g., background questions and then prototype questions). Then, actively listen to their responses, paraphrase answers to clarify uncertainty, and record the process rather than taking notes.

There are a few other techniques that you can use to gather insights:

  • Ask "stupid" questions even if you think you already know the answer. It's an excellent opportunity to prove your assumptions wrong and learn something new.
  • Embrace "awkward" silences and let users think about their responses without providing them with examples that can lead them to emulate your own thought processes.
  • Don't be afraid to go "off script" if you're learning valuable things. Prepared questions should provide you with a rough outline of what to discuss rather than a rigid checklist of questions.

When you've finished each interview, be sure to thank the participant. If you're conducting interviews outside of a platform, consider compensating users for their time. Many companies use gift cards or offer product-related rewards, such as a free month or year of service or credits on their account.

Following Up

The user interview is only half the battle—you still have to consolidate your notes and draw real insights. When reviewing notes, the goal is to look for recurring themes. For example, you may notice that most users share a similar pain point or miss a particular part of a workflow. These are valuable insights that likely affect a large number of users.

In addition to drawing out these insights, you should adjust your interview notes and questions to reflect new information. For example, if you notice that most users share a similar pain point, you might adapt your questions to focus on that specific pain point to learn more. Or, you might notice that users were more responsive when framing a question a certain way.

The Bottom Line

User interviews are an essential part of customer development. By keeping the tips that we've discussed in mind, you can ensure that you have productive interviews that deliver real insight. At the same time, you should be sure to collect and analyze the insights you gain from these interviews to inform the future direction of your product.

If you need help fine-tuning your customer development or implementing technical features, Intent can help you with a wide range of services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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How to Grow Faster with the AARRR Framework

How to Grow Faster with the AARRR Framework

Most businesses are familiar with the idea of growth hacking—or testing and scaling strategies to improve the customer journey. However, before the term "growth hacking" was even coined, Dave McClure gave a talk to introduce his AARRR framework for product-led growth. The framework helped kick off the growth hacking revolution and remains relevant today.

Let's take a look at how the AARRR framework can help your business grow faster.

What is the AARRR Framework?

Dave McClure, the founder of 500 Startups, developed the AARRR framework in 2007 as part of a talk at Supernova, titled "Product Marketing Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!". The simple framework defines five user behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should track and optimize to improve marketing and development.

The five "pirate metrics" are:

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue

While measuring these metrics wasn't easy in 2007, modern marketing and analytics tools have made it easier than ever to measure and optimize these growth hacking metrics. In particular, Google Analytics is a free solution that enables you to measure all five AARRR framework components, and Google Optimize even helps you run A/B tests.


How are customers finding your product or service? For example, they may arrive from email marketing, content marketing, social media, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, or paid search. The most common way to measure acquisition is by comparing click-through rates Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen the cost of each channel. However, you may also want to look at the quality of each user (e.g., their conversion rate).


What actions are your customers taking to engage with your business? For example, Facebook's original activation metric was a new user making seven friends within their first ten days on the platform. The best starting point is a simple metric, like time on site, unless you already have a specific goal in mind that's more relevant to your success.


How many of your customers drop off over time? For example, you may have a high number of customers drop off during the first 30 days before reaching a plateau of long-term customers. Drip marketing campaigns are a popular way to boost retention rates over time by keeping customers engaged and encouraging them to use your product regularly.


How can you encourage existing customers to refer their friends and colleagues? For example, you may offer customers referral bonuses, such as free service or discounts, in exchange for onboarding their contacts. Referrals are an excellent source of revenue since there's a lot of built-in trust that comes with a colleague's recommendation.


How is your business bringing in money? You might have many happy users, but you don't have a successful business unless they're paying you sufficiently. A good starting point is identifying how much revenue you need to break even and then work toward reaching that level. Later, you can look at how to provide more value and increase revenue per user.

How to Use the AARRR Framework

The AARRR framework doesn't provide step-by-step instructions for optimizing specific metrics. Instead, the framework helps you identify the types of metrics that you should measure. In other words, it enables you to avoid so-called "vanity metrics" and focus on data points that move the needle in terms of growth and profitability.

That said, a typical process looks something like this:

  1. Identify the AARRR metrics that you want to track.
  2. Use analytics tools to measure these metrics over time.
  3. Tweak and A/B test changes to optimize the results.
  4. Use AARRR metrics to show growth or regressions.

For example, suppose that you want to improve retention on your mailing list, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. If you use MailChimp, you can calculate the average number of unsubscribes per email. You might decide to try segmenting your email list by source (e.g., customers vs. prospects) and send different types of emails to each source to try and reduce the unsubscribe rate.

Again, the specific metrics and goals depend on your business. For example, some companies may want to optimize the number of leads going into a marketing funnel, while others may focus on increasing average revenue per user (ARPU). It's essential to take the time to sit down and define the right metrics for your business.

Evolution of Growth Hacking

Growth hacking has come a long way since the AARRR framework came out in 2007. In fact, many companies have dedicated growth teams that focus on continuously optimizing these metrics, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. There are thousands of different growth hacking strategies and techniques that have come out designed to help businesses scale more quickly and cost-effectively.

Most experts recommend starting with processes rather than tactics. In other words, don't automatically try out the latest YouTube Ad tactic that you see on Hacker News or IndieHackers. Instead, create a repeatable process that you can use to develop and execute tests, learn from the results, and ultimately scale success stories.

There are many different tools that you can use to help with the process. For instance, GrowthHackers provides a software suite that you can use to define goals, manage experiments, and track results. If you want something cheap and straightforward, most tracking can be done with Google Analytics and a couple of spreadsheets.

There are also many online communities that have sprung up to share growth hacking knowledge. IndieHackers is an online community of solo founders and small businesses that frequently use growth hacking to launch new products whereas GrowthHackers provides an online community for growth hacking teams.

Of course, growth hacking also goes ableton live 10.1 crack reddit Archives s with the Agile methodology. Without the ability to quickly pivot based on customer feedback, growth hacking would be a lot less effective. Agile development teams can quickly implement new features in two-week cycles and modify them quickly based on feedback.

The Bottom Line

The AARRR framework kicked off the growth hacking revolution in 2007. While the framework's metrics remain relevant today, you may also want to dive deeper into more modern processes and tactics to supercharge your growth rates. Fortunately, there's no shortage of tools and communities out there to help you along the way.

If you want to discuss your project, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you quickly iterate based on customer feedback.

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A Startup’s Guide to Working with Outside Development Teams


Sep 27, 2021

A Startup’s Guide to Working with Outside Development Teams

You've secured seed funding for your business idea, but your technical co-founder needs some help to build out a minimum viable product (MVP). You could spend more than half of your budget—along with a chunk of equity—on a full-time software engineer, but you're not even sure if the MVP will achieve product-market fit.

There's also the challenge Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen hiring a great software engineer. According to McKinsey, 87% of organizations are experiencing a software development talent shortage. There's also a high cost of hiring a lousy engineer in the early stages of a business since they represent a high cost and could write code full of errors and technical debt.

Let's look at how outsourcing can solve these problems and how to work with outside development teams.

In-House vs. Outsourcing

Many startups must decide between hiring in-house developers or outsourcing development to third parties. While communication is more straightforward with in-house development teams, outsourcing is significantly less expensive and more flexible. These pros and cons can mean the difference between success and failure.

In other cases, you may have both an in-house and an external development team. For instance, you may have a B2B web application and outsource the development of companion mobile apps. That way, you can focus your internal efforts on the web-based platform but still offer users a convenient mobile app to add value.

The benefits of an in-house team include:

  • Communication: Face-to-face communication is invaluable for many startups, particularly given the constant state of change. For example, you can stop by someone’s desk anytime to ask a question or make a comment.
  • Dedication: The total commitment of employees means that you don't have to worry about conflicting schedules or priorities. In some cases, outsourced Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen may have to deal with the deadlines of other clients on their roster.
  • Flexibility: In-house developers can wear many different hats, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, ranging from feature development to customer support. While it’s not a good idea to switch contexts too frequently, flexibility is essential in many small startups.
  • Feedback: The feedback loop is tighter for in-house employees, translating to more agility and faster development cycles. For example, you can call ad-hoc meetings to get insights or make changes on the fly.

The benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Cost: Outsourcing development is significantly cheaper than hiring full-time employees, meaning your dollars could go further. You also save a lot of time that you would spend interviewing candidates and managing things like vacation time.
  • Commitment: Startups can adjust labor resources practically on-demand when outsourcing development. If you only need help with one thing, like a mobile app, you can hire a team for that purpose and end the contract when it’s done.
  • Talent Pool: Outsourcing opens the door to a larger talent pool, both in number and breadth of skill sets. For example, the same outside development firm may have mobile, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, embedded, and database experience, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, eliminating the need for three hires.
  • Scalability: Startups can quickly scale the number of developers working on their projects. If you need more resources for a sprint, you can hire a large team of developers without the ongoing commitment to payroll.

The right decision depends on your startup's short-term priorities and long-term objectives. For instance, outsourcing may be the best option if you want to launch as quickly as possible, whereas in-house developers will be better if culture Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen team fit are essential. You may also be limited to one option based on your funding or other factors.

Preparing to Outsource

Startups that decide to outsource development should start by preparing some basic materials for potential partners. That way, you don't have to spend a lot of time in meetings gathering basic details. In particular, these materials should provide the context for the technical development and ensure that everyone is on the same page with tech and budget.

The three most critical elements include:

  • Business Goals: Start by defining your startup's business goals. In other words, what problem are you solving with your MVP? How does the goal break down into smaller milestones? Who are the primary users and customers?
  • Technology Stack: Identify the technologies that you will use along with the human expertise you need, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. For example, you may prefer to use a MEAN stack and need both software developments and quality assurance engineers.
  • Budget: Define the budget for the project. In particular, define how much you have available to spend to reach certain milestones, such as an MVP or a specific milestone. Make it Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen when these budgets are set in stone.

When searching for the right partner, the best source of leads is referrals from people you already know. You may also look for partners that have experience working with other companies in your industry or attend conferences or meetups to find Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. There are also many freelancer and agency portals for remote workers that have verified reviews.

When evaluating partners, it's equally important to consider their culture. For example, a partner that typically uses a waterfall development approach may not be the right fit for an agile team. You should try to find a partner that mirrors your approach to business rather than seeking partners based purely on price or expertise.

Maximizing Productivity

Outsourcing has a mixed reputation in the tech community. Startups seeking the cheapest possible option are often disappointed by the results. On the other hand, finding the right partner and effectively managing the relationship can significantly lower costs and cut down on time-to-market without compromising quality.

The most effective ways to manage the relationship include:

  • Appropriate Context: Software development is more than just writing code. By providing context, you can help developers understand and meet business goals, which helps when designing UIs or certain pieces of functionality.
  • Clear Requirements: A clear scope of work simplifies life for startups and outsourcing firms. Start each project with a clear set of requirements that leaves little room for ambiguity and makes estimation a lot easier.
  • Regular Meetings: Outsourced development teams should be involved in daily standups, weekly meetings, and other ad-hoc meetings to identify potential issues early on and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Management Tools: Use Agile development tools, like Jira, to ensure asynchronous communication and update outsourced team members on the status of features and projects. These tools are especially Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 crack serial keygen with off-shore teams.

In most cases, communication is the most critical component to success when outsourcing development. Synchronous communication is typically the best option to ensure everyone is on the same page. Asynchronous communication may also be necessary when using off-shore developers located in different time zones.

The Bottom Line

Many startups outsource software development, but without the right approach, it's easy to get derailed. In addition to coming prepared, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, outsourcing development requires clear communication through regular meetings, a well-defined scope, and management tools to ensure that in-house and external developers are working well together.

Intent specializes in helping startups develop high-profile products at the intersection of physical and digital if you're interested in working with an expert partner. Since 2008, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and the most innovative startups out there, including Oura, Nike, and Samsung, from pre-development research to long-term maintenance.

Contact us for a free consultation!

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Agile vs. Waterfall: What Should You Use for Your Project?

Agile vs. Waterfall: What Should You Use for Your Project?

There are many different software development philosophies, but the two most popular are waterfall and agile development. The waterfall method is the traditional linear development approach that has been around for decades, whereas agile is a newer iterative approach that emphasizes the rapid delivery of working software and customer feedback loops.

Let's look at the differences between waterfall and agile methodologies and how you can decide on the best option for your project.

The Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall Methodology is a linear and structured approach to project management. The software development life cycle (SDLC) consists of steps with formal hand-offs from one stage to the next, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. For example, a customer may need to approve the requirements before the design process begins, and then approve designs before development begins.

A typical sequence of steps might be:

  1. Gather the requirements.
  2. Design the user interface.
  3. Write code and unit tests.
  4. Perform end-to-end tests.
  5. Perform acceptance tests.
  6. Fix any bugs that arise.
  7. Deliver the finished product.

You can think of waterfall development as a NASA Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. There's a lot of careful planning and documentation at the beginning and diligent execution of the steps needed to complete a robust final product. There are checklists and approvals required at each stage to ensure that the project is on track and there's a big (and risky) launch at the end.

