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FileZigZag is an email-based free online file converter similar to Zamzar. It also supports document, audio, image, video, and archive file formats. A RAR file has a full name of a WinRAR Compressed Archive and it is is an archive file, like a ZIP, that contains file(s) that have been compressed. This is the Conservatory archive of the MHonArc mail-to-HTML converter. # # MHonArc is written and still actively maintained by Earl Hood.

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6 Best Free RAR to 7Z Converter Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free RAR to 7Z converter software for Windows. Both RAR and 7Z are popular archiving formats that support data encryption, pre-processing, etc., algorithms. In both of these archiving formats, you can enclose data, files, audio, video, etc., files. However, due to compatibility issues with some archiving software, it is sometimes necessary to convert the format of archives. If you want to convert RAR to 7Z, then you can try these converters. Plus, archive conversion between many other archive formats like ZIP, TAR, CAB, etc., can also be performed in most of these converters. The process of conversion is also quite straightforward in these converters. Still, for novice users, I have included the necessary archive conversion steps in the description of each software.

In most converters, you can also create, extract, and extract archives. Plus, support for a large set of archives is offered by these converters such as BZ2, CAB, DMG, GZ, ISO, TAR, YZ1, and more. Before starting the conversion, you can also choose to compress, split, and encrypt archives in some converters. Besides this, you can find some extra features in these software that may come in handy. Through extra or additional features, you can password-protect archives, generate random passwords, repair corrupt archives, and more. Go through the list to know more about these software.

My Favorite RAR to 7Z Converter Software For Windows:

PeaZip is my favorite software because it can convert multiple RAR archives to 7Z format at a time. Plus, it can also convert RAR to many other archiving formats.

You can also check out lists of best free RAR to EXE Converter, 7Z to ZIP Converter, and ZIP to 7Z Converter software for Windows.


PeaZip is a free open source RAR to 7Z converter for Windows, Linux, and BSD. It is also a popular file archiving software through which you can create and extract archives of various formats like ARC, ARJ, BR, BZ2, CAB, DMG, GZ, ISO, and more. Plus, it is capable of batch archive conversion because of which you can convert multiple RAR archives to 7Z format at a time. I also like its output archive adjustment features through which you can specify compression level, compression method, archive split values, etc., before initiating the conversion. Now, follow the below steps to convert RAR to 7Z using this software.

How to convert RAR to 7Z using PeaZip:

  • Launch this software and browse and select one or more RAR archives using its internal file explorer.
  • After that, go to the Convert section and select 7Z from the output format menu and specify final archive parameters like compression level, archive split values, etc.
  • Next, enter the destination location path in the Output field.
  • Lastly, click on the OK button to start the conversion process.

Additional Features:

  • Create Random Password: Using it, you can generate random passwords of different lengths.
  • Password Manager: As its name suggests, it used to store and manage personal passwords.
  • Password Protection: Using it, you can lock archives with a password so that unauthorized users cannot access their data.

Final Thoughts:

It is one of the best free RAR to 7Z converter because it can convert multiple RAR archives to 7Z and other supported formats like ARC, PEA, ZIP, TAR, and more.

Home Page

Download Page


IZArc is a free archiving utility that can also be used as a RAR to 7Z converter software. It works on Windows. Using it, you can convert one RAR archive to 7Z, BH, BZA, TAR, ZIP, etc., formats at a time. Besides this, it also lets you create and extract archives of various formats. In it, you also get many additional features that may come in handy. Now, check out the below steps to convert RAR to 7Z using this converter.

How to convert RAR to 7Z using IZArc:

  • Start this software and go to Tools > Convert Archive section.
  • After that, enter the path of input RAR file in the Input field and enter the destination location path in the Output File field.
  • Next, select the 7Z format from the Output Type menu.
  • In the end, press the OK button to start the conversion.

