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traktor torrent download Archives

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Presets suitable for dreamy ambient shoegaze type music

Aaron Christiansen KBAlternativeWholla lotta love/ah

Left dry signal. Right just the reverb, traktor torrent download Archives.

Axel Huber KB0AlternativeMuse - Hysteria bass sound

Muse - Hysteria bass sound Guitar Rig 5 preset

bottleboy Ibragimovich KB0AlternativeColin's Presets

2 Riff Rock Presets 1 Lead 1 Dark Lead 1 Delay Rhythm

Colin Atwood KBAlternativeKnights Of Cydonia Lead

an approximation of Matt Bellamy's guitar tone on the first half of the "Knights Of Cydonia" solo. Had a devil of a time doing this until I read the recent GP story and figured the harmonic synth

Daniel Dreibelbis KBAlternativeFlock of Seagulls

A Flock of Seagulls 80's group. Giving back something to the people that make the sounds, traktor torrent download Archives. Enjoy. This is for Guitar Rig 4.

Devin Mora KBAlternativeDani California

Sounds good with anything!

Doug Byron KBAlternativeStone Temple Pilots

The sound is close to my ears =D

Edmundo Hernandez KBAlternativeString by Edward Schreiber

Emulates the sound of a string guitar. I created this one out of jealousy for The Mission. This is by no means a substitute for a traktor torrent download Archives string. Sample:

Edward Schreiber KBAlternativeBeautiful Day- U2, traktor torrent download Archives, Preset

This is my U2 BD preset created in Guitar Rig

Filip Winiarski KBAlternativeJF Dirty Effect

Used in most of the songs, specially at the concerts, traktor torrent download Archives. This effect is kind a funk dirty, without distortion, used by John Frusciante at Red Hot Chili Peppers during the world tours. If someone has t

Gabriel Oliveira Martins KBAlternativeJonny Greenwood 97 Era

Jonny Greenwood "97 Era" Basado en Rig traktor torrent download Archives Jonny, configurado para tocar en vivo con el Kontrol Rig

German Munoz KBAlternativejeffs -Grace

My attempt at the chorusy rich tone featured on seminal title track from the seminal album Grace. I am using a Maton mastersound with seymour duncan humbuckers ENJOY!!!!!

Gian Stagliano KBAlternativeHippotronics

Loops !

Gunnar Backman KBAlternativeHB 3 Presets

New Sounds with the new distortion pedals

Harald Braun KBAlternativeHard Drive

use VAN51 amp

hiroaki matsumura KBAlternativetest


J Scheide KB0AlternativeShe's Addicted

The setup is for "Three Days" by Jane's Addiction

Josh Fernandez KBAlternativeBig Wreck Albatross

got to love Big Wreckheavy compression 2 delays with heavy choruselectric lady seemed to do the trick

Kollin Sikk KBAlternativeMayaraise & Frusciante Cream Cheese

Not perfect, but this is what I rested on as a hybrid of John Frusciante and John Mayer. Neck and 2nd Pickup sound nice. Volume fluctuate between please let me know if you make changes im cur

Mat Evanz KBAlternativeSeamless Clean To Dist

Seamless Clean to Dist means that you must have your RIG KONTROL PEDAL (RK1, 2 or 3) assigned to SOUND only in the F1 2021 crack pc Archives panel. Inside every patch here, I have attached the PEDAL to make a travel wi

Mats Eriksson KBAlternativeEric Johnson SRV

Strato sound for non-Strato guitars (Moduled with CAT). Includes all presets used by EJ on SRV. Be sure to use Ensemble on for clean sound or Screamer for a heavier sound. Made with GR4Pro

Mauricio Rodriguez KB0AlternativeLineinput rock presets

Good presets

NELSON SANCHEZ RUIZ KBAlternativeBeyond The Gray Sky

This is both the Mutron III part of the song, and the Overdrive part of the song. GREAT SONG!

S L KBAlternative"MGMT - Kids" Sound

This was one of my first attempts at creating a 'weird' synth-ish sound in Guitar Rig 4. Hope you find use of it, even as a starting point for something else. The included "chino" version wa

Sam Blake KBAlternativeStromgitarre


simon tester KBAlternativeIvy Babe Rip

Reverby distorted tremolo slasher style 50s punk clank an homage to the Cramps

Steve Duffy KBAlternativeAnd also the Trees, Justin Jones Virus Medow Sound

Used Stratocaster, switched to neck and middle pickup. Tuning is 3 lines higher then normal on the recorded track. Check out:

w Serner KBAlternativeHeavy Accoustic Mix

Two Racks are splitted, a heavy traktor torrent download Archives a crystal clean one and mixed down at the end. So you can play clean chords and fat powerchords and you get a nice crunchy sound, weight it with the crossfader.

witold kroll KBAlternativeAkoufen

This is the preset bank I made for my band (all the names are our songs's titles). Hope you enjoy, I'm open to any advice ;)

Corentin BARON KBBassHysteria

this is an approximation of Chris Wolstenholme's bass tone on Muse's song "Hysteria", traktor torrent download Archives. Practise those 16th notes!

Daniel Dreibelbis KBBassDerGrowler

two bass patches I use with a fretless J-bass

Erik Marks KBBassMuse - Time Is Running Out

As close as it traktor torrent download Archives to the Bass/Synth sound in Time Is Running Out

Marc Scheren KBBassReal Time is Runnig Out

Real Time is Runnig Out Preset

prk gn KBBassStevelands Bass Bank

Enjoy !

Stephan Ruehl KBBassheavy bass

first try at getting a heavier gritty bass tone. Needs some tweaking

William Patrick KBBasswarm Bass

needed a warm and powerfull bass-amp. Here's one with a warm tube sound and withoud noises. Just tell me if you like or dislike it. thx

witold kroll KBBassWorn Old Tweed

Emulates an old bassman that has been around the block a few times

Doug Byron KBBluesDuilio Traktor torrent download Archives good for soft blues

Duilio D'Arezzo KBBluesGary Moore

It's very close to my ears. =D

Edmundo Hernandez KBBluesGibson ES Series !

Some Presets for use with Gibson ES Series! Crunchy - Creamy Sounds! enjoy !