The waterfall methodology is typically used by larger enterprises with a crystal clear idea of what they want to build. For example, an e-commerce business may wish to create an internal inventory tracking tool with a very specific set of features. Since the scope of the project is unlikely to change, the waterfall methodology provides greater visibility.


  • There are detailed product requirements and documentation for new Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen to onboard quickly, and everyone knows what’s next.
  • Progress is easy to measure since you know the full scope of the project at the very beginning. You know exactly where you are in the process.
  • Documentation provides a clear scope for the project, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, enabling managers to communicate budgets and timelines to stakeholders.
  • You can develop different systems in parallel since you know how the entire system will come together in the end.


  • It might be challenging to outline all of the requirements at the beginning of the project, especially if you’re a startup without product-market fit.
  • There's minimal collaboration with customers, so there’s a risk that they will be surprised at the end with a product they didn’t expect.
  • Testers report issues and bugs later in the process, which means that there Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen be a lot of rework fixing them at the very end.

Tldr; Waterfall development works best when there's a low level of uncertainty and a well-defined plan of action. You may also use the approach if your team isn't familiar with agile concepts.

The Agile Methodology

The agile methodology is an iterative approach to development. The goal is to rapidly and continuously deliver working software so customers can provide feedback. Rather than maintaining a rigorous schedule, development work is time-boxed into "sprints" with a running list of deliverables that are prioritized based on their business value.

Many startups use agile development because they don't always know the full scope of their product at its onset, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. For example, they might try one idea and pivot to another if it doesn't gain traction among customers. They use the agile methodology to learn what customers want through the continuous delivery of working software.

While projects with a clear scope could use the agile methodology, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, there tends to be less visibility in terms of time and budget. The agile approach can also lead to the "piecemeal effect" that occurs when pieces of code are defined and added to an existing application where they may not fit as well as they would have with better planning in advance.


  • Customers have a voice throughout the entire process, and they tend to be more satisfied with (and invested in) the result.
  • You can release working software more quickly into the market, which could mean earlier revenue or user uptake.
  • It's much easier to pivot to a different set of requirements if the initial concept wasn't working since you always have a working product.
  • There's no big launch at the very end that could be risky—you're constantly launching small pieces of code and getting feedback in real-time.


  • There's a greater possibility of "feature creep" since the requirements are more fluid. That is, you could miss deadlines by constantly tacking on new features.
  • Frequent refactoring may be necessary since the full scope is unknown at the onset of the project. If things change, you may need to go back and update code.
  • Projects may go over the time or budget allocations since there's a less defined schedule—it’s more of an ongoing process.

Tldr; Agile development is ideal when there's a high level of uncertainty. In addition, agile development tends to yield creative solutions to a problem that may not have been obvious at the onset of the project.

Choosing the Best Approach

How do you choose between waterfall and agile for your project?

The important thing to remember is that the decision between agile and waterfall methodologies isn't binary. That is, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, you can blend elements of both approaches to get the best of both worlds. For example, you might plan out the entire application to provide stakeholders with an estimated time and cost, but be open to changing roadmaps along the way.

There are several factors to consider:

  • Customer relationship. Contractual customer relationships contain well-defined expectations for a project to be successful. On the other hand, collaborative customer relationships share responsibility for the project's success with evolving expectations.
  • Team dynamic. Development teams that aren't familiar with agile concepts, like scrum, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, may struggle to implement solutions. In that case, it might be better to stick with the known processes unless there's adequate time for training and learning.
  • Project uncertainty. Projects with a high level of uncertainty can cause issues when using waterfall methods since it's not as conducive to changes. Agile methodologies provide a lot more flexibility and are easy to change over time.

There is no "right answer" when deciding between the two approaches—it depends on your team and project. That said, there are several factors that you can use to make the Mathcad 15 torrent Archives Bottom Line

Waterfall and agile are two popular software development methodologies with their own sets of pros and cons to consider. If you have a clear scope, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, waterfall development can provide greater visibility and a clear deliverable. If your scope might change over time, agile development enables you to learn as you go and produce the best final product.

If you need help planning your application development, contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help!

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4 Effective Ways to Boost Digital Product Sales

4 Effective Ways to Boost Digital Product Sales

Digital products have become increasingly popular due to their large addressable markets and limitless scalability. Unfortunately, as they've become more popular, these products have become harder to market and sell. Competition tends to increase over time, consumer expectations are rising, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and conventional advertising has its limits.

Let's look at a few strategies to boost digital product sales and how you can set your business apart in a crowded market.

#1. Know Your Customer

The best way to boost sales is to create a product that consumers love, and in order to do that, you need to know your customer.

Empathy maps help visualize customer attitudes and behaviors to develop a deeper understanding. At its core, empathy maps look at what a user says, thinks, does, and feels when completing a task. Empathy maps work best at the beginning of the product design process to understand and prioritize customer needs before building anything.

Once you have an empathy map, you can create more accurate user personas. User personas ensure that everyone is on the same page about the target customer, from the team building products to the marketing team. They also help avoid the temptation to add unnecessary components and complicate the product.

Of course, the development of empathy maps and user personas shouldn't be one-time exercises. Instead, you should use them over time to support customer-focused reasoning and define product positioning. You can also update them based on new information that you uncover through user interviews or other customer discovery techniques.

#2. Focus on Early Adopters

Early adopters should already love your product if you've achieved product-market fit, making them perfect brand ambassadors.

There are many places to find early adopters depending on the product and audience. For example, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, a consumer-facing product targeting mothers might leverage Facebook groups, whereas a business-facing product might seek out trade groups, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. If you've identified a significant pain point, you should find some people willing to try the product early on.

Many early adopters come in the form of beta users. For example, you might provide an early version of an ebook or online course to a subset of users in exchange for their feedback. They can help you better understand the market and ensure you’re on the right track. Of course, they're equally helpful after a product launch as brand ambassadors.

There are several ways to turn early adopters into advocates:

  • Ask for referrals. Many early adopters will be more than willing to refer their friends and colleagues to a product they enjoy. Try placing a referral button on your website or instituting a program to "invite" other beta users pre-launch.
  • Secure testimonials. Testimonials and other forms of social proof are valuable for converting potential customers that are on the fence. References can also be beneficial for expensive enterprise products targeting business users.
  • Request a rating or review. Digital products sold on third-party platforms, such as ebook stores, benefit from ratings and reviews—as well as the velocity of those ratings and reviews, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Requesting ratings from early adopters is an excellent way to secure favorable reviews.

#3. Build a Complementary Tool or Service

Many products have complementary tools or services that can help promote the product and boost sales over the long-term.

For example, an SEO course might create a free website analysis tool that provides a customized list of suggestions. In the report, the company might pitch the course as a way to fix the problems identified in the website report. You’re providing immediate free value to visitors with an upsell to a product that they know they might need to fix their problems.

You can also create complementary services to boost digital product sales. A common example is a curated newsletter focused on your niche market. You can use the newsletter as a way to market your product in a subtle way while simultaneously reaching potential customers on a weekly or monthly basis with content that they enjoy.

Many companies also use digital products as a stepping stone to software Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. For example, the same SEO course might evolve into an SEO tool that’s available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription. Complementary tools that you build for marketing might be repurposed as parts of these applications or help market a larger piece of software.

#4. Become a Thought Leader

Most companies create digital products to solve a problem for a customer and end up becoming somewhat of an expert in the process.

Many successful companies launch products to solve these problems, but the most successful companies become thought leaders in the space. For example, an SEO course might Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen educational content on improving search rankings or send a weekly newsletter. These efforts establish them as a knowledgeable presence and not just a company selling a tool.

In addition to developing in-house content, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, companies might offer their expertise to Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen covering a related problem area. For example, Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus crack serial keygen a Reporter Out (HARO) and other services make it easy to reach out to journalists and get quoted in relevant industry media sources. It's a great way to build credibility and expertise in a space.

The Bottom Line

There are many different ways to promote and market digital products, but it's harder than ever to set yourself apart in today's crowded market. So, in addition to understanding your customers and solving real problems (the two most essential steps), built-in marketing techniques and becoming a thought leader can go a long way in building trust.

If you're looking for help building or marketing your project, contact us to learn more about how we can help!

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7 Tips to Getting More Value Out of Your Usability Testing

Software Development

Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen Aug 30, 2021

7 Tips to Getting More Value Out of Your Usability Testing

Usability tests are a cornerstone of successful software businesses. By soliciting user feedback in the design stage, you can identify potential weaknesses and address them before the public sees them. Unfortunately, many usability tests are rendered ineffective by common mistakes made by interviewers that bias the results.

Let's look at seven techniques that you can use to get the most value out of your usability tests.

#1. Start with a Clear Plan

The best usability tests begin with a clear plan.

Start by defining specific objectives for the tests. For example, do you want to see if users can complete a task? Do you want to know how long it takes to complete a task? Or, do you want to identify stressful points during a specific workflow that could lead to abandonment? Specific objectives ensure that you get the results you want from the tests.

Next, you should prepare the scenarios and questions that you'll ask. Write down scenarios that users should complete rather than specific instructions. After all, the goal is to see how they naturally interact with a product—not how well they follow instructions! Finally, prioritize the tasks and tie each of them to one of the objectives you defined earlier.

#2. Encourage Criticism

Most people won't want to give you objective advice.

Begin each session by making it clear that you're open to criticism and that it won't hurt your feelings, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. When describing the product, use words like "the" and "this" rather than "my" or "our" to detach yourself. Again, the goal is for the user to provide honest feedback that can help improve the product—even if it's difficult to hear as a designer!

At the same time, when you do receive criticism, avoid the temptation to judge or correct users. Again, the goal is to understand how users use an application—not how you intended them to use it. When responding to criticism, watch your tone and body language to avoid subtle cues that could discourage honest feedback moving forward.

#3. Make Users Think Aloud

Thinking aloud doesn't come naturally, so you need to encourage it.

Make it clear that users cannot make any mistakes. You're like a therapist listening to their thoughts and problems without passing any judgment, not an instructor teaching them how to accomplish a task. Encourage them to express whatever is on their mind without worrying about how they sound or hurting your feelings in the process.

The key is making them think aloud. That way, you can get a better idea of what's in their head, and they can express their thoughts without reservation. For example, you might encourage them to think aloud by asking, "What's on your mind?" or "You look confused. Tell me what you're thinking." Like a therapist, you want them to open up to you.

#4. Avoid Providing Any Advice

Many users will inherently think they're taking a test.

It's common for users to ask for your advice, but giving them step-by-step instructions won't leave you with any valuable feedback. Rather than answering their question, try responding by saying, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, "If I weren't here, what would you do?" Answering a question with another question is a great way to dig deeper into their thought processes.

You can also use asynchronous usability tests to avoid the temptation to provide advice. While you can't ask follow-up questions in the moment, UserTesting and other platforms record experienced testers as they attempt to work through a scenario on their own. You can then review the recordings to see what happened along the way.

#5. Do More Than Listen

Non-verbal cues are just as important as words.

Albert Mehrabian, a body language researcher, found that 55% of communication is non-verbal, 38% is vocal, and 7% is words only. In particular, Mehrabian found that non-verbal communication was key to deciphering a person's attitude. Attitude can be a tremendous insight when conducting usability tests.

For example, if you notice a user is frustrated, you may want to ask, "Can you let me know how you're feeling right now?" If they say everything is fine, you may be able to dig deeper to disarm them. However, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, without interpreting non-verbal cues, you might never ask the question and assume that the user is okay when they’re actually frustrated.

#6. Test Early & Often

Usability tests should occur early and be an iterative process.

Usability tests are most valuable early in the design process when you can easily make changes. If you test too late, you may not be able to incorporate all of the feedback. Or, the cost of integrating the input may be too high if you've already done a lot of design work. As a result, it's best at the beginning of a development cycle.

Fortunately, you don't need a high-fidelity prototype to get value out of usability testing. Adobe XD and similar tools make it easy to build low-fidelity prototypes that function "good enough" for usability tests without the high upfront cost of design work. You can even connect different screens to jury-rig a realistic feeling application.

#7. Consider Remote Tools

Remote usability tests may be more accessible to some businesses.

Most remote usability testing platforms are asynchronous, meaning that you can assign scenarios and then focus on other things. You can then view recordings of the usability tests on your schedule, freeing up your time and enabling you to look for insights by watching sessions multiple times rather than relying on notes.

Some popular usability testing platforms include:

  • UserTesting makes it easy to build remote usability tests and run unmoderated tests with a predefined user base.
  • UserZoom supports either moderated or unmoderated sessions and sends a qualitative report and videos from the sessions.
  • Lookback is another tool that supports moderated and unmoderated sessions recorded in the cloud.

The Bottom Line

Usability tests are a critical part of any software business, but it's easy to make mistakes that invalidate their output. By keeping the five tips we've discussed in mind, you can avoid many pitfalls and maximize your value from usability testing to build better products.

If you need help with usability testing, Intent can help craft high-impact interviews that provide the insights you need. Contact us today!

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What Are Product Development Workshops?

Project Management

Aug 23, 2021

What Are Product Development Workshops?