Additional Features:

  • Encrypt: It is a simple archive encryption feature that uses the AES algorithm to encrypt archives.
  • UnSFX: Using it, you can convert self-extracting archives to standard archive formats.
  • Repair Archive: With its help, you can repair and extract data from corrupt archives.
  • Convert CD Image: Through this feature, you can convert BIN, NRG, MDF, and PDI archives to ISO CD image.

Final Thoughts:

It is another simple to use RAR to 7Z converter that can also be used to create and extract archives.

Home Page

Download Page


TUGZip is another free RAR to 7Z converter software for Windows. It is mainly an archiving utility through which you can create, extract, and open archives. Plus, it offers support for archives of various formats such as ZIP, 7-ZIP, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BH, BZ2, CAB, CPIO, and more. To convert RAR to 7Z, it offers an archive converter that can also convert multiple archives at once. Now, check out the below steps to convert RAR to 7Z using this converter.

How to convert RAR to 7Z using TUGZip:

  • Open the interface of this converter and open up its Archive Converter by going to the Tools tab.
  • Next, press the Add button to browse and load one or more RAR archives.
  • After that, select the 7Z from the target format and hit the Convert button to start the conversion.

Additional Features:

  • Repair Archive: This feature lets you fix the errors of corrupt archives so that you can recover data from them.
  • Multi-Extract: It lets you extract data from multiple archives at once.
  • Encryption: Use it to encrypt sensitive archives so that unauthorized users cannot access them.
  • Self-Extractor: Using it, you can pack data, files, and documents to a self-extracting archive.

Final Thoughts:

It is another capable RAR to 7Z converter that also offers a good set of archive creation and extraction features.

Home Page

Download Page


Bister is a free archive creation and management software for Windows. Using it, you can also convert RAR archives to 7Z, ZIP, and EXE archives. Although, at a time, you can only convert the format of one archive at a time. It also lets you compress and split archives if you want. Another good thing about this software is its ability to preview archive content before the extraction. Now, check out the steps of RAR to 7Z conversion.

How to convert RAR to 7Z using Bister:

  • Start this software and go to Manage > Open Archive option to load a RAR archive.
  • After that, click on the Convert or Encrypt Archive button and select 7Z from the Format menu.
  • Now, specify the destination location path and adjust the archive compression and split archive parameters.
  • Lastly, hit the OK button to start the conversion process.

Additional Features:

  • Encryption: It lets you encrypt archives and their names using the AES bit encryption algorithm.
  • Passwords: It is a dedicated section to store and manage all your personal passwords.

Final Thoughts:

It is a beautifully designed RAR to 7Z converter that can also be used to create and manage multiple archives.

Home Page

Download Page


Zipware is another free archiving software that works as a RAR to 7Z converter. It works on Windows. Like other archiving software, it can create and extract archives of various formats like GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, XZ, DEB, DMG, and more. Now, check out the below steps to convert RAR to 7Z.

How to convert RAR to 7Z using Zipware:

  • Launch this software and press the Open button to load a RAR archive.
  • After that, click on the Convert button to open up the Convert window.
  • Next, select the 7Z format from the Format menu and specify other archive parameters (compression, split archive, etc.).
  • Lastly, provide the destination location path and press the OK button to start the conversion.

Additional Feature:

  • Encryption: Use it to encrypt archives and data through AES or Zipcrypto encryption.

Final Thoughts:

It is another capable RAR to 7Z converter that can also be used to encrypt and create archives.

Home Page

Download Page


ArcConvert is a free open source RAR to 7Z converter software for Windows. As its name implies, it is an archive converter software that can convert archives of various formats such as LHA, TAR, YZ1, TAR GZ, and more. In it, you also get an archive check (to check archives for error) and priority (to set the priority of the conversion) features that you can adjust before starting the conversion process.

How to convert RAR to 7Z using ArcConvert:

  • Start this converter and press the Open Archive button to load a RAR archive.
  • Next, check the archive and set the conversion priority (Normal, Idle, High, etc.).
  • Now, choose the 7-ZIP format from the Convert to menu.
  • Lastly, press the Convert button to start the RAR to 7Z conversion.