Frick Daniel KBBluesBig n Beefy

A basic but versatile patch for rhythm and lead. I was looking for a "big" sound that was clean but sings

Gary Babin KBBluesMellowEdge

It's not hard to come up with good sounds in Guitar Rig and sometimes they are right under our noses. This has just enough delay and the tone cuts through the mix for a very sweet and atmospheric sou

George Ciotti KBBluesScreaming Bluesbox

Ok i've made two presets here, Bluesbox and Screaming Blues (Though Screaming blues might of been named wrong, i'm not sure. comment what you think)

Giles Campbell KBBluesTest File SRV

this is for GR XE/Session users. I want to see if anyone using this version of GR can download this file and use it. Let me know if it works. Thanks in advance

Glenn Mehrtens KBBluesTweed Lead

So here are two patches for GR 4, one is a slight variation of the other. Reminds me very much of David Gilmour, if you use your neck singlecoil. In the clip I'm on neck/middle first and then switch


Here are two typical Scott Henderson Patches. I tried to simulate his sound from his blues album Dog Party. For use with Guitar Rig 2. - Hole Diggin' Rhythm - Hole Diggin' Lead best, Hans

Hans Van Even KBBluesHB Fat Clean

Really usable clean sounds with guitar rig

Harald Braun KBBluesBlues Presets - Cort M

Blues presets Guitare : Cort M Pickups : - Dimarzio Air Norton Neck - Dimarzio Fred Bridge Volume : 6/7 Tone : 10

jean braye MBBluesVaughan 05

This is pretty close, maybe someone can fine tune it. The mp3 has several things on it I mess around traktor torrent download Archives. I tend to attack fast and sharply, sometimes too much. This was done with a Texas Special Lon

John Buonpane KBBluesBlues with a bit of twang

This is my current setup for Blues

Josh Fernandez KBBluesEric

cool, with two snapshots

juraj raska KBBluesHotplex Clean

Blues Solo or Rhythm Hotplex/ Vintage Verb/Comp 'Guitar James Tyler Variax Neck CAMTASIA 8 [May 2020] crack serial keygen Bridge Humbucker'

Klaus Lau KBBluesTexas blues (GR4 Essential)

Quite bright, edgy blues tone, traktor torrent download Archives. Hint: turn off transamp for the clean tone! Made with GR4 Essential

Lukasz Urbanek KBBluesSlow Dancing - Mayer

Mayer Clean Blues sound rom slow dancing in a burning room. Singler coils are a must. Nice and smooth

matthew sears KBBluesMatt's Blues Rock

These two presets give you a good crunchy tone for Blues Rock applications. It works with humbuckers as well as with single coil pickups. Any improvements are welcome, traktor torrent download Archives. Please add a comment in the Gu

Matthias Langer KBBluesPaki presets

For all folk's that need ply guitar with dynamic toch

Pachito Zignin KB0BluesB-Twang

This one gives a nice round blues tone. It isn't exactly a complex preset, but it works quite well for me

Peter Varkonyi KBBluesTEST - PLEASE IGNORE


Philipp Kopp KB0BluesJangly cleans

A jangly clean setting utilizing the Cool Plex and the Control Room, traktor torrent download Archives. Also featuring the Fast Comp, Quad Delay, Spring Reverb and optional Tremolo and Gain Boost

Ronald Evans KBBluesSRV

Stevie Ray basic setup with a fuzz thrown in for fun

Sean Gillen KBBluesS.R.V. Pride And Joy (TONE MATCHING)

I used 6 EQ in Ozone 5 to create custom impulse based on master track - Pride And Joy!

Srdjan Jovanovic KBBluesMoney for Nothing

Guitar from money for nothing. Must leave wah pedal half cocked. Depending on pickup type you can use wah position to roll off or add in more high end freqs

Alan Reigh KBClassic RockComfortable Numb

Comfortable Numb preset for Fender Strat Deluxe HSS

Andrew ZZZ KBClassic RockDistortion Presets

Over 20 different distortions, good for rock music.

Anthony Gilmore KBClassic RockCrunchy vintage sounds

for the lovers of vintage sounds from the seventies, traktor torrent download Archives. Based on the 4 amps. For Stratocaster. input of guitar rig : master volume : db Rig Kontrol on one o'clock. Enjoy !

Arnoldi Gregoire KBClassic RockDef Leppard

Sound suits the album Hysteria

Aurelian Olah KBClassic RockWholla lotta love/ah

Left dry signal. Right just the reverb.

Axel Huber KBClassic RockGuitar Gibson

Bernhard Ryser KBClassic RockSteve Lukather () King Of The World

Well, just got the new Toto album and guitar Rig 2 and loved the intro tone on the song King Of The World. This is as close as I could get with 5 minutes of tweaking! Enjoy

Bob Melanson KBClassic RockRock blues lead

cool finest sound for lead rock fusion guitar

carlos jonhson KBClassic RockSlash Godfather Theme

Yes there is a lot of reverb but it is a live sound like! Use it with humbucker neck pickup!

Cédric Bednarek KBClassic RockVan Halen I

I used this for eruption and other VH I album songs. The guitar I made this with is relatively bright and with very low output PAF's, so you may want to adjust gain and EQ to suit

Chad Williamson KBClassic RockAC Rock Rhythm, Tweed Rock Rhythm (Les Paul)

A big misconception about guitar tones is that they have to be super fat. The fatter a tone is, the more it fights with other instruments in a mix. So there is a give and take. Both presets are design

Chris Farris KBClassic RockRock Tones

Try this bank for a couple of cool acoustic like sounds. Then there are several lead tones. Try out my Eric Johnson tone. If you try this traktor torrent download Archives when you play Pavillion or Camel's night out. The

Chris Nurse MBClassic RockSurfing With Joe

Joe Satriani's "Surfing With The Alien" Patch. I included in this bank 2 effects: - Only Distorted - Auto-"Alien" Wah That's my first patch, but I think it sounds GREAT!

Ciccio Barulli KBClassic RockDef Leppard - Hysteria Tone?

Hey guys, this is my take on the Def Leppard - Hysteria tone. It sounds similar to the Pour Some Sugar On Me tone I think anyway. :D

Conor Mathers KB0Classic RockAmbient

Fender Tele/Bridge PU

Csaba Kismarty-Lechner KBClassic RockSpirit of Radio Main Riff draft version

Using the various descriptions of the effects he used on this sound from multiple sources (print, internet) I tried to get as close as possible to the main riff sound Alex Lifeson had on this song. Fe

Darren Hightower KBClassic RockDeja Early Edward (HB)

Simulation of Edwards purported rig as described traktor torrent download Archives several techs over several forum discussions from late 70's/early 80's

Devon Johnson KBClassic RockPresent Tense - Pearl Jam

this is the set up of present tense / no code Album

Diego Abbate KBClassic RockStar Spangled Banner

Jimi Hendrix full blown uni-vibe echo simmulation

Doug Byron KBClassic RockSlash - Sweet Child O´ Mine V2

Mi intento de tono para mi oido parecido al que utiliza Salsh en Sweet Child O' Mine, disculpen por la mala ejecucion en el demo =P Sorry for my crap playing in the demo

Edmundo Hernandez KBClassic RockAndy Timmons

My first approach to Andy Timmons tone. Not quite there yet, but it's kinda hard for me since I have a Les Paul with humbuckers and Andy uses an Ibanez strat with single-coil sized humbuckers and ver

EMANUEL COTTY KBClassic RockAndy Timmons Electric Gypsy GR4

Hello everyone, this is the first sound that I share . The arm trying to imitate the sound of Andy I use with the Rig Kontrol but before add a Behringer tube mic preamp Microsoft Windows 10 Tecnhical Preview x64/x86 crack serial keygen give dynamism. For t

Emmanuel Graglia KBClassic RockTweed Neil

Try this with humbuckers or P90 type pickups. Volume control on guitar is very interactive