The most common reason that start-ups fail is a lack of product-market fit, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. At the same time, the most common reason IT projects run over budget is unclear objectives and a lack of focus. These problems boil down to a lack of research and communication—and product development workshops are the best way to improve them.

Let's look at the different product development workshops and how you can streamline the development process.

What Are Product Development Workshops?

Product development workshops provide a framework to help you design, prototype, and test the viability of an idea, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, product, or feature. Google Ventures combines these workshops into a 5-day Design Sprint, but you can also pick and choose specific workshops to meet your needs. The secret to success is structured meetings with specific objectives.

The most popular workshops include:

  • Discovery Workshops involve gathering information about the customer and their problem. For example, you might review user interviews and define the critical customer path before embarking on a new project.
  • Design Workshops involve developing potential solutions to those problems. For instance, you might storyboard customer scenarios or use an empathy map to understand their state of mind before writing user stories.
  • Prototype Workshops involve building prototypes to test assumptions and validate ideas. For example, you might use InVision or HTML/CSS to create testable concepts quickly to get feedback before starting development.

The exact structure of these workshops depends on your requirements. For example, Google Ventures provides a specific set of time-boxed activities and deliverables for each workshop, and it Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen been time-tested across many organizations, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. The Product Design Workshop is another example of a template for running these kinds of meetings.

You can even develop your own customized product development workshops that specify specific goals, deliverables, and participants. Here’s how:

  1. Decide on a goal. The first step is deciding on a goal. For example, you might want to better understand business needs before starting a project or define technical requirements before the start of a sprint.
  2. Define the deliverables. The next step is defining the deliverables. For example, you might want to complete a Customer Journey Map or spec out a Minimum Viable Product by the end of the workshop.
  3. Choose the participants. Determine the different roles that may have relevant input and invite them to the meeting. Depending on the goal and deliverables, those team members might include developers, designers, stakeholders, or marketing teams.
  4. Establish an agenda and timeframe. You may want to time-box various activities to ensure success. For example, you might allocate a day to spec out a MVP and divide sessions into 10 to 20 minute meetings to avoid burnout.
  5. Prepare for the workshop. Book a conference room, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, collect materials, invite participants, and prepare for the workshop. If you’re running the workshop remotely, ensure that the right tools are set up and everyone is invited.

It helps to look at existing product development workshops for ideas that Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen help you determine the best activities, time-box those activities, and define the deliverables that will make the most significant impact. In particular, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, Google Ventures’ Product Design Sprint is an excellent resource that defines different activities and timelines.

Assembling the Right Team

Product development workshops usually involve four to eight team members. If you have too many people, it becomes difficult to reach a consensus. If you have too few people, you may be limiting the number of possible solutions to a problem. Four to eight team members tends to be a sweet spot that yields many ideas without indecision.

The most important roles include:

  • Facilitators lead the workshops and ensure that everything runs smoothly. For example, they may be responsible for introducing each stage and time-boxing activity.
  • Recorders take notes throughout the process and document everything. These notes provide essential artifacts to support development after the workshops are complete.
  • Product Owners are ultimately responsible for making the final decisions. Frequently, these are product managers or entrepreneurs that had the original vision.

The team should have access to a large enough room with a whiteboard and sticky notes. In addition, the facilitator should gather all relevant customer or competitor research, software design tools, and other information needed to complete the workshop. Again, the exact requirements vary depending on the workshop that you run.

Bringing Together Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend toward remote work while other teams are dispersed throughout the U.S. or around the world. While product development workshops work best in person, modern communication tools have greatly improved the process for remote teams—as long as everyone has fast internet speeds!

The most popular remote-friendly tools Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen is an excellent tool for ideas, deciding, and voting.

  • Figma is a great way to collaborate on designs in the cloud.
  • Pingpong is an exceptional user testing and recruitment tool.
  • Zoom is, of course, the standard for video conferencing.
  • Organizations that outsource development may have additional challenges to overcome. For example, there may be significant time differences if team members are spread out across the U.S. or around the world.

    Strategic Timing and Frequency

    Many organizations use product development workshops at the onset of a project, but they are invaluable at every stage. At the same time, many organizations forget that product development workshops can be helpful for more than just ideation. For example, you can prototype user stories or get everyone on the same page with a new feature.

    Consider using a product development workshop when:

    • You're expanding into a new market.
    • You're developing a significant new feature.
    • You're experiencing an increase in customer churn.
    • You have a new stakeholder on the team.

    You can also hold product development workshops quarterly or annually to ensure that development is on the right track. For example, you may not recognize changing customer requirements or attitudes toward competitors in some cases unless you take a deep dive into the product and market with a regular workshop.

    The Bottom Line

    Product development workshops are an excellent way to build a clear product roadmap and align your team with a common goal. By reducing uncertainties and miscommunication, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, you can maximize the chances of reaching product-market fit and minimize budget overruns. You can even run product development workshops remotely using a variety of tools.

    If you're new to product development workshops or want an outside set of eyes on a project, Intent can guide you through the process. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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    The Difference Between UX and UI Design

    The Difference Between UX and UI Design

    The software industry is full of acronyms, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, ambiguous terms, and evolving roles. Perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated than the ideas of UI and UX design. While user interface and user experience sound very similar, there are some essential differences between these IObit Driver Booster Pro Serial Key With Crack Free (Keygen) Download 2022 terms and their roles within a software development team.

    Let's look at the difference between UX and UI design and how both roles work together to build usable products.

    What is User Interface (UI) Design?

    The user interface, or UI, consists of all the elements that enable users to interact with a product, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. For example, text, buttons, colors, and layouts are all user interface elements. UI designers are primarily concerned with designing, organizing, and arranging these elements on a page to achieve specific outcomes, such as guiding a user through a workflow.

    UI designers may also have a background in art or design, including typography, color schemes, animation, branding, and other areas. Or, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen may have some HTML/CSS experience, enabling them to incorporate design elements into basic code that front-end developers can use as a basis for the actual production application.

    Most UI designers use tools like Figma or Sketch to build user interfaces. These UI elements are then sent over to front-end developers that convert the designs into code. For example, both Figma and Sketch enable UI designers to export image assets in various formats and even generate vector icons that developers can drop into designs.

    In some cases, a dedicated visual designer will be responsible for creating the actual artwork based on strategic design principles. For example, these individuals might handle logo design, iconography, and creating marketing materials appearing in a user interface. In other cases, these responsibilities may fall to UI designers.

    What is User Experience (UX) Design?

    The user experience is what the user takes away from interacting with a product. For example, a user's journey toward solving a problem or accomplishing a task is the user experience. UX designers focus on helping users solve problems with minimal friction and help teams avoid building the wrong solutions to a problem.

    UX designers typically have a background in user research and design thinking. For example, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, they may have experience running A/B tests, user interviews, email surveys, or using other techniques. In addition, they may have expertise using low-fidelity design tools and excel at communicating with product managers or owners.

    UX designers typically use Customer Personas, Empathy Maps, and Journey Maps to discover a user's goals and design the optimal ways to achieve them, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. These tools form the high-level vision before UI designers add fidelity. For example, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, empathy maps help UX designers understand how a user feels throughout a workflow to eliminate frustrations.

    How UI & UX Work Together

    UI designers can create beautiful designs, but they would be confusing without a good UX design. On the other hand, UX designers could create the perfect workflow, but it could fall flat without a good UI design. Together, UI and UX designers understand the customer's needs and build beautiful and functional products.

    Some of the key responsibilities for each team include:

    UI DesignUX Design
    Visual DesignYesNo
    Layout DesignYesNo
    Wireframes / PrototypesNoYes
    User ResearchNoYes
    Team CollaborationYesYes
    Creative MindsetYesYes

    In some cases, a single role fulfills UI and UX responsibilities. These UI/UX roles are typically responsible for everything from user research to front-end deliverables. However, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, a common criticism is that fulfilling both rules is challenging and can reduce the overall quality. Separate teams tend to be a far better option, especially in larger organizations.

    How They Fit into Development

    Most Agile development teams have UX and UI design teams that work alongside front-end and back-end developers. UX teams are typically involved in the planning stages of a sprint, whereas UI designers usually join the process during the earlier stages of a sprint. Both groups tend to also work closely with front-end developers to bring the vision to life.

    Here's how a typical Agile workflow might function:

    1. A product manager works with a UX design team to better understand a user's goals. They may use customer personas, empathy maps, and journey maps in the process.
    2. The UX team's user workflows become user stories or job stories. UI designers pull these stories into development with each sprint and begin to design high-fidelity UI elements.
    3. The UI design team's UI elements are converted into Mirillis Action 4.20.2 Crack Free Download by front-end developers and become part of the application.
    4. The UX team collects feedback from users to either improve existing features or begin work on new features.

    UI and UX designers both work with Agile and communication tools, such as Jira or Slack. In addition, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, both roles require collaboration with developers, product managers, and quality assurance engineers to iterate designs and workflows based on the market, user feedback, and technical constraints—all critical components of Agile.

    Outsourcing UI or UX Design

    Many businesses outsource software development to focus on their core competencies, while other companies add outside expertise where needed. When outsourcing UI or UX roles, you should consider the differences between them when selecting a partner. The best partner for UI support may look very different than a UX partner.

    For example, Dribbble and other design platforms make it easy to identify UI design talent. These designers may have a firm grasp on design theory and produce intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. However, these same individuals may not have UX-related skills, such as running user interviews or developing A/B tests.

    If you're looking to outsource UX design, the best firms position themselves as partners. After all, UX design is a much more intimate discipline that involves working with stakeholders in the early stages of development to build the right product. In particular, these firms should have expertise in customer testing and prototyping/MVPs.

    The Bottom Line

    UI and UX teams both play important roles within an Agile software development firm. While UX designers are focused on the high-level flow, UI designers implement the granular details before handing off design elements to front-end developers to put into the final release.

    If you need to help with UX or UI design, contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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    Finding the Right Balance Between UX Design & Security

    Finding the Right Balance Between UX Design & Security

    Do you fight to create passwords that comply with complex requirements?

    The best UX designers Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen flows that are intuitive and easy to use with as little friction as possible, but security often requires some degree of friction. From password security to DDoS protection, there's a delicate balance between security and the user experience, which can be hard to achieve without the right approach to development.

    Let's take a look at how to strike that balance.

    It Starts with Authentication

    Authentication is among the most challenging areas for balancing UX design and security. Since it's often the user's first interaction with an app, authentication can influence their entire experience and should be as seamless as possible. On the other hand, it's one of the most common attack vectors for bad actors to access a system.

    The best way to improve security with minimal UX friction is by accurately identifying legitimate users. For example, you might look at a user's device, geographic origin, or IP address to predict the likelihood of an honest login attempt. If you have a low confidence score, you can introduce more friction to stop malicious attempts to gain access.

    Some parts of authentication may require poor UX design. For example, error messages that say "your username or password is incorrect" may seem like poor UX because they’re vague. But this message makes it more difficult for attackers to guess usernames and passwords using brute force attacks—they cannot easily verify if an email address has an account.

    Protecting Against Chargebacks

    Chargebacks are a common frustration among e-commerce shops. For example, if a malicious user successfully uses a stolen credit card, merchant banks could force you to refund the user, pay a fee, and lose any product you already shipped. On the other hand, requiring too much information at checkout can hurt conversion rates.

    As with authentication, the best way to prevent fraudulent credit cards is by prescreening customers. Users that have successfully logged in to their account with their historically-used location and IP address may require minimal extra verification. But, you might make users that login from an unfamiliar computer verify their CVV or address.

    The most common signs that you may need to introduce more friction to the process include:

    • An uptick in chargebacks.
    • Multiple failed payment authorizations.
    • Higher-than-average cart abandonment.
    • Lower-than-average shopping cart totals.

    E-commerce shops with guest checkouts must balance the probability of fraud with the friction of adding more verification methods. For example, using Address Verification Service (AVS) ensures that user-entered addresses match the cardholder's address, but it adds an extra step that can lead to attrition in some cases.

    Managing Access & Permissions

    Many applications have a heavy collaborative component that introduces security risks. For example, a user may want to share a health record with another user, creating HIPAA compliance risks. UX designers must create an easy-to-use workflow for sharing these records while minimizing the risk of accidentally sharing them with the wrong parties.

    A critical security principle is that of "least privilege"—or users only having access to what they need. When planning out an application, consider what data should be limited based on each user type's job. Attackers typically look for admin-level logins, so restricting access minimizes the surface area for these attackers to target.

    Sharing also poses a security risk to organizations managing sensitive documents. In general, it's a good idea to default to no sharing unless a user deliberately chooses to share. In addition, the document owner or administrator should have the ability to set explicit permissions for the document to prevent any unauthorized access, editing, or deleting.

    Rate limiting is another tough trade-off for some applications. For example, many APIs impose rate limits on applications or users. A rate limit set too low can cause frustration among legitimate users, while a rate limit set too high can cause availability issues. These same issues might arise in non-API use cases, such as hosted storefronts.