Additional Feature:

  • Password for extract: In it, you can enter the correct password of a password-protected archive to start its extraction process.

Final Thoughts:

It is a straightforward RAR to 7Z converter that anyone can use without much hassle.

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RAR Converter

rar converter

A RAR file has a full name of a WinRAR Compressed Archive and it is is an archive file, like a ZIP, that contains file(s) that have been compressed. It was originally developed in by Eugene Roshal who was a Russian software engineer. It has greater compression to other compression file formats such as ZIP and 7z and it also has strong inbuilt file encryption. RAR files are usually created by WinRAR which is an encryption and archiving tool for Windows. RAR files are often used when users want to send file(s) that are large in size. RAR files can only be opened by a limited number of programs. These include WinRAR, Corel WinZip and B1 Free Archiver.

Cloud Based

Zamzar is a cloud-based conversion tool, which means you can convert your file from anywhere, providing you have a working internet connection!


All of our hardware runs in world-class, highly secure data centres utilizing state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.

Ease of Use

No need to sign up to use our service. Instead, simply upload your file, choose what you wish to convert it into and let our servers do the rest.


We recognise that you have entrusted Zamzar with your files and your personal information, and handling your data is a serious responsibility; we want you to know how we go about doing that. Our privacy policy can be read here.

You're in good company:
Zamzar has converted over million files since

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The 7 Best Free Online File Converters for Your Formatting Needs

By Sandy WrittenhouseUpdated


Whether it's PDF to DOC, JPG to BMP, or MP3 to WAV all your documents, images, audio, and video files can be converted easily.

A file you receive may not be in the format you want it to be. But don't worry as you can convert formats like PDF to DOC, JPG to BMP, or MP3 to WAV, documents, images, audio, and video files with ease.

Each of these free online services is ideal because they provide various types of file conversions in one spot. You do not have to bookmark several sites to cover the most common kinds of conversions or those you need most often.

Pick any tool from this list and don't let your work stall.

1. mlbjerseyschina.us

Before you even try your first file conversion on mlbjerseyschina.us, you can quickly check for supported file types. In the small box on the top right, pop in the file types to convert to and from.

Hit Go and see if the site supports what you need. Then, when you are ready to go, you can choose from audio, video, image, document, ebook, or archive converter right on the main page.

Select your target format from the drop-down box in the applicable section. You will land on a new page where you can browse for your file, enter its URL, or upload it from your cloud storage service. Click Convert File to finish.

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As a bonus, mlbjerseyschina.us offers a hash generator on the home page.

2. ConvertFiles

ConvertFiles is another simple option that covers a variety of input and output file formats. Browse for your file or enter its URL to get started. Select your formats from the document, drawing, presentation, ebook, video, image, archive, or audio types.

If you upload your file, the input method may populate in the correct format automatically if it is easily detected. Next, you can mark the checkbox to have a direct link emailed to you or simply hit the Convert button to grab your file right away.

When the conversion is complete, click the link provided to obtain your new file. And if you are looking for a specific yet rare file type, you can review all of ConvertFiles' supported formats.

Related: How to Convert Linux PDF File to Text Document

3. Convertio

To convert files quickly from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a URL, check out Convertio. Snag your file and then choose your conversion type from an image, document, ebook, presentation, or vector format.

What's nice about Convertio is that you can convert multiple files at once by clicking the Add More Files button. And you can save your converted files to Dropbox or Google Drive if you like.

Related: How to Convert Multiple Images into a Single PDF

Click the Convert button when you are ready, and you can see the progress of the conversion along with the file size. Then, hit that Download button for each converted file. You can also download a ZIP file containing all of your conversions, which is another handy feature.

4. Zamzar

Zamzar supports over 1, file conversion types for almost any need. You can review the popular conversion kinds right on the main page if you want to be certain before you start.