Eric R. Fischer KB0Classic Rockcheckuserguitareviachrome


Frank Ellendt KB0Classic RockLet´s Rock

some Classic Rock preset also for use with a line6 Variax

Frick Daniel KBClassic RockRetro Buzzsaw

This is an attempt to recreate a traktor torrent download Archives Music Man 65 with Marshall cab and Big Muff Pi distortion I used to own. The fuzz increases quite a bit between 5 and 10 on my stock strat with a harmonic swee

Gary Babin KBClassic RockBrian May (Brighton Rock Solo - Wembley)

1º Split Mix: LEFT: VOX AC30 (clean) with Matched cabinet Vox RIGHT: NOTHING CAT, CHORUS/FLANGER 2º Split Mix

German Omar KB0Classic RockThe Who - See Me, Feel Me - Woodstock tone

I was making a 60s like crunch tone and i managed to make it sound like (to me mostly) the tone Pete Townshend used when The Who played See Me, Feel Me at Woodstock in 69'

Giles Campbell KBClassic RockVan Halen Ultra Brown Sound

Contains Van 51, Hot Solo+, distortion, phaser (standard OFF), control room, noise reduction. This preset sounds completely noiseless to me, let me know if you like it

Gino Bender KBClassic RockSRV

I tried to Noise Ninja For Photoshop 2.1.0 crack serial keygen that energic SRV Sound in this patch which should fit most rhythmic Blues/Funk guitar playing. Works best with Strat Style (single Coil) pickups in Neck position. I hope you'll have as

Hans Van Even KBClassic RockMixedRockJT

Various rock sounds to played with Fender Stratocaster directly on Combo amp

Hans-Joachim THEILEN KBClassic RockHB Presets 1

Some dirty sounds,not so many effects,more pure sound !

Harald Braun KBClassic RockJames' MultiPack

Tons of stuff heresome heavy stuff some clean stuffWill be locaed in multiple archives

james balestrino KBClassic RockDc's neck solo sound

Nice solo sound for single-coil pickup in neck position. Try with a slapback echo/reverb. Sound was created with a Ibanez ProPower

Jürgen Dick KBClassic RockClean Presets - Cort M

Some Clean presets Guitare : Cort M Pickups: - Air Norton Neck - Fred Bridge Volume : 6/7 Tone :

jean braye MBClassic RockSantana Samba Pa Ti

Modeled after Sampa Pa Ti. I used a Gratifier Clean to model the Boogie Mark I. Carlos uses his volume on his guitar to go from clean to distorted, so try the foot pedal to go from clean to distorted

Jeff Pettit KB0Classic RockSteve Vai For The Love Of God

I invite you to make a good Steve Vai sound, traktor torrent download Archives, For The Love Of God. If you can do?, please upload a more beautiful soundsetting. Thanks to everybody.

Jeroen Kuilman KBClassic RockUnivibe patches

examples of fast and slow patches for Stoned Phaser

Jerry McPherson KBClassic RockMalcolm Young tone in GR4 Pro

Hi all GR users! Please find attached a go at Malcolm's tone. I've tried other presets but found that they are way to packed with presence and drive. This one is stripped down to what I think it

Jonas Tosting KBClassic RockSounds from Woodstock

Live Rig Setup for I'm Going Home(live from Woodstock) by Ten Years After

Josh Fernandez KBClassic RockUltrasonic Rock traktor torrent download Archives Metal

Guitar: er Gibson Firebird V Amp: Ultrasonic Comp

Klaus Lau KBClassic RockThe Cult She Sells Santuary

this is the flange delay for the intro

Kollin Sikk KBClassic RockPink Floyd

Pink Floyd tone for "Comfortably numb" "run like Hell"

Kostas Voulgaris KBClassic RockMy BANK

This is my actual bank. Some I created, some I added (thanks for those who shared). Enjoy

Leonardo Salomao KBClassic RockRock-Distorto-Solo

Timbro caldo per soli rock - deleay e reverbero

Manconi Piero KBClassic RockSLASH

created with Guitar Rig

marc ziach KBClassic RockStill Loving You Song Scorpions

Marco Antonio Pedraza Acuña KBClassic RockBoston_RockNRollBand

I didn't see any Boston Presets in the Library so I thought I would share the one I made. It is pretty close to the tone in Rock N Roll Band.

Mark Guentner KBClassic RockUltra Clean Dyna FX

Ultra clean bright lead with pre and post compression and dynamic (ducking) reverb and delay; slightly inspired by Steve Lukather's first solo on "A Thousand Years". Use with a 3-single coil pickup

Matt Picone KBClassic RockSweet Child o mine

This is as close as i could get to the sound. i found that if you pick softly it sounds more like it.

matt smith KBClassic Rockled zeppelin whole lotta love begin

frist riff better if you use a gibson les paul you play with this setup with stereo out i have to work again on the reverber

Matteo Novellino KBClassic RockMatt's Blackmore Sound

The settings were taken from interviews given by Richie Blackmore. It is important to switch your Strat to the traktor torrent download Archives single coil pickup. The presets do not work properly with humbuckers, traktor torrent download Archives. With my guit

Matthias Langer KBClassic Rockbest of my preset bank

this bank contain - stevie ray vaughan ,slashtraktor torrent download Archives (not on kill em all)kiss, iron maidenEVH, some ozzy zakk wylde type of sounderic clapton (cream) and a accoustic guitar simulator. So

Maxime Boivin KBClassic RockA Chorus Mission

Heavy distortion with chorus for solos with long sustained notes. Used in 80s Gothic music by bands like Sisters of Mercy, The Mission. Also used by Garbage in "Stupid Girl". This preset has been traktor torrent download Archives Touzani KBClassic Rock Jimi Hendrix - Red House

USA Strat on bridge pickup, Delta traktor torrent download Archives set to 4 - I like it - any suggestions/improvements welcome

Michael Murphy KBClassic RockHot Mod (Split Ch.)

For standalone or use as a mono>stereo plugin preset. If you'd like to record mono, simply pan each amp to center using the split mix,record one amp mono left and the other mono right.(

Michael Talerico KB0Classic RockMonico Patches

These are some tones that I really like. Please let me know what they sound like on your setup. I set this up as stand alone. I also have an assortment of backing tracks with and without vocals if any

monico abeyta KBClassic Rock"Martelle" Bank by Artist Martelle

Programmed and provided by Martelle, a renowned guitar player from Germany. Please find a GUITAR RIG 2 video with Martelle on the GUITAR RIG 2 video page:

NI Team KBClassic RockBasic *Fenderish* Clean

What i've noticed is that cheap guitars with cheap pickups suffer a lot in low freqs response, tending to be *muddy* or some like that, even the low output of those cheap single coil pickups doesn't

Paolo Francolini KBClassic RockGreen Dolphin

Various presets suited for rock-tunes, blueshey why not even pop and jazz. Programmed with a Strat with EMG SL set. Should sound good with any good guitar

Per Sviggum KB0Classic RockEruption sound?