    Secure by Design

    Security is often an afterthought in the development process, but just like writing software tests after the fact, that can lead to problems. Trying to bolt on security fixes just before a release leaves little time for UX designers to minimize user experience friction. Instead, it's better to have a team that brings security expertise to the table from the start.

    DevSecOps is the idea of integrating development, security, and operations into the development process. By incorporating security protocols into the Agile development process and software tests, teams can create faster and more secure delivery pipelines. You can also quickly respond to threats when they inevitably arise.

    If you're working with an outside development group, you should ask how they incorporate security into the development process. You should also ask how they balance UX design with security to minimize friction and ensure a delightful user experience, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. If they don't have a good answer to these questions, it might be time to consider other options.

    Keeping It Simple

    Leonardo DaVinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." In other words, it's hard to make things simple because the tendency is to overcomplicate them. Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen DevSecOps approach results in cleaner and more maintainable code by incorporating security principles from the start rather than bolting them on at the last minute.

    The Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen focus on simplicity should guide UX design. When thinking about security, seek Adobe acrobat dc.0 professional keygen,serial,crack that offer the simplest user experience. For instance, DNS solutions like Cloudflare's built-in bot protection stops malicious actors from accessing your website. Only introduce friction to the user experience when there's a risk.

    The Bottom Line

    Security often involves a trade-off with the user Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, but a single data breach can be catastrophic. Keeping things simple and incorporating security into the development process with a Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete With Crack (All Editions) mentality can minimize friction to the user experience and reduce the odds of a security breach.

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    The Role of DevOps in Your Software Development Life Cycle

    Product Management

    Aug 2, 2021

    The Role of DevOps in Your Software Development Life Cycle

    DevOps is a term that has been thrown around for the last few years, and it mrt 3.36 Archives one of those words everyone seems to be using but not many people are sure what it means.

    DevOps can be defined as a cultural change in which software developers take on more responsibility for quality assurance and operations tasks traditionally performed by dedicated teams of IT professionals. This blog post will highlight everything you need to know about DevOps and its role in the software development life cycle.

    What Exactly is DevOps?

    So what exactly is DevOps? It's Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen combination of two words, "development" and "operations," which refers to the collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. Contrary to popular belief, DevOps is not a specific technology. Instead, it's a mindset involving collaboration, communication, and automation for software delivery among different departments within an organization.

    Why is DevOps Beneficial to Deploy?

    A key goal of DevOps is to develop software faster, which allows organizations to react more quickly to changes in the marketplace and deliver innovative products. For example, a company that develops a new digital product can typically deliver it into production much sooner than competitors who use traditional development methods.

    Another benefit of DevOps is the ability to fine-tune and continuously improve an application in a production environment, which helps organizations reduce the length of time between releases and respond to issues more quickly. As a result, many organizations have adopted DevOps practices to improve their efficiency and quality of service while reducing the time it takes Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen deliver new features and products.

    Other vital benefits include reducing the cost of coding errors and responding quickly to market changes, which ultimately help organizations deliver innovative products faster than their competitors.

    Benefits of Speed & Stability Optimization

    DevOps practices are designed to enhance the speed and stability of software delivery while cutting operational costs. DevOps increases software development and deployment efficiency when appropriately used by aligning business goals with quality assurance and operations functions.

    Through this collaboration, companies can quickly deliver new features and updates to customers, providing feedback on applications in a production environment. This collaboration also improves communication among departments, leading to greater efficiency and reduced expenses spent on deploying software.

    Understanding Waterfall and JEE Main Result 2021 Session 4 Exam Score Check Online Methodologies

    When organizations look to integrate DevOps into their software development life cycle, various methodologies can be applied, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Two common software development methodologies that are incorporated into DevOps practices are Agile and Waterfall.

    Waterfall Methodology

    Waterfall is a sequential development process in which Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen perform steps one at a time (like building blocks), and once you begin creating an application, there's no going back to change it later on. All changes must be made before the next step can be performed. When a problem is identified in the application, you have to go back and rework previous actions before moving forward again. Thus, this development method is not very flexible and can delay an application by weeks or even months if problems are encountered later in the cycle.

    Waterfall methodology can often lead to lengthy testing cycles, which can result in dissatisfied customers if not managed thoroughly. As a result, customers might not receive the applications they need when they want them. The Waterfall method can present certain challenges when developing software. It doesn't allow you to rapidly make changes to an application or fix problems that arise as work progresses. However, it offers the advantage of providing high-quality applications that can be thoroughly tested and reviewed before deployment.

    Agile Methodology

    Agile is a software development process that focuses on delivering small chunks of applications (usually called "features") to customers quickly, typically every two weeks or so. Because each feature is developed independently of the others, you're able to deliver them more quickly than methods such as waterfall.

    Small groups of developers work on the features and combine them later in the development cycle using "integration testing" to ensure they all work together. Agile methodology allows for rapid feature delivery, with continuous improvement and iteration throughout the development process. It also allows teams to develop working software from a business perspective at an early stage, which gives the customer and developer a chance to engage early in the process.

    Lean-Agile development methodologies also consider that there are no perfect applications, and you should strive to create working software as soon as possible so users can use it before the full completion of an application. This means that some features might be missing or not fully developed; however, the product's value is realized early in its development cycle.

    Lean-Agile development methodologies provide faster time-to-market and rapid feature delivery while still maintaining quality assurance standards, potentially saving significant development costs for the organization.

    Final Thoughts

    DevOps is a paradigm that has changed the way software development teams work. It's not just for large companies and enterprise-level projects anymore; it can be used by any company, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, no matter how small they are or what type of project they're working on.

    The goal of DevOps is to create a business that's able to react quickly to the needs of its customers. By employing Agile methodologies and Lean development strategies, you can help your company and its development projects meet the ever-changing demands of your customer base.

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    Balancing between price, timeframe and scope of a software project

    Project Management

    Aug 2, 2021

    Balancing between price, timeframe and scope of a software project

    At Intent, we work with Partners from a variety of industries: from software to hardware, and everything in between, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. During all our years in business, we’ve determined that no matter our business Partner, what problem they are tackling, or what product they have in mind, they all look for the same thing:

    Why tending to all three equally is important and what are the good project management processes and practices to achieve that?

    Before we jump into this discussion, let’s define the three main terms discussed here as they pertain to building great products:

    1. Scope. The product we create and everything we build around it comprises the scope.
    2. Quality. For us, this means that the end-user will have a great, bug-free experience using the developed product.
    3. Budget. The funds our Partner has to build the product.

    Before we discuss some great project management practices, let’s examine what product development looks like when there is an imbalance of emphasis between scope, quality, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and budget. This usually results in products that are half-finished and just not ready for prime time.

    Unbalanced Product Development

    I. Budget and Quality over Scope

    The scenario in which we tightly control the budget and keep the quality high at the expense of a set scope is not that unusual and appears, seemingly, pretty welcome: it shows that we are all aware of feature creep (the inadvertent adding of desired features during development) and would rather develop and thoroughly test a few key features, rather than squish as many things into our product as possible. In reality, this is much more tricky because it assumes that our Partner thoroughly understands the needs of their users and has carried out full UX testing before coming to Intent, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. In our experience, that is usually not the case and a lot of the assumptions our Partners have at the get-go, after undergoing the UX Discovery Phase, turn out, surprisingly, different from the previously held. Monitoring budget and quality during product development are crucial, but a product with features not corresponding to end-user needs will falter. That is why we always encourage our Partners to take advantage of Intent’s user-testing experience when starting work.

    II. Budget and Scope over Quality

    Probably the most common scenario in our experience of working with clients is the situation where the budget is set and accompanied by a very ambitious, set scope. A lot of our Partners come to us with their scope fleshed out and calculated budget, though in our experience there is often little leeway to keep the quality good. We often find out that estimates which we receive from Partners at the start do not account for a lot of the fundamental practices that result in good quality tech: unit tests for features, no planning for even rudimentary documentation, or manual test case runs. At Intent, we help our Partners not only understand their user base and business needs but know exactly what quality controls to apply to avoid a buggy release.

    III. Quality and Scope over Budget

    Last, but not least, it goes without saying that you can create a great and really polished product when there are no budget constraints whatsoever - though that is rarely, if ever, the case.

    Tending to Scope, Quality, and Budget Equally

    At Intent, we have years of experience in all kinds of software and hardware projects, with Partners ranging from big household names to rising start-ups. Over the years, we honed a lot of internal and partner-oriented processes to help assure that we maintain a balance in the spheres of a software project’s scope, quality, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and budget.

    The main metric for project management at Intent is the Intent Project Health Score. The Intent Project Health Score is a scorecard with 45 different project metrics divided across the areas of Commercial, Team, Processes, Scope, and Quality. It draws on years of experience Intent has managing software and hardware projects, paying special attention to indicators relating to scope, quality, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, budget, and more. Every week project managers update it for all projects to get a scorecard with a total of 388 points. This allows us to assess how the project is performing with a single number as well as see a trend over time.

    What accounts for the main drivers behind the scope, quality, and budget sections of our metrics?

    Project Scope Management

    Accessible roadmaps.All our projects have a roadmap that's updated regularly with DigiDNA iMazing 2.10.6 Crack With Activation Number [Latest Version] Archives progress, internal deadlines, as well as any external deadlines that our Partners have. This roadmap is always available to the entire project team and to our Partner.

    Internal milestone setting.It’s very hard to manage scope over a period of more than a month when there are no set internal milestones in the roadmap. In projects that are several months long, we create at least monthly milestones, so that at the end of each month we know how we are doing towards the release. Based on that, we can make decisions to feel confident about the project deadline and budget. 

    Curated weekly reports.These have been an essential part of all our projects for years now. Every week, we send out a report to our Partners that has all the most important information about the project currently: what has been accomplished last week, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, what is planned for the next one, the status of the budget, and graphs with current product quality metrics. 

    Regular project progress demos. Every project has regular, either weekly or biweekly demos. We always encourage our Partner to attend to see first-hand the progress on the project. No worries, though, if the Partner cannot attend: we always send out the relevant recordings in those situations.

    Project Quality Management

    Maintained quality dashboards.Our quality assurance specialists maintain a project quality dashboard with all quality metrics on the project. It is the single go-to place to find out information about any known bugs with their priorities, all operating systems and devices the product supports, and access information to project environments.

    Comprehensive unit tests.Unit tests are an essential part of our development at Intent. This type of automated tests performed by developers slightly increase the time needed to develop individual features of a product, but assures a controlled and stable project end-game and release. In our experience, projects that do not conduct unit tests appear like they are going smoothly, until the period right before the release when the convergence of feature releases results in regression, i.e. the reappearance of old bugs and accumulation of new ones. 

    Frequent test runs.The main job of our QA specialists besides making sure that developed features meet their business and technical requirements is to conduct regular test case runs. Our QAs keep logs of all actions feasible in the product and in regular intervals test the entire product to make sure that during the development other sections were not affected by recent additions or modifications of existing features. This can be treated as a warranty that allows the team to concentrate on new development without having to worry and coming back to already developed parts of the product. 

    Mandatory code reviews.All the code that a developer produces at Intent is always cross-checked by another developer. This not only assures an additional layer of quality but is a method to assure that all code is produced according to standard coding practices.

    Use of alerting services.No matter if the product is destined for desktop, mobile devices, or even hardware, we always choose appropriate automated alerting services. Those not only alert the team to any irregularities in how the product runs 24/7, but also provide vital logs and information whenever a team member or end-user encounters a problem. Just by knowing the approximate time of when a problem occurs, we can easily find the reason behind an unexpected behavior and address it. 

    Baseline security standards. At Intent, we understand that different products have different threat models when it comes to security. No matter the type of project, however, we have stringent minimum viable security standards that we enforce across all projects, so you can be sure from the get-go that your product, and thus the data of your end-users, is safe.

    Always updated designs.Oftentimes after the designs of a product are created, small UI changes during development for various reasons are desired and implemented. There is nothing wrong in that, but if the appropriate designs are not updated to reflect even those smallest of changes then it is very hard to track back and decide which version is correct later on. Clarifying this takes up time (thus, budget). At Intent, we assure that designs stay updated throughout the project to remain as the single source of UI truth. 

    Final design reviews.When getting closer to a release of the project, we take up our UI designers to do a design review of the implemented product. This assures really the highest visual fidelity of the UI layer and animations, as sometimes very small or subtle differences can escape the notice of the development team and Partner for a long time.

    Project Budget Management

    Shared FTE budget counters.Dedicated project managers update Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen budget tracking document every week and share it with the Partner. It is very important to us here at Intent that our Partners are always aware of currently accrued and planned costs and we strive to provide full transparency in this regard on a regular cadence.

    Common understanding of deadlines and releases.At Intent, we pay special attention to understanding our Partner’s needs related to the final release of the product to end-users. We foster a common understanding of that process and its result from the very beginning of the project to avoid different expectations of what's going to happen during and after release.

    Product owner support.Depending on the nature of the project, Intent project managers are either scrum masters or product owners CURBIDE UI 3.2 Product key crack serial keygen the developed products. When our Partner wants to play a more active role HitFilm Pro Torrent Archives the project and wants to help the team save time (and budget), we offer all necessary tools, training, and access to facilitate our Partner’s active involvement during the development process.