Then, browse for your file or enter its URL and choose the output format. You can pick from image, document, music, video, ebook, compressed, or preset video options.

Zamzar works a bit differently than the other converters in that you must enter an email address to obtain your new file. The site also offers an inbox to manage your files with a paid account. If you do not mind using your email address to receive your file, or even prefer it, take a look at Zamzar.

5. FileZigZag

FileZigZag is an email-based free online file converter similar to Zamzar. It also supports document, audio, image, video, and archive file formats.

ust upload your file, select the output format, enter your email address, and click Convert. When you receive the email, follow the link to obtain your converted file. After your file is converted, FileZigZag offers a few options to review before you head over to your inbox.

You can delete the file from their server (which is stored for three days), upload the converted file to your cloud storage, or convert the source file or converted file to a different type. Again, if you like having an email with a link to your file, FileZigZag is a good free service.

6. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert supports a whopping 8, conversion combinations. So, if you have an uncommon one, this is the site to visit. You can add up to five files to convert at once, just note that they must be the same file type.

Once you upload your file, the output format box will adjust automatically with suggested formats. Click Convert when it is ready, and then get your file with a click on Download.

With FreeFileConvert, you can convert archive, document, ebook, audio, image, presentation, vector, CAD, and font file formats. And, by clicking one of these supported types on the home page, you can quickly review all file formats available.

7. mlbjerseyschina.us

It doesn't get much easier to convert a file online at no charge than with mlbjerseyschina.us Click the Choose File button to upload your file, select the file type you want to convert to, and hit Start Converting. Then, grab the converted file from your download location.

mlbjerseyschina.us offers conversions for audio, video, images, and documents. There's also an Others category if you need to convert an ebook file like EPUB or MOBI, or you can look at the other uncommon types of files. You can see all of these kinds of conversions along the right side of the Home page under All file types and converters.

Be sure to check out the site's additional tools for compressing a PDF or video, creating a GIF, and merging PDFs.

Pick Your Free Online File Converter

With so many types of file conversions, from the common to the rare, having one tool to handle them all is the perfect solution. Each of these free conversion tool offers something a little different from the rest, so be sure to save the one that covers all your needs.

In fact, the use of file conversion has become so pervasive in our daily and professional lives that now, even the Android platform supports a dearth of conversion apps for our convenience.

The 6 Best Android File Conversion Apps

These great file conversion apps for Android let you convert documents, images, music, and other file formats on your phone.

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sympa-community / MHonArc Public

