Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Download For Windows & Office [2021]

What is Microsoft Toolkit

What is Microsoft Toolkit

The process known as Microsoft Toolkit belongs to software Microsoft Toolkit by unknown. Description: Microsoft Toolkit.exe is not essential for the Windows OS. The Windows Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services. It simplifies and demonstrates common. Microsoft Toolkit is an official application specially made for the Windows machines, which are free of charge. The latest version of the software can use. What is Microsoft Toolkit

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How to activate Windows 10 Using MS toolkit 2017(all Editions)

Microsoft Toolkit is the latest version of the software that is used to activate Microsoft products such as Windows and MS Office, It is the alternative to KMSPico Activator it works almost the same What is Microsoft Toolkit has several new functions. This is the best tool Jogos de Estilizado de Graça para Baixar activate any Windows such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and also Windows XP.

This doesn’t help you in activating Windows only, but you can also activate Microsoft office. It is a 100% safe and secure activator on the internet.

It doesn’t consist of any type of malware and virus you can activate it without any problem.
We will discuss the features of Microsoft Toolkit below and also will guide you on how to download and also install it on your computer.

NameMicrosoft Toolkit
Size66 MB
Last updated1 day ago

What is Microsoft Toolkit


There are many windows and office activators are available on the internet but most of them have the virus and many of them don’t work properly. When you activate your windows by using other activators there are most chances to have Trojans in it.

Some of them activate your windows for only a few months after that time period it will ask you again to activate it. It is a very annoying thing which everyone faces almost.

Microsoft Toolkit is the best activator to Express VPN 10.9.3 Crack With Activation Code 2021 damaging your computer and it will activate all the versions of windows from 10 to XP, It will activate your Microsoft product permanently you don’t need to activate it again and again after some time period.

This tool is also known as the EZ Activator which was later changed name to Microsoft Toolkit.  This works almost the same as the KMSPico it also creates a KMS Server in which this tool removes the original license of the Windows and replaces it with an auto-generated one.

The activator works on both 32bit and on What is Microsoft Toolkit processors respectively. The best thing is that you don’t need any internet connection to use this tool it works totally offline.

System Requirements

This is the list that Microsoft Toolkit requires to be installed on every computer to work smoothly. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher is required. It Works Both on 32bit and 64bit.

 Operating Systems  Office 2006-2016  Server 
Windows 10Word2008 All Versions
Windows 8.1Microsoft Excel2012 All Versions
Windows 8PowerPointServer 2012
Windows 7Access2012 R2
Windows VistaOutlook10 Server
Windows XPProfessional Plus

Download Microsoft Toolkit Latest Version

Have you read all the features? Want to download this awesome activator to activate your windows and Microsoft office.

Download Microsoft Toolkit

If yes then let’s now move to the download links also if you don’t know how to download from our website then you can follow my guide to download the correct file.

  • First, click on the download button which is provided above.
  • Now you will be redirected to the Mediafire website.
  • There you will see another download button click on that button.
  • Now wait for a few seconds and your download will start automatically.
  • Download time varies Inovative Logic Crosstrainer II v4.5.7 English by EViDENCE your internet speed.

That’s it now you have successfully downloaded Microsoft Toolkit on your computer.

After downloading you will get a zip file don’t extract it yet because first, you need to disable your antivirus (if you have installed any) or disable Real-Time Protection in Windows 10.

If your antivirus is activated then after extracting the file it will be deleted (Not because it’s a virus but because it activates the windows and that’s why Microsoft Company blacklisted it.

Don’t worry your PC is still safe and it will never damage or steal your data it’s 100% secure). After installing and activating windows you can activate it again.

Active Windows Using Microsoft Toolkit

If you haven’t read my above guides then first read them and then follow this guide to avoid making any mistakes during activating.

Let’s go to the steps:

Step 1: First open the Microsoft Toolkit and you will see the Toolkit windows appeared, What is Microsoft Toolkit. Now from the toolkit, you Bosch esitronic crack serial keygen see there is a WindowsLogo below just click on that icon.