    When creating great products you need to be able to strike a balance between a scope that fulfills the main mission of the product, make sure that the quality allows for good end-user experience, and assure that the project budget is kept in check. Too much emphasis, no matter how well intended, on one or two out of these three elements results in unbalanced product development. That, in turn, creates products that flounder, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, are over-budget, or delayed. Here at Intent, we provide our Partners with the know-how, transparency, and tools to assure that the end product becomes a success.

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    7 Steps <b>Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen</b> Improve Your Software Quality

    Software Development

    Jul 26, 2021

    7 Steps To Improve Your Software Quality

    Designing a successful digital product from the ground up requires the right teams, communication, and execution strategies. However, even for organizations with all these requirements in order, producing error-free software is a near impossibility.

    Maintaining software quality throughout the duration of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) requires various methodologies and design principles coming together to maximize efficient execution. And while each development project has its own set of demands and scope, certain quality assurance elements can be applied across multiple project types.

    Below, we'll cover seven steps you can take to improve your software quality significantly.

    Deploy SMART Goals

    One way to ensure your software development project stays in alignment with company objectives and meets the needs of your user base is by deploying "SMART" goals.

    SMART is a goal-setting framework that includes the following attributes:

    • Specific or well-defined and meets specified requirements for the user.
    • Measurable over time and can be monitored for performance.
    • Attainable means primary stakeholders have bought in and all users have what they require to use the product successfully.
    • Realistic based on the scope of the project and are achievable based on the functionality of the product.
    • Timely to the needs of the project ensuring that the progress of the development project is trackable.

    Follow The Customer Journey Closely

    In software development, your customer journey can Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen likened to a roadmap you need to follow from start to finish to ensure your product users receive value from the product. Maintaining a clear vision of this mapping throughout the entire SDLC helps development teams visualize the end result of each development phase, ensuring a customer-centric approach to quality assurance.

    Customer journey testing ensures you're considering all customer personas when developing your products, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. This includes customers who have high demands for mobility, those who require certain levels of accessibility, and others who have specific preferences when it comes to application navigation and usability.

    Implement a Continuous Testing Strategy

    Another way to ensure you're giving your projects the due diligence they need when it Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen to quality assurance and software integrity is by deploying a continuous testing strategy.

    Continuous testing brings automation to your quality assurance processes by executing regular testing cycles as part of your software delivery pipeline. Continuous testing helps to significantly minimize the chances of releasing products too Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen and establishes a safety net before product launch that identifies when a product may be too risky to launch or requires additional testing and validation.

    Continuous testing allows development teams to create and execute stable test environments that validate test data before it goes through to the next stage of development. This method of end-to-end testing allows for actionable insight at each development stage and results in a high-quality user experience while eliminating redundancies in the development process.

    Communicate Effectively

    The most successful digital products are produced by teams that know how to communicate effectively. It's easy to say that proper communication is the key to success, but often it's hard to define how this should be accomplished.

    Effective communication can take various forms, and there are many different ways this can be accomplished whether your teams operate locally or remotely. Regular strategic planning sessions, project timeline reviews, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and team meetings are all great ways to ensure your projects remain on task. It's also important that your company stakeholders stay in the loop on project milestones and are able to inject their thoughts and ideas at relevant stages of the software development process.

    Implement User Acceptance Testing

    Near the final stage of your software development process, it can be beneficial to deploy UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to ensure your software meets the requirements of your users. When deploying user acceptance testing, organizations arrange for a small group of users to perform specific tasks that highlight the software's functionality, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. This scenario aims to quickly identify issues in the software that can be addressed before product release or recognize low-impact but lengthy updates that may be needed further down the road.

    Focus On Security

    One major mistake that many development teams make early in the development process is making security a secondary consideration when it comes to the form and function of their digital products. While strong security protocols in software development projects can start to impact the user experience to a certain degree, it can be detrimental to the project's long-term goals not to have a strong focus on security when building software. Adopting a DevSecOps approach can be a great way to ensure security awareness and goal setting becomes part of your development processes.

    Rely On Relevant Metrics

    When gauging the reliability and accuracy of your software development process, it's vital to rely on key metrics that help you identify if and when there may be a problem. Depending on the type of project you're planning and executing, you can track any number of relevant metrics. Some of these metrics include:

    • Lead Time - This measures the time it takes for all phases of a project to meet their completion dates, identifying the total time it takes from the ideation of a product to design.
    • Velocity - This metric specifically tracks the time it takes for software Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen to develop the product, which can be broken up into stages or measured across the entire length of a project.
    • Failure and Repair Times - This measures the time it takes to recognize software failure and the time it takes to adjust.
    • Code Churn - Recognizes the amount of code that has been modified since the beginning of the project.
    • Active Days - This metric captures the amount of time developers need to spend on creating new software coding.

    Final Thoughts

    Developing your digital product from the ground up requires the right team with the right skillsets. However, it also requires careful due diligence when it comes to the quality of your software. By following these seven steps, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, you'll be better equipped to release a digital product that maximizes user value and minimizes costly software revisions.

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    A Guide To Getting More Out of Your Software Development Partnership

    A Guide To Getting More Out of Your Software Development Partnership

    Software development partnerships have become a big part of the digital product industry. Companies realize just how important it is to develop relationships with other businesses to enhance their own products, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, grow their customer base, and stay up-to-date on trends in technology.

    But what steps can you take as a digital product brand to get more out of your software development partnership? We're going to discuss that below.

    Regular Communication & Accountability

    Weekly check-ins and monthly meetings, with feedback on the previous period's accomplishments, as well as goals for the next month, are a great way of staying on top of your software development partnership. Doing this helps ensure that deadlines are met, deliverables meet your expectations, and both parties remain informed during all stages of the process. Once you've established these accountability rituals with your software development partners, it will be easier to get more value out of each of your engagements.

    Set Goals & Milestones

    It's essential to have a clear vision, measurable timelines, and milestones when building a new software development partnership. This gives both parties a unified understanding of all objectives, how to achieve them, and the accountability they’re associated with.

    You should establish regular meetings with goals that are achievable within smaller sprints throughout the year, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, as well as longer-term objectives. These meeting times will allow both parties an opportunity to share the progress they have made towards each goal or milestone and adjust accordingly if any need arises.

    Setting goals and milestones at the outset also ensures that you're both on the same page and defines each of your responsibilities within this partnership. This will help make sure that deadlines are met, deliverables meet the expectations of key stakeholders, and both parties feel a sense of accomplishment throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle.

    Regularly Share Resources & Information

    Sharing knowledge is the key to getting more out of your software development partnership. Whether you're a blogger or an application developer, engaging in conversations with other professionals will lead to new ideas and innovative collaborations that can help both parties grow.
    Additionally, if you work on a project with someone who does something that your company doesn't, it's important to share resources so both of you can learn from one another.

    Clearly Outline Budgeting Requirements

    It's essential to make sure your budgeting needs are clear from the beginning so that you can stay on top of your cash flow. Are there any extenuating circumstances or substantial financial uncertainties? These are things that should be discussed before starting a project with an outside party and need to be addressed early on for both parties to get the most out of their relationship.

    When it comes to software development projects, the scope of work should be outlined from the very beginning so that there are fewer surprises later on. While budgets may, from time to time, need to be stretched, by outlining your budgetary expectations at the start, you'll minimize the need to move outside of your financial comfort zone.

    Keep an Open Mind When it Comes to Change

    Software development lifecycles can have a certain level of unpredictability. This is why it's essential to remain flexible while you work with an outside development group. Whether monitoring deadlines, budgets, or specific ideas regarding the final execution of a product, keep an open mind when it comes to subtle changes in outcomes. So long as you've chosen the right partner, sometimes, change may lead to much better things.

    It may take time before your software development partnership starts bearing fruit and seeing benefits from one another, and you should expect those kinds of fluctuations. Make sure to work together with your software development partner to solve any obstacles that arise and communicate any concerns or issues on both sides of the relationship.

    Know Who You Are Partnering With

    Before you start a software development partnership, it's essential to know your partner and their values. This will help ensure that both parties have the same expectations for each project.

    For example, an application developer might insist on using open source libraries in all projects, while another company may strictly use proprietary code. These values should be aligned appropriately before starting a project to ensure there is a good fit and that both parties can get the most out of their software development partnership.

    Identify Your Needs

    Every company is different, and your needs for a software development partnership will differ as well.

    Certain development companies have different strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to understand whether or not the company you're choosing to work with truly understands the space you're in and the vision you have for your digital product. Differing perspectives can actually help to bring more balance to a project, but if both companies are moving in different directions on a project, the final product will suffer – so will the budget. So when identifying what kind of software development partner you want to work with, make sure you're also identifying what sort of partnership your company really needs.

    Consider What You Can Bring to the Relationship

    Partnerships are, by nature, a two-way street, and you should consider what you can offer in return to the relationship you're establishing.

    When entering a new partnership with a software development company, one mistake many businesses make is taking a "hands-off" approach when planning for and launching a successful product. On the Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, building the right relationship with your software development team takes communication and support. Remember, the more you put into your relationship, the more you will gain.

    Final Thoughts

    Pairing up with the right software development company can be one of the best things you do for your business, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. However, it's not always easy to find someone who you can trust long-term. By following these helpful tips, you'll be sure to get the most out of your software development partnership and ensure your projects are well-executed and within budget.

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    How To Build a Successful Product Roadmap


    Jul 12, 2021

    Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen How To Build a Successful Product Roadmap

    Building a successful digital product from the ground up requires careful planning and execution, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, both of which take varying levels of communication between executive leadership and development teams. However, when tasked with long-term projects, it can be challenging to execute all development needs without a clear picture of all of the tasks at hand, realistic budgets, and acceptable timelines without the right documented plan.

    Below we'll discuss how developing a product roadmap can help you and your organizations better prepare for project execution and how you can create one effectively.

    What is a Product Roadmap and Why is it Beneficial?

    When it comes to software development, product roadmaps are constructed as step-by-step visual plans that outline all relevant goals and milestones involved to get a product from concept to final design. Often, the scope of a project may seem too large to tackle without segmenting tasks into smaller, more manageable project components. Product roadmaps provide an easy-to-digest, actionable outline to follow, ensuring all members of a project have clear goals they can follow to contribute to its completion.

    Product roadmaps are a great way to bring teams together on a project, giving developer teams, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, marketing teams, company executives, and stakeholders a transparent view of a project vision and the goals needed to achieve it. This helps to foster a culture of communication, focus, and brand alignment that results in better teamwork and improved product deployments.

    Below we'll cover five key components of a product roadmap and what you need to make it successful.

    Define Your Goals and Strategies

    The first stage of a product map is to define exactly what you're looking to accomplish. This could be a new digital product, idea, or improvement that needs a strategic plan to execute. This stage can also be referred to as a project summary and can be an invaluable element when it comes to getting stakeholder buy-in for the project.

    It's important at this Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen to present relevant answers to questions about your product:

    • Who is the product for?
    • What are its benefits?
    • What are some differentiators from the competition?

    Answers to these questions and others like it will help ensure your project goals and strategies are well-documented and put the project's scope in perspective.

    Establish Timelines

    Project timelines are the lifeblood of your product roadmap. They ensure tasks are completed on time and that all relevant parties have a sense of the high-level priorities of the project. While these timelines aren't necessarily set in stone, they can help keep teams accountable for finishing their individual tasks on time as they help visualize all cross-departmental needs.

    Timelines are typically one of the more visual elements of a product roadmap, often represented as a Gantt chart that stacks individual project elements onto another, showing sequential tasks to take place from left to right. An important note for developing timelines for your project is that you should plan them in shorter sprints. For example, timelines scheduled for 3-6 months show 20% better prioritization than projects spanning six months or more.

    Build Measurable Results

    Product roadmaps should be built to prioritize elements that have desired outcomes and measurable results. The goals you set should be measurable with specific milestones that identify whether or not a project is staying in alignment with the initial vision set out.

    Depending on the type of product, there may be a number of metrics that can be used to ensure you're meeting both your customer and business needs. For example, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen development teams may use metrics like customer acquisition costs, recurring revenue, conversion rates, or other application metrics that highlight success. These can be implemented and monitored at different stages of your product's long-term roadmap to ensure you're hitting key milestones along the way.

    Determine Acceptable Costs

    An essential part of your product roadmap is budgeting. However, establishing a budget for a long-term project isn't always easy, and many organizations aren't sure how they should start documenting the process. One way to do this effectively is by identifying project benefits vs. cost considerations and using them to drive decision-making in this area.

    Project benefits can range considerably in scope and strategic value, including increased revenue, improved long-term cost efficiency, better brand engagement, and any other measurable improvement for the business. When measuring whether or not a certain product feature will be worth the development effort, you can measure the implementation efforts, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, operational costs, and project risk with the perceived value of the initiative. If the benefits outweigh the cost, this should be added to your overall costs outlined in your product roadmap.