############################################################################## # # # This is the Conservatory archive of the MHonArc mail-to-HTML converter. # # MHonArc is written and still actively maintained by Earl Hood. Because # # his CVS repository is currently not publicly accessible, we've created # # this Conservatory Git repository. However, if you have bug reports or # # other questions, please bring them to mlbjerseyschina.us # # # # The Conservatory (mlbjerseyschina.us) is a place where # # free software that has no other public version-controlled home on the # # Internet is made available in a git repository. For MHonArc, we used # # mlbjerseyschina.us as a list of all the historical # # releases available, and found whatever release packages we could on the # # Internet. We have committed each upstream release package as one git # # revision, starting from an early zipfile from We were not # # able to find every release, however. We would happily rebuild the git # # repository to include more releases as people find them. # # # # This README is the only file we've changed from upstream, and the only # # change we made was to add this note. Below is the original content of # # the README file. # # # ############################################################################## README for MHonArc v <mlbjerseyschina.us> Copyright (C) Earl Hood, mhonarc(AT)mlbjerseyschina.us USING/COPYING MHonArc is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The rules for using and copying MHonArc are explained in the file COPYING. If you cannot agree to the conditions of the GPL but still want to use/copy the program, you must contact the author of MHonArc, mhonarc(AT)mlbjerseyschina.us, about arranging an alternative license. SUMMARY MHonArc is a Perl program for converting mail or news messages into HTML archives. It can also be used to convert individual messages into HTML documents. Other capabilities include robust MIME support and powerful user customization features. FILE CONTENTS ACKNOWLG Thanks to people BUGS Bug history CHANGES Revision history of MHonArc COPYING GNU General Public License FILELIST File listing used by mlbjerseyschina.us INSTALL Instructions on how to install MHonArc README The file you are reading RELNOTES Release notes for MHonArc (PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALL) TODO TODO list for MHonArc development (probably not complete) contrib/ Contributed programs doc/ Documentation for MHonArc examples/ Example files for use with MHonArc extras/ Extra programs for use with MHonArc (See extras/README) mlbjerseyschina.us Installation program for MHonArc lib/ MHonArc libraries logo/ MHonArc images mha-dbedit* Modify database without regenerating pages mha-dbrecover* Rebuild database from HTML message pages mha-decode* MIME message decoder mhonarc* The MHonArc program INSTALLATION Please read RELNOTES, or load doc/mlbjerseyschina.us into your favorite web client, before installing MHonArc for any news about compatibility with previous versions and/or important usage information. Read the file INSTALL, or load doc/mlbjerseyschina.us into your favorite web client, for instructions on how to install MHonArc. DOCUMENTATION Documentation for MHonArc is located in the doc/ directory. The main documentation for MHonArc is in multiple HTML files. Load mlbjerseyschina.us in the doc/ directory into your Web browser to get started. MAILING LIST A MHonArc mailing list exists to provide a general discussion forum for users and developers. The list is the main source for the latest news about MHonArc. To subscribe to the mailing list, send mail to majordomo@mlbjerseyschina.us with the text, subscribe mhonarc-users as the message body. More information about MHonArc mailing lists, include web-accessible archives, is provided in doc/mlbjerseyschina.us BUGS/COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS? If you have any comments and suggestions about MHonArc, you may send mail to the MHonArc mailing list, <mailto:mhonarc-users@mlbjerseyschina.us>, or to the author at <mailto:mhonarc(AT)mlbjerseyschina.us> if you are not subscribed to the list. NOTE: The author of MHonArc *IS* subscribed to the list so there is no need to carbon-copy the author. See doc/mlbjerseyschina.us for bug information and how to submit bug reports. DONATIONS If you are so inclined, feel free to send the author a donation if you feel guilty on using a program that that cost you nothing, but some poor soul sweated over. The author is more than happy to provide address information to prospective donors inorder to ease their conscience. Plus, requests from donors are more likely to get more timely responses ;-) and help insure the continued development of the program. The author can be reached at mhonarc(AT)mlbjerseyschina.us Earl Hood, mhonarc(AT)mlbjerseyschina.us $Date: /04/22 $
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3-Heights® Document Converter - the enterprise server solution

Watched file folders■Watched Email folders (via IMAP)■GUI Client■Shell Extension for Windows Explorer■Command Line Tool■Programming Interface (API)■MS Word / Outlook Add-Ins■Web-service IIS■.NET Plugin■VB Script Plugin■Added Value FunctionsOptional Text Recognition (OCR)***■Merge PDF Files■Conformance Validation■Digital Signature■Encryption■Fast Web Viewing■File compression■Embedding of Metadata■Stamping■Document Pre-processing■XSL Transformations■Input FormatsMS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio*■Open Office, Libre Office*■Email [with attachments(*)] (MSG, EML, MIME)**■Plain Text (ASCII, UNICODE), WordPerfect■PDF■Image Formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, JB2, JP2, JPX, PBM■Nestet Containers: ZIP, TAR, RAR■Websites: URL■HTML■Custom specific extensions: e.g. CAD■Output FormatsTIFF V6, TIFF JPEG TN2■PDF ■PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b■DF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u■PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b, PDF/A-3u■ZIP-Archives (TIFF or PDF or PDF/A)■PlatformsWindows Server (Windows Server or higher)■Windows Client (Windows 7 or higher)□Performance and MaintenanceNumber of clientsunlimitedDispatcher Service■Number of Worker Sessions (scale up)1 to nDistributed Worker Sessions / Multiple Servers (scale out)1 to nWindows Terminal Server Sessions■Monitoring■
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+ Formats Supported

CloudConvert is your Swiss army knife for file conversions. We support nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats. Plus, you can use our online tool without downloading any software.