Just some phaser and a couple of EQ's. I actually got the idea from online, but it seems alright, traktor torrent download Archives. Enjoy

Perry Adams KBClassic RockCabomano's Rock Presets

These are some presets I recently created for my guitars: 2 for my Telecaster and 6 for my Les Paul (w/ P single coils). All are pretty simple, I especially like the clean tones for the Les Paul (p

Peter Varkonyi KBClassic RockSchenker

Michael Schenker was my big hero when I was 18/ I used to play Rock Bottom note for note in those days. traktor torrent download Archives Anyway this is a recent close attempt I made to get his sound, although I traktor torrent download Archives have

Philip Pendlebury KBClassic Rock12 High Gain GR4 Solo Sounds (Special made for my JS :))

The ZIP-File contains 12 Sounds. I have been fiddling with these Sounds for quite a while now. Thought if I would not release them now, traktor torrent download Archives, I would never do it. So here you are, have fun. Feedback very

Rainer Frömming KBClassic RockTom Morello

Tweaak around with it to find the right tone for a certain song. It includes the Pitch Pedal, Cry Wah, and Quad Delay

Rainier Martin KBClassic RockRick Parfitt

I tried to copy Rick's amp-settings from what I could see in his teaching video "Rhythm Method". Nice crossfade between JCM and AC A little fine tuning added

Robert Krauss KBClassic RockShine on you crazy diamond Intro

This is to be played on a Fender Strat with active EMG SA pickups, neck pick-up only and preferably with a DG20 set-up

Robert Pask KBClassic RockEarly Doobie Brothers Beehive State

Beehive State off Doobie Brothers first album, which did not sell much but has a raw crunchy 's biker edge to it, ala Easy Rider

Roger Cunningham KBClassic RockRock bank

Includes 6 guitar sounds, traktor torrent download Archives. It includes both classir rock sounds and 1 metal sound (Ubersonic - hard rock rythm guitar)

Roman Vareka KBClassic Rockts lead tone

I own a ts and a keeley comp, so I a/b them side by Maxon CINEMA 4D 2022 Studio Crack Free Full Latest Version both through my mesa boogie lonestar and tweaked the presets in gr3. I think the ts sounds great with the clean channel of the ultraso

scott morgan KBClassic RockDavid Gilmour Tones

Gilmour combinations of the Big Muff, Fuzz FaceTube Screamer and Distortion for different e clean channel on the amp sounds really good. I've tried to incorporate phaser/Lesl

Sean Gillen KBClassic RockJoe Satriani RIG

This is my second preset for Guitar Rig. Please take note before reading any further, this preset is made for Guitar Rig 5 Pro. In this preset I've tried to modulate Joe Satriani sound when he was st

Simon Landry KBClassic RockDave Gilmour live sound

This is sound from late David Gilmour concert's, such as Live at Royall Hall, live in Gdansk. If You turn on chorus in this preset, sound will be like Traktor torrent download Archives sound. You can see my cover with this

Slashmax Max KBClassic Traktor torrent download Archives In Rock

Strat sound, not too much gain, good for 60/70 rock!!!

Stefano Comuni KBClassic RockSanatana Originals

1)Snt ?Chorus/Delay: a dreamy pick guitar - Cnt1: Vol IN (off lets the dly tail fade into space)-Cnt2:Dly ON/OFF 2)Snt ?FishUp: just a lead drowned in dly - Cnt1: Wah pedal/Cnt2 Warm Volum

Stefano Fiorio KBClassic RockVan Halen Balance (SK)

A mere copy of Van Halen guitar sound from +. Enjoy

Steve Kielinen KBClassic RockMy first Gr3 Sound, Experience will tell .!!

Ok! Folks i hope you appreciate those presetstraktor torrent download Archives, being a recording Engineer for 25 Years and doing a lot of Real recording Rock band it is time to put the experience back to the were do

sylvain jacob KBClassic RockSteve Vai presets (gr4)

Attempt for the Steve Vai tone in the Jemini Distortion Pedal demo. See following video for a demonstration of the preset:

Talat Oz KBClassic RockLate Harrison

A rack with all the tone combos to re create George Harrisons tone with the Beatles between 68 and Leslie cab, treble boost for solos, room reverb, Fender Twin. Try playing the Let it Be solo with

Taylor Payne KBClassic RockSteve Lukather Trademark Tone.

Steve Lukather's SOLO tone.(for GR2) I like it. Please Plug-in "LUKE" model, traktor torrent download Archives. ~:p

Tetsu Takenaka KBClassic RockBasic Rock Old School

just an amp, a stomp pedal and some reverb keep it simple and enjoy your instrument

Thomas Peters KBClassic RockVan Halen

This preset creates a fair amount of distortion using an House flipper Box in front of a Lean still preserving the glass like crisp tone from the Fender and the Lead These presets were created for a

Thomas Tarnow KBClassic RockFrusciante

I love the lead sound of John Frusciante live at Slane Castle, so i tried to recreate it in Guitar Rig. This is the result, traktor torrent download Archives, and i love it. Its the lead sound traktor torrent download Archives songs like Scar Tissue, traktor torrent download Archives intro, T

Tinus Pannier KBClassic RockSolo loud n warm

Hi. Heres my first sound to post. I use it for many different styles. It's not a really complete new sound but modified in many ways to the old one. Mostly used for Live-Performances or David Gil

Udo Stolz KBClassic RockBritish crunch to Heavy Dist

Great from crunch to heavy dist using expression pedal grfeat British sound

Victor Negreiros KBClassic RockSacramento´s Swing

My preset of Sultans Of Swing from Dire Straits. I´m using a guitar Stratocaster( SX Custom SST57 ) with 3 singles pickups Fender Tex Mex

Vitor Sacramento KBClassic RockDeep Purple Made in Japan Smoke on the Water

Tried with Stratocaster on GR 4 the Blackmore sound for Smoke on the Water. For solo switch to neck pick up

w Serner KBClassic RockSlash - SCoM Intro

Demo of this tone:

WILEz Giacio KBClassic RockBrian May from Queen

Brian May's rig. Good with HB or SC. Start with the basic set up (always include the flanger) and add effects as you need them for the songs. I think I did a respectable job with the sound but tel

william fisher KB0Classic RockI want you to want me

first bank i with me

Yves Accoe KBClassic RockU2 STREETS


ZIBI J. KB0Classic RockGone Country

Kind of a Brent Mason style for Tele monsters

Dave Young KBCountryStrat was Fun

Don't know what catagory to put this in but it sounds nice for country and blues and church. lonestar strat used with neck pickup

John Buonpane KBCountryPedal Steel

An approximation of a pedal steel guitar. Use the expression pedal to get the best feel. And experiment with pitch and delay settings for variation

Rob Meeks KBCountryGatt-on it!

Get your Telecaster out!This rig is for Danny Gtton if you like!Twin amp with slapback delay and then turn down your tone pot and turn on the leslie for that Gatton traktor torrent download Archives tone! Enjoy!!!