Step 2: A new window will pop-up with many options included. From there click on the EZ Activator. This process will take a few seconds to complete.


Step 3: After that, you can see a message window saying Windows is activated.


This way your windows will be activated permanently. To check windows activation Right Click on My Computer> Properties> from there you can see Windows Status is activated.

Activate Microsoft Office Using Toolkit

Activating MS Office is a little bit different from activating Windows. All process is almost the same but there are only one or two steps are changed.

Let’s now move to the step by step guide to activate Microsoft Office:

Open Microsoft Toolkit from a desktop or by going to the Start menu and then searching for Microsoft Toolkit.

After that, you can see there is an Office logo next to Windows. Click on the Office logo and you will see a new pop-up window.


From that What is Microsoft Toolkit menu, you just need to click on EZ Activator.


Now wait for a few seconds and the system will automatically activate your Office. You will then see a message appears “Office is Activated“.


That’s all, this way you can activate any version of Windows or any version of Microsoft Office.

Temporary Disable Antivirus

If you don’t know how to disable your antivirus temporarily then here I am telling you how you can do it.

I am going to tell you only some most famous and most usable Anti-Virus if you can’t find the software which you use then you must google it.

Temporarily Disable Avast

If you are using Avast Anti-Virus on your computer then follow these steps to disable it.

  1. Right-click on the Avast system tray icon (Located in the taskbar).
  2. Now click on Avast! Shields Control.
  3. Then you can see a new window appears. In those windows, you can see StreamingStar URL Helper v3.1 crack serial keygen options to disable Avast such as, disable for 5 minutes, disable for 30 minutes even until reboot or permanently. Choose disable until next boot.
  4. That’s it. It is now disabled.

Temporary Disable Avira

For Avira Users follow these steps.

  1. Go to the taskbar and you will see an Open Umbrella icon.
  2. Right-click on that icon and then untick Antivirus Guard Enable.
  3. Now you will see that the Umbrella is closed which means it is disabled now.
  4. After windows activation, you again need to right-click on Closed Umbrella icon and then tick on AntiVir Guard Enable.

Temporary Disable Norton (By Symantec)

Norton Antivirus users follow this guide to turn off the protection shield temporarily.

  • Move your cursor to the taskbar and then right-click on Norton Icon.
  • Now you will see some options. Click on Disable Auto-Protect.
  • A new window will appear and ask you for a time. Choose 15 to 30 minutes and then click on “OK”
  • You will then see a warning pop-up that protection is disabled (just ignore it).

These are some simple steps to disable antivirus from third-party providers but if you are running windows 10 then the steps are different. Read my below guide to disable Windows 10 antivirus.

Temporary Disable Windows 10 AntiVirus

To disable AntiVirus in Windows 10 follows the below steps:

First, look for the Microsoft Security Essentials icon in the taskbar and right-click on it and click on Open.

Now click on the Home icon located on the left side.

From there you can see Virus & Threat Protection just click on that.


Again you can see there is a Virus & Threat What is Microsoft Toolkit Settings option. Open that and from there Turn Off Real-Time Protection and Cloud-Delivered Protection.


Now MSE is disabled until you reboot your laptop/computer.

After disabling antivirus now just extract the Microsoft Toolkit and install it normally. It will be installed on your computer within a few minutes.

When it’s installed now you need to follow my guide to activate your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office properly.


  • Added an option in which you can see the version of architecture and Microsoft Office in the customize tab.
  • Added more check options to add languages for better language filters.
  • Fixed bug when AutoKMS no longer activates and displays an error when there are no KMS keys installed.
  • Scheduled tasks are now retained on the last run date.
  • Fixed bug when customising the setup failed when Spotify Premium account crack serial keygen are not lowercase in file extensions.
  • TAP drivers are Updated.
  • And many several bugs fixed.


As I have mentioned that it is a Windows and MS office activator you can imagine by yourself what features can this bring for you.