Data Security

CloudConvert has been trusted by our users and customers since its founding in No one except you will ever have access to your files. We earn money by selling access to our API, not by selling your data. Read more about that in our Privacy Policy.

High-Quality Conversions

Besides using open source software under the hood, we’ve partnered with various software vendors to provide the best possible results. Most conversion types can be adjusted to your needs such as setting the quality and many other options.

Powerful API

Our API allows custom integrations with your app. You pay only for what you actually use, and there are huge discounts for high-volume customers. We provide a lot of handy features such as full Amazon S3 integration. Check out the API documentation.

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ICA Records in Contexts (ICA RiC, abbreviated to RiC in this article) is the ICA’s new archival description standard, developed by EGAD (Expert Group on Archival Description).

  • RiC-O Illustration Conference
  • RiC-O conference Illustration

This standard, which is still in draft form, will ultimately combine and replace the four existing international archival description standards that were published between and (ISAD(G): ISAAR(CPF), ISDF and ISDIAH). It will provide an overarching framework adapted to changes in the profession and digital technologies. With this standard, better allowance can be made for the highly complex nature of archives and their history and for the numerous contextual layers inherent in archival collections.

First of all, RiC consists of an abstract conceptual model (RIC-CM). This model targets the profession and clarifies notions specific to the archival community. RiC-CM sets these notions out along similar lines to those used by other professional communities( 1). Using this model, the archival community will be able to communicate with other communities on clearly defined bases and to work with them to develop real interoperability for cultural data.

The second part of RiC (RiC-O) is an ontology, in other words a formal, technical representation of RiC-CM, consisting of a file setting out the vocabulary to be used and the rules to apply to digital archival metadata conforming to RiC-CM and having the form of RDF datasets publishable as linked or semantic web data. The relationship between RiC-O and RiC-CM is somewhat similar to that between XML/EAD and ICA ISAD(G)( 2).

Practical requirements for adopting RiC-O

Adopting RiC-O will call for a certain number of specific skills: familiarity with XML and RDF technologies (e.g. SPARQL query language), web ontology language (OWL), and at least basic knowledge of the technical solutions for storing, managing and publishing RDF datasets: RDF databases or triple stores. These are skillsets that do not always form part of archival studies curricula, even though archival professionals are increasingly familiar with at least some of these notions. To use RiC-O on a general or more limited basis within an institution, it will therefore be necessary to call on the services of experts with systems engineering profiles, specialising in web technologies and knowledge engineering.

This may all seem fraught with difficulties. But their will be significant benefits, from the degree of precision of the data obtained to the potential for establishing links with the data of other institutions, plus access to collections and the ability to make repeated use of the same data.

The example of French National Archives (ANF)

ANF archival lcollection users currently have to browse a number of unconnected websites and databases when conducting their research. The online catalogue is admittedly the main point of entry, but the many relationships between the objects described (mainly documents and their creators) are completely unpollable. Users cannot poll the system on a blanket basis for information about an individual (who?), a place (where?) or a subject (what?).

With RiC it is possible to represent an archival collection, all the documents that it includes, the people that produced it or that it concerns, the places involved, etc. in the form of a graph of interconnected entities. Each of the entities on the graph will then be a potential point of entry for the end user. In addition, some of these entities are known by institutions other than ANF and can therefore become access keys to the data contained in several different information systems. The result is descriptions in the form of multidimensional and dynamic graphs.