    Secure Buy-In From Necessary Stakeholders

    Product roadmaps are invaluable to keeping a project on task and ensuring multiple teams understand the overall vision. However, they also serve as a great tool to use when securing buy-in from necessary stakeholders in the organization.

    Product managers often have to present ideas to a wide range of audiences, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. A product roadmap, if appropriately structured, helps to identify the value of new projects and effectively communicate the status of ongoing projects. In addition, since stakeholder buy-in is often needed to approve a particular budget, a well-drafted product roadmap with measurable objectives, documented timelines, and clearly outlined business benefits will give stakeholders all relevant information they need to approve the project.

    Final Thoughts

    Product roadmaps have become an essential component of all successful product launches. They not only provide the level of detail necessary to communicate the total value of a project, but they play an important part in keeping teams connected, on task, and in alignment when executing all areas of a project.

    By following these steps when constructing your product roadmap and ensuring you secure the necessary stakeholder buy-in, you'll be sure to infuse more productivity into your projects and encourage more collaboration within your development teams.

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    The Secrets of Keeping Your Projects On Time and Under Budget

    The Secrets of Keeping Your Projects On Time and Under Budget

    Development projects rarely go as planned, especially when they're centered around evolving digital landscapes. Whether intending to design an original program or craft software updates for existing platforms, developers have the unique and challenging responsibility of managing complex products used by any number of people worldwide.

    This reality makes the work of most software development teams open to experiencing specific roadblocks Avast Driver Updater (x64) crack serial keygen detours during long-term projects, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. However, while many programming teams regularly experience delays and budget overruns, mitigating these issues is key to ensuring successful and meaningful project execution.

    The importance of keeping software development projects on schedule and under budget?

    Besides the apparent benefits of sticking to a plan, creating innovative products, and saving money while doing it, these overarching goals are shockingly difficult to achieve across many industries. Time and budget overruns occur so frequently that they are anticipated in many companies' operating procedures. Over two-thirds of enterprise IT projects run over budget by as much as 100 percent. Typically, only a quarter manage to reach release within 25 percent of their original project budget.

    Given the complexity of general software development, as it includes conceptualizing, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and refining–it's clear as to why these overruns occur in the first place. When developing programs while following company and industry protocols, engineers are bound to experience delays and encounter unexpected costs to deliver intuitive products.

    When a team is equipped with the following best practices, one can only imagine the potential for productivity and creation in software development. While employing project management, detailed planning, and effective communication, programmers can significantly advance individual projects, companies, and the industry as a whole.

    The secrets of effective time-management and budgeting discipline

    1. Call in project management teams

    There's virtually nothing better for sustainable productivity than investing in a project management team for your software development project, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. As specialists in initiating, planning, monitoring, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and controlling activities required to fulfill project commitments, project managers are equipped with tools to transform the efficacy of workflows, documentation, and results. While project management is applicable in nearly any field, it has been used extensively amongst engineering teams. Given the multifaceted nature of software development, there's no doubt that a portion of your team should include seasoned project managers to keep you on schedule and budget.

    2. Set project goals well in advance

    A significant prerequisite to beginning work on software development is understanding the project requirements or what users expect the software to be capable of. These needs are then met with solutions, designs, and building plans to construct programs that execute the necessary tasks. Without these requirements or overarching project goals, the actual programming can't begin.

    With that said, it's best to offer this information to the development team as soon as possible to allow for feedback, questions, or initial problems with the project's direction. As soon as these requirements are approved and solidified by the developers, it's best to let them begin writing code. Clear and thorough requirements should provide them with as much information as possible, providing more uninterrupted working time.

    3. Map out project scope in detail

    Especially when planning rather lengthy and intensive software development projects, it can be much easier to generalize some aspects of the timeline, budget, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and other constraints. However, it's essential to provide an estimate of these details, seeing as they will ultimately affect how your team even begins to approach the project. Completing extensive planning when setting out on a new software project minimizes the likelihood of "scope creep," or the addition of desired features beyond what is defined in the original project requirements.

    With the help of project managers Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen focused developers, deadlines and milestones can be set with complete transparency and a greater possibility that they will be met.

    4. Build in time buffers

    It's never ideal to start planning for delays, but it can be risky for project timelines to go without any pre-established buffers in place. Simply put, project buffers offer a designated amount of additional time to an individual task. These cushions allow developers to breathe more easily amid tight timelines, as a delayed task will not affect the overall project schedule. Better yet, breaking up project tasks into smaller, more flexible sections offers team members some leeway should they encounter unexpected issues or have to prioritize another task.

    When in doubt, project buffers make work processes and timelines much more comfortable for all those involved, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Not only do they ensure that the most critical deadlines are met, but they take the inherent challenges of software development into account.

    5. Delegate tasks appropriately

    With a detailed project scope–including a timeline, budget, and other constraints–be sure to recruit talent within your development team with their skill sets in mind. Depending on the project needs, assess each programmer's professional and personal attributes and determine who might be best suited for specific tasks and objectives, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Setting team members up for success by allowing them to focus on their strengths will ensure an efficient and enjoyable working process for everyone on board.

    6, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Prioritize regular and effective communication

    In virtually any context, effective communication can make all the difference. But when it comes to software development, many moving parts of a project can become perfectly aligned when all team members are transparent about their progress, challenges, and successes. While more formal meetings may regularly allow for structured discussions, more informal check-ins can let developers ask lingering questions, consult team members, and build better working relationships.

    Of course, effective communication is only valuable when it happens frequently. Additionally, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, regular and productive discussions about projects can introduce accountability to the working environment, instilling motivation to complete individual tasks efficiently.

    Final Thoughts

    There is no surefire way to keep a project from breaking the planning constraints, but there are certainly ways to mitigate the risks. With the many project management tools available and a suitable working environment Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen support them, software development teams can be better equipped to navigate projects precisely as planned.

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    5 Things You Need to Know When Building an MVP


    Jun 28, 2021

    5 Things You Need to Know When Building an MVP

    For many startups and growing businesses, knowing how to get your product up and running while minimizing risk can be a challenge.

    • Is there a need for my product in the market?
    • How will customers react to my concept?
    • Do I know all the relevant features I should include?
    • Am I really addressing all of my users' problems and have I presented the "right" solutions?

    These are all questions that keep business leaders up at night. And getting to the bottom of each of these concerns takes the right approach when it comes to launching a successful product development project.

    Many businesses find that the best way to address each of these questions is by creating an MVP (minimum viable product) to validate their product ideas and ensure they are executed properly. But what steps should organizations take when following this path?

    This article will help you understand the importance of MVPs when it comes to new product launches and the 5 steps you need to know when beginning a development project.

    What is an MVP?

    An MVP (minimum viable product) is a basic, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, launchable version of a product. It supports the minimal, must-have features of a product, which attracts early adopters and validates the viability of a conceptual design early in the product development lifecycle. In industries supported by software development, MVPs are incredibly valuable because they help the product team receive user feedback quickly and early in the process, so they can ultimately improve the product.

    Below we'll address the five critical steps you should be taking in order to execute an MVP successfully.

    Do market research

    If you’re developing an MVP, you’ve established the core concept of a product you want to create and are taking the steps to make it a reality. The MVP will be the basic version of the product that you launch, giving you the opportunity to improve on it as needed. Doing market research in advance will help you assess the viability of your new product or service before you begin development.

    During this phase, use surveys, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, product tests, focus groups, etc. to gather information about your ideal customer base. Unfortunately, some ideas simply do not fit market needs. In fact, lack of real product need accounts for more than 40% of most startup failures.

    Before you initiate an idea and begin to develop an MVP, check to see if it fulfills the target users’ needs. The more information that you collect about your users, including their demographics, their likes and dislikes, devices they use, and their overall product needs, the greater your chances of success.

    Clearly define your goals and process

    Having completed market research, you should have a clear idea of what the users’ problems are to solve. Ask yourself, “How can I make this product most valuable to my customers?”

    This is your primary goal, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, and all of your actions should be based on this. The next step is defining a user flow. The user flow is the path taken by the prototypical user on a website or app to get the desired result. Understanding the user flow will help you to define the required features of the MVP.

    After creating your user flow, list out the features of your product and prioritize them by importance. A good way to categorize the features is by creating a table with three columns: “must-have,” “nice-to-have,” and “additional.”

    Going through this planning stage will help you to understand the goals and process before beginning to build and launch your MVP.

    Effectively launch your plan

    After you’ve created a plan, you’ve arrived at the development stage, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. With the help of the Lean Startup methodology, you can continue on to the MVP creation process using the Build-Measure-Learn (BML) feedback loop. Here are the cycle stages that can help you launch your plan:


    In this cycle stage, you figure out problems and define how to create a minimum viable product that will solve them quickly. There are four different options to choose from for development:

    • Find a technical co-founder who will help you build your application
    • Work with a freelancer or freelancing team
    • Hire in-house developers
    • Collaborate with an MVP development team

    After you’ve built your MVP, you can move onto the next two stages, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, measuring and learning.


    This stage is where you determine if you’ve made real progress. You can use your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) sales metrics and their correlation to determine whether it is profitable to continue the development of the MVP. You can also utilize Google Analytics and Hotjar for your website to see your traffic, conversions, etc.


    In this stage, you launch the product you have built and collect the users’ feedback for future improvements. You have to determine if that feedback means you should persevere in the direction you’ve started or pivot and change certain features. You may also determine that you need a new development strategy.

    Team up with the right development group

    In the third step, we talked about the different options you have to develop your MVP. It’s important to note that not all are created equally. In fact, collaborating with an experienced MVP development team can help you save costs and launch more quickly, compared to struggling to work out the kinks yourself. By releasing your product earlier to your competitors, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, you have increased your chance of being competitive in the market and beating out your rivals.

    For example, if you work in software and you want to build an MVP that offers basic functionality, then working with an established company will help you to accomplish your goal much faster due to their vast experience and in-depth industry knowledge.

    If you initially go in the wrong direction (freelancer, in-house developer, etc.), and you need to redirect, then an MVP development team can always provide you the expert assistance that you need to improve the project.

    Measure the results

    When you build an MVP, you build it off of features you feel are most important to your customers. As soon as it lands on the market, you'll be able to quickly assess if you stayed on track with these goals. At this point, it’s all about what your users think. Now, it’s your job to collect ‘real data’ after you launch your MVP, so you can measure whether or not your product was successful and how it can improve. Here are some of the metrics you can look at to gain this insight:

    • Word of mouth (i.e. traffic)
    • Engagement
    • Sign-ups
    • Downloads, launch rates, etc.
    • Percentage of active users
    • Client Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    • Number of Paying Users
    • Client Lifetime Value (CLV)
    • Churn Rate

    Final thoughts

    MVP development is an important step to take when you need to validate a product concept quickly and with minimal investment necessary to move forward. Diablo 2 cd-key following these five steps, you'll ensure your design project takes the right user-centric approach and you gain the valuable insight you need to build a long-term viable product.

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    Understanding the Difference Between Design Sprint and Design Thinking

    Understanding the Difference Between Design Sprint and Design Thinking

    When organizations begin developing a digital product, the primary Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen is often to ensure the finished product meets the end-user's needs and can be TemplateToaster Crack Archives over time. While the purpose of these development projects may be clear enough to the organization at their inception and throughout the software development lifecycle, there are various paths organizations can follow when trying to execute them effectively.

    When considering how a project can be effectively executed, organizations often hear the terms "Design Thinking" or "Design Sprints" concerning taking a concept or idea and turning it into a tangible product. But how do these terms compare with another? Are they the same idea, or is one a more effective process when bringing your digital product to life?

    Below we'll define the different terminologies when referring to product design & development lifecycles, including how they differ, how they're alike, and when each should be applied.

    Design Thinking vs, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Design Sprint

    While the terms "Design Thinking" and "Design Sprint" are both closely aligned with the conceptualization and execution of an innovative product, they are separate elements of the process and used in different contexts.

    What is Design Thinking?

    Design Thinking is a methodology that can be applied when developing products that focus on innovation while continuously keeping the user experience at the forefront of development priorities. This is done by identifying any user pain points and using creative problem solving to help you draft a sustainable framework for successful development.

    What are Design Sprints?

    A Design Sprint is a formulaic approach to PC Cleaner Pro Crack v8.1.0 Method: the Design Thinking process into a 5-day execution. Design Sprints are used to verify ideas or features while creating a tangible prototype within a short amount of time. A Design Sprint encourages cross-departmental collaboration and focuses while also catering to open-minded thinking, creative problem solving, and increased accountability.

    How is Design Thinking Used?

    Design thinking is highly effective when searching for innovation or adjusting solutions to the users' needs. It should be used to simplify different prioritization techniques, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. The design thinking can be applied by keeping to a 5-phase process created by the Stanford d.school:

    Phase 1: Empathize

    The first phase of the Design Thinking process is Empathize. This phase is all about getting a better understanding of the users and is done in various ways. This can include:

    • Interviewing current or prospective customers
    • Gaining insights from subject matter experts
    • Workshops with other designers familiar with the project needs.

    Phase 2: Define

    The second phase of the Design Thinking process is Define. Once the appropriate information has been collected during the first phase, you can define and synthesize all the information collected. At this point, you'll want to document each of the significant challenges that users face and how to choose the top ones you want to solve.