Toby Pitman KBCountryNancy Bang

My take on the classic tremolo guitar on Nancy's Bang Bang. Added some tape delay just for more NOISE. Panned left and tremolo timed roughly with the Kill Bill -version. I have no idea what they used

Tomi Rintamäenpää KBCountryElectro preset - Cort M

Harmonic Synth sound Guitar : Cort M

jean braye MBElectronicOverWah

An over the top fuzz wah sound, traktor torrent download Archives. Dirty and unsubtle.

Phil Camp KBElectronicSuperstitious Funk

Good for songs like Superstition

Anthony Gilmore KBFunkPhasey Funk Rythm

If you play a Strat and strum without a pick you might like the personality in this one. Enjoy!

Gary Babin KBFunkIn Deep Funky

Funky Rythmic preset in the style of InDeep Last night a DJ Made on Strat, mic 5 (neck). Have Fun !

Mehdi Touzani KBFunkFusion clean/distorted rack

I did this rack with ampli distorsion/clean channel delay chorus reverb wah wah with rig kontrol and my ibanez jem it sounds very well try it!!!

andrea guidi KBFusionEric Johnson Sound

Creamy Distortion & Clean Enjoy

Christoph Scheuer KBFusionFuse!

This fusion patch works well in melodic fusion leads in the style of Guthrie Govan or Guthrie Govan. Hear it here:

David Wallimann KBFusionTommy Bolin Spectrum

Tommy Bolin Pure Lead Tone Based on Billy Cobham's Spectrum Album Add subtle Stereo Reverb, Delay and/or Phaser or Wah to taste in the HiWatt split chain provided, traktor torrent download Archives. The mp3 samples have noise

Eamonn Monaghan KBFusionChristal Clear

Here's a preset bank with nothing but clean sounds that I've been working on since a while. I wanted some good sounding, clean sounds for my work that would fit different uses, Solo and Rhythm and c

Hans Van Even KBFusionCool Jazz

Used a Lonestar Strat for both tones on the mp3, traktor torrent download Archives, neck position for rythm, bridge humbucker for lead. Don't know who this may sound like, I made it up. Drum is looping pattern

John Buonpane KBFusionEric Johnson 80´s setup for GR1 ->

These patches traktor torrent download Archives made with the new Fender Eric Johnson signature strat, traktor torrent download Archives, in hand. Strat, single coil with tone controls on bridge pickup and a Jim dunlop jazz III pick would at least get you somewhere

Mats Eriksson KBFusionThe Justice will be mine

From Steve Vai to Guthrie Govan,anything can be played using this tone. Very nice and smooth distorted tonewithout any noisy bit. Enjoy and Comment

Mehul Pandit KBFusionJAZZ JIM SMOOTH

Like the Bluesman, this sound uses a bass amplification to be very warm and no cab to proximity, traktor torrent download Archives. Just a little reverb for mix (Sorry for my english)


Here are some typical Mike Stern Sounds. - Stern's Time in Place (Clean) = Clean sound traktor torrent download Archives Reverb & Chorus - Stern's Time in Place (Solo I) = Clean Solo sound with Reverb, Delay & Chorus - Ste

Hans Van Even KBJazzJazzy - Cort M

Cort M Air Norton Neck Pickup only Volume 5/6 Tone 10

jean braye MBJazztest


thomas barnow KB0JazzDjentle

Here's my shot at a djent tone. Works great with my Schecter Omen Extreme I Ant Download Manager Pro 2.3.1 Crack Full Version Download footswitch 1 for my solos, but probably unnecessary

Alan Stuard KBMetalSepultura

For play inner self and other sepultura songs, I think it's really good. Para temas de sepultura suena para mi gusto muy parecido

Alejandro Zamorano KBMetalCrunch Rock H-H Setup

Crunchy Rock Metal Suits H-H Setup Guitars

alpha montreal KBMetalJohn Petrucci Repentance

JPs Clean Sound from Repentance

Andreas Meissner KBMetalAccept

I tried to sound sometimes I Accept from the years

Aurelian Olah KBMetalMaster of Puppets

Side A of the studio split is similar to James' tone while side B is more like Kirk's sound. The pitch pedal is set ~57% of a -1 OCT on Kirk's side to simulate the first solo harmonies. It is q

Benjamin Barber KBMetalMetallica Kill em all GR4

This is for Guitar Rig 4 ! It sounds like the first Album Windows XP Loader Archives - Download 6 best Windows XP Loader 2019 MetallicaKill em all !!! Have Fun !!! Metal rules

Bernd Wagner KBMetalMustaine

Someone in the forums recently challenged users to come up with a Guitar Rig preset similar to Dave Mustaine's tone on "The Killing Road" by Megadeaththis is my attempt

Brian Monroney KBMetalBlack Destiny

High Gain Rhythm/Lead tone Created with and for EMG equipped Les Paul's (81/60). I run my pickups at 18V.

Brian Musick KBMetalIron Maiden

Sounds pretty good for playing The Trooper. Hell, all Maiden songs!

Bryan Oates KBMetalMarty Friedman for humbuckers

Tried to simulate Marty's tone. I took the one from Tokyo Jukebox series which is my favourite tone of Marty Friedman. Hope you enjoy

Burak Mehmet Gurbuz KBMetalMetal Firewind Riff

double rack stereo with 2 rectifier amp to blow your house

carlos jonhson KBMetalFast Djenty

It's not the best preset, but, It's intended to be built on it. Just an outline of what you traktor torrent download Archives like to achieve. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Song was recorded with an Ibanez Gio th

Chris Cruz KBMetalVan Halen traktor torrent download Archives Shredding With The Devil

Guess this one comes close. Listen to the mpRecorded with a Peavey EVH Wolfgang, Logic Pro 7, and last but not least: Guitar Rig! Enjoy the Brownsound and thanx to the NI-Team for this brill

Chris Gilcher KBMetalVan Halen I - GR3

Hi There! This is my first submit, so please give some feedback. I have a few others that I'm working on if this one is popular, so please leave some feedback. Thanks! I basically took what Han

Chris J Politzki KBMetalWarchild

My traktor torrent download Archives one hope it works

Chris Williams KB0MetalPetrucci The Dark Eternal Night

"sounds like the dark eternal night" (Guitar Rig 4)

Christian Clas KBMetalHeavy Beef Reverb

Good tone for heavy metal players, traktor torrent download Archives. Fat, bold and clear with a little bit of reverb

Christian Milano KBMetalSimple Distortion

This preset is a nice heavy metal sound made only of a LEAD with a Skreamer, an equalizer and a bit of reverb. It sounds awesome with my Gibson Les Paul Studio and I use it for almost any genre

Clément Klem KBMetalDef Leppard - Hysteria

This is my attempt at producing the Def Leppard - Hysteria Tone. I mainly based it on heir Rockman sound. I recommend using an external chorus pedal i.e. Boss Super Chorus along with the preset as it

Conor Mathers KBMetalPURE METAL!

this tone is pure cruchy,hot driven distortion that screams metal

Curtis Fay KB0MetalMarshall_classic_metal

My idea for classic Marshall metal sound

Dalibor Psenicka KBMetalZakk Wylde Solo

I liked to much ,wanted to share with you guys. Hope you like it

Danilo Lucas KBMetalMy bank

The Alice in Chains tone is a work in progress, of course all these will sound somewhat different with different guitars-speakers ect, traktor torrent download Archives and enjoy

david marris KBMetalBASE CORE


don stier KBMetalMarshall Madness

Please comment!