To begin with, we wanted to check this concept by demonstrating its validity via a small subset of our archival finding aids and authority controls. This produced the PIAAF prototype put on line in February , and developed in partnership with BnF and SIAF. With this, we were able to demonstrate the feasibility of converting existing data into RDF according to RiC-O and to highlight the advantages of graphic archival metadata displays. Not only were the results obtained of high quality but we were also able to recognise the improvement this solution offers in terms of accuracy and search possibilities.

We have therefore decided to move to a much larger scale and make far more systematic use of this solution by acquiring the RiC-O Converter as ANF’s first software building block.

What changes will there be as a result of RiC-O Converter?

RiC-O Converter software has been designed to convert the ANFEAD finding aids and EAC-CPF r authority records into RDF datasets compliant with RiC-O. We were able to complete this project in with funding received from the Ministry of Culture, which supports initiatives of French cultural institutions wishing to explore semantic web possibilities. We worked in close association with Sparna and its founder, Thomas Francart, an expert in semantic technologies.

Using RiC-O Converter, we have now successfully converted all our ANF finding aides and authority records into RDF format datasets compliant with RiC-O. And, of course, we can carry out further conversions whenever necessary, for example when major updates occur in our set of metadata.

RiC-O Converter also brought to light a number of quality issues (lack of precision, bad use of the EAD format, etc.) in our metadata, of which we would probably have otherwise remained unaware. Work on the conversion project was therefore a contributory factor in drawing up an overall quality enhancement programme.

We have now also embarked on a process of fleshing out and standardising our authority records and reference data ( 3) as a means of pooling all the contextual descriptive data mentioned earlier.

Will everybody have access to the RiC-O Converter?

RiC-O Converter is very easy to use, even for the uninitiated.

We have developed this system for the ANF, while also bearing in mind its potential uses for all archival institutions or any other bodies with EAD format finding aids and/or EAC-CPF recordsl interested in using web data technologies, insofar as their metadata is compliant with the RiC standard. This is why we have opted for a free software. Anyone will therefore be able to use this software and to adapt its code for their own purposes.

What still has to be done before users will actually be affected by these changes?

RiC-O Converter is only one stage in a much bigger, more extensive process.

Schema Ric-0 EN

While it is good to have full sets of RDF archival metadata, it is still necessary to develop tools for performing queries and visualising this data. ANF does not yet have an interface of this type, even though we have started to consider our options to figure out the next stages in the process.

The ALEGORIA (mlbjerseyschina.us) research project, in which we are involved, develops an innovative search interface for aerial photo collections with RiC-O ontology as the main metadata reference model for this project. And we have also been able to draw inspiration from interfaces that are technically comparable, such as mlbjerseyschina.us, based on an ontology compliant with IFLA LRM.

We also need to consider how these semantic building blocks can be included in the existing ANF information system. One particular need is that of finding a means of updating RDF datasets when colleagues make changes to the original data in the systems they use in their work.

How can the international archiving community be of assistance?

First and foremost, by letting us know what it thinks of RiC!

In December , ICA’s EGAD Expert Group published working versions of the conceptual model and ontology, inviting comments from the archiving community as a prelude to launching further projects.

The EGAD working party is planning to publish Version of RiC-CM and RiC-O this summer, to give reference status to these comprehensive stable versions developed in conjunction with the archival community. It goes without saying that RiC will continue to evolve. We nevertheless hope that these standards will form the basis for major projects, such as portals, which will probably be the case with the international SNAC portal (Social Networks and Archival Context.)

Florence Clavaud, General curator, head of the Office of Authority records and Vocabularies at the French National Archives Executive member of ICA EGAD Lead of RiC-O development team

Note(1) for example, IFLA LRM, the conceptual bibliographical reference model published in see mlbjerseyschina.us (return to text)

Note(2) EAD is currently in widespread use throughout the world, especially in French archives and as an exchange format for portals such as Archives Portal Europe. This DTD or schema defines the vocabulary and the rules to apply for producing digital archival finding aids according to ICA ISAD(G) and using XML (return to text)

Note(3) Controlled vocabularies, information about people and places, etc. (return to text)


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