    Phase 3: Ideate

    The third phase of the Design Thinking process is Ideate. In this phase, the participants will want to think of broad ways to address the challenges identified in the second phase. This is a highly creative phase in which the participants brainstorm ways to tackle user issues by thinking outside the box and sharing their ideas on addressing the crucial problems.

    Phase 4: Prototype

    The fourth phase of the Design Thinking process is Prototype. While prototypes can be in many different formats, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, in digital product development, it often comes in the form of a functional mockup with basic features that showcase the capabilities of the software. During this phase, the goal is to create a simulation of the final product while presenting a platform that can be used to collect relevant feedback for the final development and future improvements.

    Phase 5: Test

    The fifth and final phase of the Design Thinking process is Test. Once the Prototype has been developed, it's ready to be tested with a focus group of users to get their unbiased viewpoints and reactions to the product. The testing phase is typically an iterative process and is used to inform a series of ongoing changes and edits.

    How are Design Sprints Used?

    Design Sprints let development teams verify an idea and test while gathering feedback on a rough prototype in record time, allowing you to weigh user reactions before making expensive commitments in lengthy development projects.

    Design Sprints are derived from the Design Thinking process and provide a battle-tested, revolutionary framework for effective feature testing of development projects. This framework is built on a 5-day format and helps to reduce the risk when bringing products or services to the market.

    Here is how the framework looks:

    Day 1: Understand

    On day 1 of a Design Sprint, development teams review the scope of the project and identify all relevant goals.

    Day 2: Sketch:

    On day 2 of a Design Sprint, teams get together to brainstorm new ideas and start developing priorities for how to sketch solutions to problems discovered.

    Day 3: Decide:

    On day 3 of a Design Sprint, teams Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen all sketched ideas and solutions and agree on which ones should be storyboarded and moved to the prototype stage.

    Day 4: Prototype

    On day 4 of a Design Sprint, development teams decide on what should be built to gain the right level of feedback for the project's future success. This is an accelerated prototype based on your storyboard and isn't designed to be perfect. The primary goal is that it is visible and functional enough to test with your users.

    Day 5: Test

    On the last day of a Design Sprint, a functional prototype is used for testing with a small test group. TThis is typically no more than five individuals, one-on-one, who are then interviewed to give the development team a general feel of whether or not the product meets the needs of the user.

    In Summary

    Both Design Thinking and Design Sprints are essential elements for designing successful products on time. While Design Thinking is the methodology and foundation needed to understand the needs of a project and the end-user, Design Sprints provide an effective framework for solving the challenges by designing and testing the right solutions.

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    Who, as an agile development company, do we want to work with?

    Who, as an agile development company, do we want to work with?

    Intent is a purposefully small agile development company specialized in delivering products and MVPs at the intersection of physical and digital. During our selling processes, some of our potential customers asked us who we wanted to work with, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. The first time we met this question, we, of course, gave an answer, but it was crude, and we were unhappy with it. After the meeting, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, our growth department met to discuss the issue thoroughly. So who do we enjoy delivering our software and hardware solutions to the most?

    Being mindful about the company’s needs helps it deliver the best quality

    One of the most important things is that the potential customer asked us about our needs. Being concerned about those Halo Infinite download pc free Archives you halfway to becoming our dream Partner. You don't come to us just to get the best quality. You know that being mindful of our needs during the process will ultimately help you achieve the best service possible.

    The trust with the budget, since it is just a piece of a greater puzzle

    The second most important thing to us is that the potential customer trusts us with the budget. The negotiations sometimes might get emotional, but you should never forget that if you want,

    • The wide scope
    • Delivered in the highest quality possible
    • And in the set timeframe

    It might be quite a stretch for the whole agile development team we dedicate to your project. And stretching in business, as you well know, usually means stretching the resources too.

    When the other agile development company offers you better conditions, just compare the quality of the products it delivered, the quality of their tender deliverables and the rapport they built with you. You will usually see that if the price is lower, the mentioned factors are of Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen quality too. You might also learn the hard way what overpromise and overinvested Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen mean.


    An example of the Partner who trusted us with their budget during their agile product development is Lover. Trust is always mutual. If the Partner trusts us, we trust them. In Lover’s case, trust was so strong that we invested in them after we finished the work. A few months later, Lover raised a $5M seed round from Tinder’s Founder, Sean Rad, Lerer Hippeau and other notable VCs.

    Long term commitment with the agile development company

    Our dream Partner is not up for a short affair with us. Of course, first, they usually want to try us with a smaller project, but, from the very beginning, they are seriously looking for long-term cooperation. The longer we work together, the better our agile development team knows the Partner and the better projects they can deliver together. The Partner learns what we are best at and can align their projects accordingly. On the other hand, we learn from the Partner how they work, soak in their brand's DNA and explore all the nuts and bolts that allow us to deliver more and more perfect projects each time.

    The development company can be the Think Partner, not a build team

    We clearly state this when we begin our cooperation. If you know what you want and have everything planned to the smallest detail, we might not be an agile development company for you. We are not soldiers; we don't only act, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. We think about the actions that have the most sense in the setting we Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen in, and we sometimes question the Partner if we believe our solution might be better. Questioning the Partner means that we are always up for a discussion to find the best idea when we have second thoughts about the Partner's proposition.

    The product is at the intersection of physical and digital

    Of course, we have created over 160 standalone applications, but our agile product development process really shines at the intersection of hardware and software. We call it PxD (physical x digital) for short. Here is a short case study to complement our statements.


    We helped Oura achieve the app parity and implemented several other features. After working with us, the company raised a follow-on $28M Series B from Forerunner Ventures, Square, and Google's Gradient Ventures.
    As a result of our workshops, we have enhanced the world's first wellness ring and mobile app that tracks sleep, activity, and physiological responses in your body. Oura ring enables you to learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep and how your sleep quality affects your ability to perform.
    With our extensive expertise in cross-platform technologies and integrations, we've managed to seamlessly connect the Android application with Google Fit, integrating the user data from Oura and Google Fit.

    Where we have large Values and Culture overlap

    We are proud of the culture we cultivate at intent, and it is important to us that our employees respect it and make their own. If then, the Partner has a culture that is compatible with ours, the work naturally goes much smoother.

    Below you can learn what our values are and so, check if our companies are compatible.


    Geeks, yogis, fighters, tech freaks – a jigsaw puzzle where every piece somehow adds up to an A-team-level. We’re there for one another. We genuinely care and have a hell lot of fun together.


    We don’t mind doggies, but when there is an elephant in the office, we’ll sure make noise about it! We know all too well that problem-solving starts with sweeping the problem from under the carpet. We give feedback and always want to hear it, the good and the bad alike.


    Trust is a given around here. We believe it to be the setting stone for autonomy and ownership. Have an idea or a project?

    You know what they say: ships are not built to stay in the harbor. Be the captain, set sail, don’t give in to the first iceberg.


    Think outside the box? What even is the box? We question, we challenge assumptions and we redesign the box. We exercise creativity as a conscious approach to our work and believe that it goes hand in hand with mind wanders. Unlearn the default.


    It’s our ever-hunger for knowledge and innovation that makes us stay on top of the game. We have a thing for experiments and we adapt swiftly. We’re not scared to take risks because we know priceless lessons come from successes and failures alike. Learning is the name of the game.

    Where intent Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen grow with the project as an agile development company

    An exciting project, a good atmosphere, and a generous budget are always great, but if our agile development teams can't grow during their work, we won't ever become the best versions of ourselves. That is why it is crucial for us to take part in the projects that will help us grow. Our growth is especially beneficial to the Partners who plan to commit to a long-term working relationship or return to us with their next projects.


    • The agile development company works better if they are compatible with the customer
    • At intent, we treat our customers as Partners
    • We enjoy working with Partners who: are mindful about our needs, trust us with the budget, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, want a long-term working relationship, treat us as a Think Partner, not a build team; want to develop a project at the intersection of hardware and software, have compatible Values and Culture, want to develop a project that will be challenging for us
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    How to build a Minimum Viable Product with the help of Design Sprint?

    Design Sprint

    Apr 6, 2021

    How to build a Minimum Viable Product with the help of Design Sprint?

    At intent, we specialize in creating MVPs. We have delivered more than 50, which gathered almost $0.5B in funding to this day. We have also developed a large arsenal of methods to make MVPs, from which the Design Sprint seems to be one of the most versatile. How to build an MVP, then?

    Before we answer this question, let us define some terms so that we are on the same page.

    What is a minimum viable product?

    At intent, we understand the MVP as the smallest collection of the product's features that realize the end-users' needs (in line with the Product-Market fit). Building an MVP means delivering a product with crucial functions while spending as little money and time as possible. We have grounded experience in building MVPs from scratch to launch and beyond. We also understand the startup ecosystem's pace; we know the realities of early-stage companies: you have to satisfy its investor, co-founder and customers. And they all have different needs! Through 12 years of our commercial experience, we have learned how to meet all of them.

    How to build a minimum viable product? The method

    According to CB Insights, 42% of startups fail because they don’t tackle marketing problems. They chase something interesting to them, not necessarily their end-users. While ideating MVP, we help our Partners validate if their insight is a real market problem, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. If it isn’t, we aid them in rewiring the idea to meet the Product-Market fit.

    What’s the Design Sprint?

    Design Sprint is a battle-tested workshop framework based on the design thinking approach. Its goal is to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service, or feature to the market. It is a shortcut to learning without creating and launching a whole, complex application. So it is perfect for building the MVP!

    It was invented at Google by Jake Knapp and perfected with more than 150 startups at Google Ventures.

    Why is Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen Sprint a go-to method while building an MVP?

    Design Sprint is one of the best choices when:

    1. There is a need to validate the idea or find a solution for a big, complex problem,
    2. The company operates in a disruptive market, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, so it needs innovative solutions,
    3. The team that takes part in the process should align on a joint, clearly defined goal and vision,
    4. The users’ feedback is crucial in the process;

    As you can see, all these features define the common MVP building situation. With Design Sprint, you can also prevent the 7 deadly sins while creating an MVP.

    How to build a Minimum Viable Product with Design Sprint?

    The Design Sprint process consists of several stages. They are basically the same for the regular DS process and the DS for MVP creation process:

    1. Pre-sprint research

    Collecting insights, benchmarking and market research

    1. Problem mapping

    Defining challenges and producing multiple solutions

    1. Decision making and story-boarding

    Choosing the right path and creating a visual user story

    1. Building a prototype

    Creating an interactive prototype and preparing for testing

    1. Testing with users

    Gathering and analyzing feedback from target users

    Design Sprints we carried out resulted in 75% faster than the market average MVP delivery.

    Not a marketing tall tale; a few short case studies of startups that raised money with our help

    At intent, we never are only words. When we claim something, we have experience and data to back it up. Browse the following short MVP case studies to become a believer.


    After we delivered the MVP to SWING, the company raised $5M from Black Jays and soon was acquired by Microsoft.

    Polaroid SWING was a UK-based company that reimagined photography for the mobile era. They brought an entirely new visual medium to life: the moving photograph. Tommy Stalden and Fred Blackford founded the app and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone backed them up. Simultaneously, the man behind Instagram’s original filters, Cole Rise, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, was responsible for the creative direction. Intent co-created the SWING MVP and worked with the founders, their product, and development teams beyond the MVP. We helped SWING until the broadly covered acquisition by Microsoft in 2017. One of the intent’s back-end developers, who worked on the app, also contributed to the official Node repository.

    We supported SWING in building their server infrastructure too (which reduced the server costs by 37%).

    We cooperate with SWING’s founders to this day by supporting their efforts around the new ventures.

    Watch SWING’s showcase to learn more about the app which intent helped create and shine.


    Block Renovation

    Block has raised $17M in Series A from several New Enterprise Associates.

    Block simplifies the chaos and construction costs by bringing design, sourcing, and management all under one roof.

    Intent's team went all the way from Poland to the Block's HQ in the USA to better understand the product and get a broader view of the client's business. We've fuelled Block with professional services consulting. This included transferring our lead developer to Block's team to help them grow further and help MacDrive Free Download Archives out the engineering muscle.

    Our partnership included significant involvement from our C-level at every stage of the way too. We owned the tech workstream and all its business angles while delivering a successful MVP, which brought 1M of sales in the first 6 months after deployment.

    We continued with Block past the MVP stage of the project.


    Lover raised $5M from Tinder’s Founder, Sean Rad, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, Lerer Hippeau Ventures and several other notable VCs.

    Lover is a sexual health app that provides online therapy at a fraction of traditional psychotherapy costs, with no face-to-face conversations required.

    Lover was an early-stage startup idea when they asked us for help. They had already had some code and a credible concept. Our entire team onboarded in 4 weeks and hit the ground running. We rose the product-market fit of the app while involving our C-level executives in the process.

    Soon after our collaboration Lover raised their $5M. Intent also decided to invest.

    Not only did we facilitate a full Design Sprint here, but we also provided Lover full MVP-as-a-Service, during which 2 developers we delegated to the project delivered at the power of 4.