Doug Byron KBMetalJohn Petrucci - Dream Theater

This tone is very close to my ears i hope you enjoy it!

Edmundo Hernandez KBMetalSounds of Ruin

You want distorted, dirty and seriously demonic traktor torrent download Archives tones so heavy they'll clean your colon out? Look no further than Sounds of Ruin. Great for stoner, doom and sludge metal. Demo file: http://

Edward Schreiber KBMetalJason becker guitar rig effect

a perfect preset for soloing!

farzan jackson KBMetalBlack Sabbath - Iron Man

You can make changes for your guitar, but if you think there's a sound more similar to the origanal song, please send it in e-mail to I'm playing the lead guitar, so please don'

Ferencz Pet? KBMetalAdam Jones tone/Lateralus album

I decent Adam Jones tone I created. Its a pretty thick tone it sounds great with my Les Paul, traktor torrent download Archives. Let me know what you think. If you have any tips feel free. Im always trying to improve it

Garrick Gray KBMetalHeavy Dist, traktor torrent download Archives. Tone

Ok heres a simplish heavy distortion tone. I play this on my Epiphone using the trebel switch on the guitar

Giles Campbell KBMetalSabbath VOL4

Humbucker pickups

Gregory Lake KB0MetalVan Halen I

This is a typical Van Halen style sound I tried to reproduce with GR. Hans

Hans Van Even KBMetalProng - Snap your fingers, snap your neck

Tommy Traktor torrent download Archives guitar tone for "Snap your fingers, snap your neck". You'll need Guitar Rig

Iliana Boussiou KBMetalVai - Satriani sound

Trying create metal sound without noise or buzzing

Jakobyx Deviant KBMetalJames Multipack

Array of good soundsenjoy

james balestrino KBMetalMetallica (Jeff F)

This bank is obsolete, traktor torrent download Archives. Download the other version instead. Moderators please delete if possible

Jeff Frohwein KBMetalVery Heavy

I was looking for something very, with little success finding anything I came up with this sound. This works great with slow or fast metal

Jeff Houser MB0MetalDef Leppard Pyromania

The zip file includes the rhythm, lead and the rhythm for Too Late For Love. This is also similar to the sound achieved on the On Through The Night album

Jim Bob KBMetalAlexi + Roope

Alexi's Children = Alexi Bodom guitar 2 = Roope Tones achieved with EMG 81, so it may sound different if you don't have them

joas ger KBMetalJohn Petrucci Mesa Boogie Solo

Good simulator for their models

joel mercado

Joey Blahblah MBMetalMonsterPower

Using American LoneStar Strat Texas Special with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus humbucker. Traktor torrent download Archives can change the tone quick by adjusting the Activation Key Archives parametric eq

John Buonpane KBMetalJOhn's ANGUS

Played on a RG PRESTIGE and a KAMI NoVH77 bridge

John CUENI KBMetalDokken- Kiss Of Death

Dokken- Kiss Of Death

john hughes KBMetalRoland Jazz (James Helicon Focus windows Archives Clean tone.

Preset for different songs of Metallica, traktor torrent download Archives. Contains in addition to the main sound tremolo, Twin Delay, parametrits eq for cutting low purities (for some songs or passages in them). Which should be turne

Johny Kamaz KBMetalUNDER your OATH

UNDEROATH guitarist Tim McTague's rig

Josh Fernandez KBMetalMeshuggah and Soilwork tones. v

The awaited tones for the extended range players. There are 2 banks with over presets. Most are modeled after a song on a certain release not defined. *NOTE* Keep the NR Thresh on and use th

Justin Bunn KBMetalKJ 4 Metal Sounds

Some sound to mess around with

KJ S KBMetalBarthor's Metal

Plex amp. er Gibson Firebird V

Klaus Lau KBMetalHot Solo+ Growling

Doomy moving sound. Two almost identical amps + effects, with LFO modifiers controling the same parameters but running at different speeds

magnus höglund KBMetalMals Ultra Metal Basics (now for Gr5)

Most of the Metal presets in GR4 were created with way too much gain. Easy mistake for beginners or in this case NI developers who are all into electronica anyways. These presets use the Ultra Amp

Malcolm Mcdonald KBMetalVan51 High Gain

Riffing Sound i use ;)

Marko Kautonen KBMetalTy Tabor 'GRETCHEN' sound

GR2 made this patch possible. Most suitable to Zion guitars signature model. Though, I have done it with Joe Barden pickups which Ty used at the time, traktor torrent download Archives, too. Kings X's guitar sound heard on their al

Mats Eriksson KBMetalMatt's Metal sound

These presets are for those of you tuning the guitar to open D or even lower. A humbucker is taken for granted. Don't care about the names of the presets. They are just made to have fun in metal hea

Matthias Langer KB0Metal7 String Distortion

This is what I am currently using traktor torrent download Archives my preset when I use my 7 string or 8 string guitars. Chorus/ Delay/ Tremolo are added in the preset although i have not configured the tremolo for anything in

Michael Matti KBMetalMid-Range Melange

A melange of mid frequencies resulting in the usual modeled hard rock sound. I tried a parametric sweep to pinpoint the worst frequencies but they all sound like they're in a plastic tube. That's i

Michael Talerico KB0MetalTrue Metal MAVERICK

It is sound quality to be usable for simple recording by a straight

mitsuru yasuda KBMetalA7X Synester Gates- Bat Country sound!!!

The Best SYN sound on the internet!!! Try also other preset settings !!!! Suitable for many other songs Avenged Sevenfold EnJoY :D Preset create on the traktor torrent download Archives rig traktor torrent download Archives M KBMetalNic's Metal presets

Turn off delay and tame down the Skreamer for rythm sound. UPDATE : more presets were added

Nicolas Laplante KBMetalJeff Loomis - Traktor torrent download Archives - This Godless Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021 Crack + Serial Key Free Download Setup but great Tone. High Distortion but still transparent, brutal and singing. Enjoy!