    1. The Design Sprint is one of the most versatile MVP ideation methods
    2. The Design Sprint is a method invented and perfected by Google
    3. intent specializes in building effective MVPs fast using Design Sprint and other methods

    A minimum viable product example; Goodify’s case study

    We decided to go with this story because it’s the best to describe the Design Sprint for MVP process (and the Partner allowed us to share it in detail).

    Today Goodify is an application focused on encouraging people to do good deeds every day, thus forming supportive, happier communities.


    During our pre-sprint research, we have discovered that people actually withhold from asking for help. Psychological studies show that there are substantial barriers that hold people back from asking for help. Our major challenge for the MVP was to lower that barrier for Goodify users.


    Pre-sprint research;we conducted a series of interviews to define the problems and determine what the process of asking for help looks like in various organizations, foundations, and associations.

    This provided a good basis for the workshop. As part of Expert Interviews, not only did we interview the Stakeholder and collect the team’s insights, we also went through the interviews conducted during the research and discussed the most important outcomes.

    Workshop; the first step Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen the workshop was a joint discussion about the research results from the pre-sprint research phase. It was based on interviews with target users of the application as well as organizations focused on providing aid. This helped us understand and define the main issues.

    During the lightning demos - which is an exercise focused on finding inspirations and useful practices - we reviewed different products on the market that are solving problems similar to our own. Inspiration presented by people from different areas of expertise provided interesting and extremely varied references, all of which helped us during the following stage when we started working on our ideas for the MVP.

    Using the dot-voting technique, we quickly chose two ideas (instead of just one) that we wanted to prototype and test to find a final MVP. One of them was a classic form to request help, another a chatbot.

    Prototyping; creating two prototypes instead of one during the sprint was Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen considerable time challenge. Nevertheless, we were able to prepare both prototypes in time, working on two solutions in parallel. The classic form was designed in Figma, while the chatbot was Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen using landbot.io.

    Testing; we recruited seven people for testing from the following groups;

    • Mothers with small children
    • People that get help from (or work in) the local social assistance center
    • Non-tech-savvy people

    We asked the users to request help using both the classic form and a chatbot. The purpose of the tests was to check which of the two solutions would translate into faster task completion and an overall positive assessment of the experience.


    “They’re easy to work with, organized, and have effective processes with a professional, customer-centric attitude. They also provide a lot of valuable feedback to improve product outcomes.”

    Kristian David Elgen
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    How to sculpt a lean, successful app from a complex vision? CheerMeOn case study.


    Mar 11, 2021

    Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen How to sculpt a lean, successful app from a complex vision? CheerMeOn case study.

    CheerMeOn is a startup that wished to create an app, which would measure any goal a person might set for themselves. They knew that this was impossible, so they came to us with a shortlist of the objectives. Adobe Archives persuaded them that, for starters, they should go with one goal only. They agreed. And together, we developed a successful app.

    First things first, the MVP

    It is not unusual that the Partner asks us to create an application with several functionalities. But seldom do we develop such a product from the start, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. The complicated software is hard to test and hard to pitch to USB Disk Security + Serial V5.4.0.6 (FULL) crack serial keygen VCs. We had to create something small and simple at first, the MVP. We cut CheerMeOn’s initial idea down to setting and tracking progress for the weight loss only. To this day, the app is quite similar to the MVP and is thriving.

    How does this successful app work?

    CheerMeOn is a simple weight loss tracker, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. The user puts in,

    • Their current weight
    • Their target weight
    • The time in which they want to achieve the target weight

    The app encourages the users to share their progress on social media too. Two psychological insights underlie this functionality. On the one hand, letting other people know about your targets makes you feel accountable; on the other, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen, it triggers peer pressure from those who learned about your goal.

    The technologies we used

    We used React Native and Firebase, joined with Hasura hosted on Heroku. Thanks to this conjunction, we could use a relational Postgres database with graphQL API instead of the NoSQL Firebase Firestore database. We preferred the relational database because CheerMeOn benefits from uploading the feed with posts and comments. This functionality is much easier to implement with the use of the relational database.

    And we are still developing!

    The Partner is so happy with us that we are still working together today.

    One of our long-term targets is the further development of the application so the users could set various goals like quitting smoking, creating a habit of regular training and so on, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Our other long-term target is making the app more and more engaging to attract new users faster.

    The collaboration

    The collaboration has been going smoothly so far. The Partner had his bold vision when they came to us, but as I already mentioned, they agreed to reduce it to just one goal. They trusted us fully, and we are very thankful for it!

    During our bi-weekly sprints, CheerMeOn usually praised us. They were pleased with our job’s results and not really interested in the processes that led to them.


    • CheerMeOn is an example of a successful KeepVid Music Full Version Download that started as a complex idea
    • For now the app tracks weight loss only
    • We plan to enrich it with the functions the Partner desired at the beginning

    Bonus; how to optimize Firebase Cloud Storage?

    The genuine challenge we encountered while working with various Firebase projects was Cloud Storage Optimization. Below I will describe this problem based on an example from my experience.

    Even though we didn’t have any Cloud Storage files, the indicator showed almost 425 MB of data.

    Surprisingly, we found 63 objects in the Cloud Storage, even though we hadn’t kept any files there!

    We went to https://console.cloud.google.com/storage/browser to find the Cloud Storage Buckets list. We have found the eu.artifacts mentioned above on this list. They were cache files that hadn’t been removed automatically.

    Our further research showed that these files were connected to Cloud Function in Node Js v10 environment. More specifically, 4 small cloud functions (which had 10 to 15 lines of code). Each time we upgraded our functions (deployed them on the Firebase), new artifacts were generated. 

    To optimize this issue, you need to go to console.cloud.google.com (link above), choose artifacts bucket, and click on the lifecycle tab.

    Then, you need to add a new rule, “Delete object.”

    After you click “Continue,” you should choose “Age” and fill the bracket with the number of days after which the artifacts should be removed automatically (we have decided to go with 3). Press continue and confirm with “Create” button.

    Thanks to learning this, we know we can reduce the cost of the projects that use Firebase. The free limit of Cloud Storage is 5 only GB and some projects can generate even a few dozen of gigabytes with the mechanism I described above. The knowledge and experience we gained allow us to give you a better price for the apps that we develop using Firebase.

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    When and why should you hire a remote development team?

    Project Management

    Feb 18, 2021

    When and why should you hire a remote development team?

    When it comes to software development, different industries have different needs. Some companies continuously create digital projects, while Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen need new software only from time to time. Surely, though, both can benefit from hiring a remote development team to unburden them with some of the tasks.

    Why is hiring a remote development team beneficial?


    For starters, hiring a remote development team is a significant cost-saver. It cuts the hiring processes' costs, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. You just need to pick the right company, and they will provide you with a well-knit team of developers proficient in the technologies you need. On the other hand, finding in-house developers with the right stack and integrating them into a team that works together smoothly is quite a challenge.

    The payment schedule is beneficial with the remotes too. When they finish the job, you don't need to pay them anymore unless you want to contract them for yet another project. When you hire in-house developers, you need to pay them regardless of the workload they get. As you can see, hiring a remote developer is a go-to practice for companies that do digital projects from time to time. However, the company that has its IT department can benefit from hiring remote teams too. Especially if they currently have too many projects on the table.


    Hiring processes are very time-consuming. Simultaneously some profitable projects cannot wait. It's the perfect situation for the remote team to come into play. They are ready almost instantly and can jump right into it in a matter of days. Thanks to them you can undertake some projects you wouldn’t be able to tackle by yourself.


    As I already showed you, hiring a remote development team solves human resources problems. It's especially true when the time for gathering and integrating the team is very tight. To hire in-house developers, you need to invest in their onboarding, recruitment and employee benefits. Also, hiring the right people usually takes from 3 to 9 months (plus notice periods). A remote development team is like a ready block that you add to your company. They integrate with your team through the project manager who knows the developers well and whose soft skills are top-notch if you picked the right company.

    The other situation in which the shortage of human resources can be painful for your company is when the project you are doing is overwhelming for your current IT staff. Again - hiring a remote development team is a great solution. You can let them create the non-core functionalities while your in-house team delivers the essential modules only. Or, once the mutual trust is established, you can even outsource the full scope of the project.

    Benefits of an overseas development team


    When Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen hire in-house, you are usually limited to the talent pool of the people closest to your company geographically. Even if your new employees worked remotely, you would like them to show up in Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen office from time to time. So when your business is in the US, your first choice wouldn't be a person from, for example, Poland (this country is ranked 3rd in HackerRank’s best developers and is closer to the Western cultures than the countries in the first and the second places). While hiring a remote development team, this is not a constraint because you don't have to get to know these people. You can always finish the collaboration after just one project, regardless of the outcome. While deciding on launching a project with a remote development team, you get almost a limitless talent pool of highly effective, affordable and approved experts.


    Some projects are so big that no regular development team can handle them unless they don’t sleep at all. If you choose to hire a remote development team from the right country, the work on your project can go around the clock. Your in-house team (or one remote development team) operates during your workday, and the (other) remote development team engages in the project after the working hours (in a different time-zone), allowing you to double the effort in the same time frame.


    If you decide on hiring your remote development team from another culture, you get a different perspective on your project. People think and also code differently in different cultures. The clash of the different thinking ways might result in a fresh, unorthodox approach that could attract a broader audience than your initial ideas. Innovative concepts are also instrumental while designing MVPs.

    How to choose the best contractor


    Remote software developers usually have specialties. At first, always pick those who have already done some projects for your industry in a remote environment. Later in the process, you can supplement your choice with those who haven't worked with your industry yet.
    However, they should have completed some projects similar to the one you need.


    In business, there are many smooth-talkers. Unfortunately, there is no way to discern them from honest experts. You have to believe your gut feelings and choose a company that earned your trust in the preliminary talks. You can support this by going through their portfolios, Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen. Sometimes this stage should be more important than the previous one. For example, some might claim they have done a big project for a company from your industry, while in fact, all they did was support another company at it. As a result, they delivered some trivial functionalities that your project wouldn't need at best.


    At first, tell the team about the project you want them to deliver thoroughly. After that, ask the team a few questions to learn about their experience. For example,

    1. What projects have you completed in my industry?
    2. Can you tell me more about [choose one of the projects they mentioned in 1.]
    3. [Ask a question about a specific area from your industry the team should understand after delivering the said project]
    4. How long will it take your company to deliver my project?
    5. How do you adapt to changing business conditions during our collaboration? [give an example of such situation]
    6. Will you support my project after the development?

    Why should you consider going with intent’s remote development team?


    We always discuss the solutions we see with you, and we give you ownership of a part of our team. You don't leave the project to them. Our employees join yours to deliver the highest possible quality while maintaining constant communication. Our approach joins the best aspects of hiring an in-house team and outsourcing the project.


    We work in a transparent FTE model. We precisely adjust the time we can spend on your project to your budget, and we don't cross the budget we agreed on in the scope of work (the document we create before we start the collaboration) unless we renegotiate it.

    3. BATTLE-HARDENED Adobe InDesign Crack Full Free Download With Key EMPATHETIC PROJECT MANAGERS

    On the one hand, they know their team very well; on the other, they have highly developed soft skills which help them deliver everything you need and can be delivered within your budget.


    1. Hiring a remote development team is beneficial in several business situations
    2. The overseas development team also has some more non-obvious benefits
    3. To choose the best contractor, you must do thorough research, ask some specific questions and believe your intuition
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    The typical stages and outcomes of the product design process

    User Experience

    Jan 19, 2021

    The typical stages and outcomes of the product design process

    However blurry the product design term might be, we can say without exaggeration, that the design itself determines the value, functionality and usefulness of the product. The design process affects what users feel while using your product. In that way, it decides whether Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen final product is a real innovation or just another merchandise.

    Some well-known frameworks provide very useful guidelines for the product design process. One of them is the Design Thinking framework by Ideo. The other - Double Diamond 

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Professional v2.00 (1993)(Europress)(Disk 4 of 6)(AMOSPro_Accessories).zip (View Contents)15-Dec-2016 22:29271.8KAMOS Professional v2.00 (1993)(Europress)(Disk 4 of 6)(AMOSPro_Accessories)[a].zip (View Contents)15-Dec-2016 22:29271.8KAMOS Professional v2.00 (1993)(Europress)(Disk 5 of 6)(AMOSPro_Productivity1).zip (View Contents)15-Dec-2016 22:29308.9KAMOS Professional v2.00 (1993)(Europress)(Disk 5 of 6)(AMOSPro_Productivity1)[a].zip (View Contents)15-Dec-2016 22:29309.5KAMOS Professional v2.00 (1993)(Europress)(Disk 6 of 6)(AMOSPro_Productivity2).zip (View Contents)15-Dec-2016 22:29312.5KAMOS Professional v2.00 (1993)(Europress)(Disk Hurricane Web Promo v1.70 crack serial keygen of 6)(AMOSPro_Productivity2)[a].zip (View Contents)15-Dec-2016 22:19312.6KAMOS Sprite X v1.32 (1991)(Shadow Software - Deja Vu)(LW)[req. 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