Oliver Lusga KBMetalHeavy mix

These were done in Guitar Rig 3, some using the Supersonic, traktor torrent download Archives, so it may not work in Guitar Rig

Perry Adams KBMetal4 Doppelherz

Here are the presets I used for "All the Way Down" and "Walker". As you'll see, they're pretty simple, scrap my comments about them being bassy. I just checked them and I did crank the treble on

Peter Varkonyi KBMetalHard Phil studio Sound +++ 90's

I try to have the best possible sound to record on a lot of tunes as bon jovi, van halen or others style;

philippe Marseille KBMetalModel of a model


R.H. Mueller KBMetalRage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name Of

Like my other posts, I have set up the pedal with the following options: 1 - previous sound 2 - next sound 5 traktor torrent download Archives previous bank 6 - next bank This way all the sounds are in order and you just pr

Ricardo Gomez KBMetalThump Split GR4

Designed using Guitar Rig 4 only, traktor torrent download Archives. Recreating as big a chunk sound as possible, Hetfield, Scott Iain, Petrucci like. Used two rigs here and lots of EQ. Sounds a little like Sad But True

Robert Hicks KBMetalBlack Sabbath - Iron man

I try to get sound like "Iron man" (Black Sabbath). leave some feedback please :)

Roman Larionov KB0MetalMain Stereo Rack

I combine my two favorite amps: The Van51 with the Hot Solo +

ron howard KBMetalGR5 Preset for Progressive Metal

A GR5 Preset for heavy progressive riffs good for 7 strings or low tuning like Drop A or Drop A# check the link for tone quality comment

Samik Dutta KBMetalSome High Gain Stuff

Enjoy these presets made by my colleague Stephan Ruehl and myself. Cheers, Sascha

Sascha Kubiak KBMetalJames Hetfield`s live Tones

these are presets based on the band`s rig during tours and studio of some albums like ride the lightning and the black album

sebastian aguirre vallejo KBMetalResonance Solo

Solo preset with custom cabinet and reverb

Srdjan Jovanovic KBMetalStevelands Heavy Bank

Enjoy !

Stephan Ruehl KBMetalThick Is The Rhythm

Thick and full sounding. Good for Hard Rock

Stuart Deakin-Berry KBMetalraw

raw sounds

sven missullis KBMetalTäss Rig

Some of these presets i've used in the Hero Contest Video

Tassilo Bartl KB0MetalShred Sound

Shred sound for screaming solos

Thomas Singldinger KBMetalDe High Gain RE

A high gain preset. I made it for playing Rammstein, Slipknot, and my own metal riffs

Tinus Pannier KBMetalBrutal Metal Tone

Sounds great with my gear, hopefully with yours to :-)

Tobias Kelmeling KBMetalPsycho Crunch 15

heavy, Put a comressor in the efx chain before the gtr 4 plugin

Todd Squad KBMetaltool

a good tool patch,can get a lot of tool,s sounds,new and old,pedal is set quarter is a good patch for both versions of the song,for zepps version just clean up the fuzz a little

tom pasquale KBMetalMetal Tone Guitar Rig 2

My standard everyday metal tone traktor torrent download Archives Guitar Rig

Waid Hundley KBMetalTool - Adam

This is the closest sound I could get to Adam's guitar tone for Jambi. Works well with quite a few other songs as well

Will Hart KBMetalReverb/Comp Lead

Great for HB and single coil

william fisher KB0Metallittle dreamer

play it loud

William Little KBMetalAcoustic traktor torrent download Archives for v

Hello, guitarmans. I decided to lay out his experiments to create a preset for piezo accoustic. Child to sleep . warm space . Was used compressor, 2 parametric equalizers and reverb.


Hi, this is for pump up your voice (ok, it is allready great Sorry) (only one effect - sorry) ;o) Bo de Narr

Bodo Sallmann KBOtherSPlit-MindZ

You can adjust the volume on the stop compressor for more or less after touch

Doug Byron KBOtherfinbar stereo chemix guitar sounds Bank

This might help you get started sounds used can be heard at

finbar ohanlon KBOtherRed Hot Chili Peppers

This is my lead sound for Dani California. I do this sound wiht a "the rod semi jazz guitar" with two humbuckers. Have fun.

Georg Auer KBOtherGuitar Combo Banks for use in Guitar Rig

The Banks of the Guitar Combos ready for use in Guitar Rig.

hello programchild KBOtherBallerina 12/24

This patch is set up to recreate the Eventide setting Mr. Vai used on the song Ballerina 12/24 from the album Passion and Warfare

Jason White KBOtherRig2modder

I have modded 47 pictures inside the GR2 program to see the "real gear" in my rig. Rectifier Marshall Tubescreamer Have fun! Joerch

Jörg Bierstedt KB0OtherClassical like - Cort M

4 presets Guitare : Cort M Pickups : - Air Norton Neck - Fred Bridge Volume 6/7 Tone

jean braye MBOtherVarious Post Rock Sounds

25 Presets

Jeremiah Savage KB0OtherApple Worldwide Developers Conference Bank

These are the presets I used onstage with Steve Jobs and NI's Daniel Haver for the Guitar Rig presentation during the keynote address of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. They were

Joe Gore KBOtherSampler Plate

Useful for comparing how each amp/cab setup sounds with various effects

Kyle Robinson Young KBOtherNew GR3 patches

I've been shocked by how few uploads there are for GR3 thus far, so I decided to throw some in the pot, traktor torrent download Archives. Hopefully others follow

Matt Cellitti KBOtherSynth Syrup

I've never been a fan of conventional guitar tones. I whipped these up to show what Guitar Rig can do when you try to do something a little new or extreme with it

Matt Moldover KBOtherbest of my preset bank

this bank contain - stevie ray vaughan ,slashmetallica (not on kill em all)kiss, iron maidenEVH, some ozzy zakk wylde type of sounderic clapton (cream) and a accoustic guitar simulator. So

Maxime Boivin KBOtherTEST


Nils Krueger KB0Othernjs-t volume 1

filter-phase-ring: This one uses the Ring Modulator and Delay Man FX along with some Guitar Rig classics and the new High White amp to achieve some spacey/growling sounds. 2favs: Pretty simple setu

Noah Trivier KBOtherJoe Satriani - Always with me Always with You

Hello. I tried to get the most accurate tune for Always with me Always with You. The first part of the song must be played with a volume knob at 80 or 90%. The rest of the song can be played with

Rodrigo Amuchastegui KBOtherOne Robots Dream Lead Sound

Here is my first presets on Guitar Rig for Joe Satriani's One Robots Dream, it's not perfect but sound really accurately, unfortunately no mp3 are availabe

Simon Landry KBOther4 Xmas

A few sounds as a Xmas present. Adjust tone and volume to suit your baby ? Peace!

Stefano Fiorio KBOtherStu's Live Patches

I've been developing some general sounds to play live with any of my guitars. If you find them useful. Make your own adjustments and send them back to me. All improvements are gratefully recieved, traktor torrent download Archives. Ma

Stu Mannix KBOtherstrange sounds

strange sounds 2 presets

sven missullis KBOtherClean chorus-Leslie

clean sound with leslie on expression pedal

Victor Negreiros KBOtherSweet Disposition - Temper Trap

Delayed guitar sound from intro to this great song

Alan Reigh KBPopThe Edge Streets

The third and fourth note sound too distorted to me, adn I wasn't sure how to fix it. Lemme know if you have any ideas. Thanks

Chris Forman KBPopSoda Stereo - Dynamo - Fue

VErsion para Guitar Rig 5 con Kontrol Rig para uso del pedal de la cancion Fue de traktor torrent download Archives Banda Soda Stereo del disco Dynamo

German Munoz KBPopU2 Bad

My first upload, traktor torrent download Archives, just got GR3 and started fooling around with some rigs. thought this was worthy of sharing, you can fool around with the BPM to play along with the edge live or album. appreciate y

James Ross KBPopU2 Bad

this is for live so its a bit faster than original.3 delays one at 5 ms one at and one at if you like this i have more U

Kollin Sikk KBPopThe Edge's Streets Have No Name

Trying to get the creamy spacious delays and sound of the Edge's Guitar on "The Streets have no name"? Then look no more! It's here. A great starting point for anyone looking to emulate the sound

Mark Jones KBPopMatt's Stereo Delay

Stereo delay settings using varoius amps and cabinets. Highly recommended for U2 and The Traktor torrent download Archives sounds

Matthias Langer KBPopStand or Fall

A first attempt to recreate the intro sound of the song "Stand or Traktor torrent download Archives by The Fixx. Made for standalone, using Rig Kontrol gain at middle position approx, and a Squier start with microphone positio

Mehdi Touzani KB0Pop"AIR" Bank by Steve Jones

Programmed and provided by Steve Jones. Please find the related video interview with Steve Jones on the GUITAR RIG 2 Video This bank

NI Team KBPopsweet disposition-v4

This is my take on the main guitar part for sweet disposition, it's set up on guitar rig 4 and i play it on a Sparrow Primitive Pro. Have fun

peter innes KBPopGiants best

A compilation of sounds that reminds me to a mood of the 80s and beyond

Peter Riese KBPopclean chorus

This preset also has a Pad running in parallel that can be mixed in using the expression pedal

tian jay KBPopU2 BAD


ZIBI J. KBPopDubby Delays

This is basically for drums like toms/crashes but works with any traktor torrent download Archives (guitares, pianos, voices etc). It is a delay, pre-amplified by a twin and cabinet, followed by several Eqs for a more authentic

Mehdi Touzani KB0ReggaeSpeak Easy

This contains the Mutron III part of the song, which is the main part of Speak Easy

S L KBReggaeClean Presets

10 Clean Pc Games Archives - ThepcGamesBox Gilmore KBSongwriter/AcousticAcustikc Guitar bnk Rig3 for Bury Hungary

Próbáld ki nekem tetszik

Burkus Péter KBSongwriter/AcousticAcoustic guitar sound

Make your electric guitar sound like a real acoustic guitar well as close as you can :) Hope you enjoy this, if so, please rate and comment!

Cezar Cazan KBSongwriter/AcousticElectro Acoustic

My version of E-Acoustic simulator. With Humbuckers works better and the pickups in the bridge+neck position

Edmundo Hernandez KBSongwriter/AcousticAcoustic

This is a re-make of NI Member Maxime Boivin's Acu Sim. I have warmed and quieted the patch for my taste, traktor torrent download Archives.

Greg Bonaparte KBSongwriter/AcousticLakewood acoustic preset

Comp, Chorous, EQ, little Prezi Pro 6.26.0 Crack + Keygen Free Download [LATEST], Room

jörg blochinger KB0Songwriter/AcousticAcoustaverb

Acoustic setup with reverb

Josh Fernandez KBSongwriter/AcousticCrystal clean tremolo

Crystal clear sound. No noises. Tremolo fits perfect for Arpeggio

witold kroll KBSongwriter/AcousticFilter Delay a la Ableton

This multi tap delay eventually filters down to just the mids. Its cool but I didn't invent it

Aubrey Ford KBSpecial FXThings that Vibrate

This bank has some unusual sounds to try. Some are heavier, some are not. They were all created with the guitar in mind, but could possibly have much broader applications.

Dave Halverson KBSpecial FXAmbient Stick Pad

This bank contains several versions of an Ambient Wash pad that I have been working on for little while. These were primarily for use with my Chapman Stick but can be used with other instruments with

Dave Sneed KBSpecial FXWaves Kramer MPX Tape Saturation Echo

I sat for hours and tweaked GR4 to sound like the "Lead Elect-Gtr Dly" guitar preset in the Waves MPX plugin. I can't tell them apart when In my DAW or host. I wanted to be able to pare down my

Devon Johnson KBSpecial FXJAZZYSPOON FX1

Here's a few presets, some for guitar, some for whatever else, from my "Jazzyspoon G-Rig kit" I will be releasing later this year. Nothing too fancy, but I get a lot of use out of them. Peace, J

jason pottorff KBSpecial FXlight touch bell delay

multiple filter and delay creates long ringing bell-like notes

jim konen KBSpecial FXDuperfeedbacker

Hello, this is a test for a feedbacker type of effect. It is not meant to be perfect, it's more like a layout how a feedbacker could be emulated with GR3, traktor torrent download Archives. It is especially built for users who don'

Kai Lillich KBSpecial FXSfx

back in '91 i had the good fortune to work with a Producer called Ed Buller he worked with Spiritulized and Pulp to name but a few I played bass on a track called Empathise when I was in a band cal

Neil CHAMPION KBSpecial FXHi Ho Silver

Play power chords and the sequencer will simultaneously play a rhythym that somewhat sounds like a horse galloping. If you hold the chord the sound will evolve at the end since I used a slow attack on

Nicholas Bilis KBSpecial FXpitch vibrato

this is my take on the old Boss VB-2 pitch vibrato pedal

Nick Phaneuf BytesSpecial FXGreen Dolphin FX

3 wacky presets for the daring guitarist. I traktor torrent download Archives the B4 Leslie sim and Psychedelay. Have Fun

Per Sviggum KB0Special FXexafunk test

a couple of presets that have been created during QA beta tests of Guitar Rig :-)

Rembert Gantke KB0Special FXHarmonic synth and sweeps

I own the harmonic synth by E.H. and I have a favorite synth setting I translated to the model on GR3. The Gr3 version is alot darker than the original pedal. The sweep presets need the Rig Kontrol e

scott morgan BytesSpecial FXsound fx

sound fx

sven missullis KBSpecial FXBreakin N Scratchin

This is a test file

Thomas Barnow KB0Special FXac30mezone

programmed with rig control 1 and behringer bcr

walter kolbert KBSpecial FXDJ Ashba - (GUNS'N ROSES)

Preset of "DJ Ashba" of Guns 'N Roses! - By Cássio Leandro Freire traktor torrent download Archives BR!

cassio freire KBWorld MusicMusica Ligera - Soda Stereo

Yo progamo el pedal para cambiar los sonidos solamente con el boton traktor torrent download Archives y progresivamente grabo los presets en orden. Estos son los presets: Musica Ligera - Guitarra normal Musica Ligera Solo - El p

Ricardo Gomez KBWorld Musicsitar sound

use your middle pickup and if your pickups are to hot the autofilter "sens" need to be lowered a bit. I got the best sound with strat in the 4th position or the inbetween position.

scott morgan BytesWorld Music
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uTorrent Pro crack is a lightning fast, easy, free, or compact torrent consumer. Today, consumer utorrent  pro for pc is a superlative of the most well known BitTorrent answers. Allowing […]

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Advanced Uninstaller Pro Crack : In this application, user can utilize the gear to totally take away the program that cannot be delete by the Add / Removes agenda. […]

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