If What is Microsoft Toolkit are still confused and want to know the features of this awesome activator then you must need to read my features list below. I have mentioned all the major features of activator which everyone should know before using it.


Read this below list to know What is Microsoft Toolkit the latest versions, the Microsoft Toolkit developer added the feature to activate windows standalone which means now you don’t need to have an internet connection to activate your Windows.

The versions which support offline activation are 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 series. If you are running an old version of this windows activator then it will ask you to have a proper internet connection to activate Windows. Series which doesn’t support offline activation is 2.4, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, and 2.4.3.

This amazing activator doesn’t only activate Windows but also activates Microsoft Office.

It means now you don’t need to install two activators to activate windows and office separately. it supports all windows and Microsoft versions such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, even supports Windows XP.

Also, it supports MS office 360, 2016, 2013, 2012 and the list continues.

If you have used other activators then you must know that almost all of them activate Windows only for a certain time. After that time period ends your windows automatically deactivate and you have to activate it again to use its all features.

But using Microsoft Toolkit now you don’t need to activate it again and again once you activate it will be active for a lifetime.

The best thing about that is it supports both the 32bit and 64bit systems. This means you don’t need to find and download separate files for the separate processor. Just download this toolkit and you are ready to go

The dual activation modules mean that it has two activation systems to activate windows and ms office. Either you can use it EZ Activator or you can activate it by using Auto KMS modules.

This is the best thing and it saves time and space for those who love EZ Activator and also for those who love KMSAuto.

Microsoft Toolkit guarantees that it will activate your windows and it will be 100% genuine.

They don’t activate windows through the pirated keys or server they activate it by using the What is Microsoft Toolkit Server which is officially announced by the Microsoft Company.

It What is Microsoft Toolkit a very useful feature that allows its users to know about windows activation. The What is Microsoft Toolkit will send you a live Push Notification when your windows or office is activated.

Yes, of course, this amazing windows activator is 100% free if you see a website that asks money for it you can simply report on that. Also, it is tested by the Virus Total and they didn’t find any virus or Trojans included.

I am also using this activator to activate my Windows and I never face any such problem. Even there is no one on the internet who claims that it is infected by the virus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


After reading this many of you must be thinking something, maybe someone has doubts and some questions according to Microsoft Toolkit. So, in this section,

I have written some most frequently asked questions which everyone wants to ask or even searching for the answers on the internet.

Check this FAQs List below:

Q1) Is it safe to activate windows from Microsoft Toolkit?

Yes, What is Microsoft Toolkit, of course, activating windows from Microsoft Toolkit is 100% safe and secure. I have mentioned this above you can check in the features section.

Q2) After activating Windows can I uninstall Microsoft Toolkit?

Sure, you can uninstall it right after activating your windows and office. It won’t deactivate your windows, So don’t worry about that.

Q3) When I install Microsoft Toolkit can I activate my AntiVirus?

Yes, you can activate your Antivirus again after installing the Activator.

Q4) I have activated my windows but after few times I installed a new window, should I need to activate it again?

Of course, when you install a fresh window it deletes all your system files including keys that were used to activate it. After new windows installation, you must reactivate it by following the above process


After reading all the features of this great Microsoft Toolkit Windows and Office Activator you just fell in love.

This is just an amazing activator with that many features. I haven’t seen any other activator who provides the same features as Microsoft Toolkit.

 If any activator gives you those features but they will demand you for the money this is the reason why What is Microsoft Toolkit recommend this amazing activator to everyone.

You should try it at least once and I am pretty sure you will use it every time when you try to activate windows or office. I am personally using this activator and I always activate my Microsoft Products using this DraftSight Full Crack Archives the end, What is Microsoft Toolkit, I would like to say that if you really love my article or you find it helpful then please share it with your friends and let them know about this activator.

Also, bookmark my website so you never missed an Updated Version of this tool.

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Introduction to the MVVM Toolkit

  • 2 minutes to read

The package (aka MVVM Toolkit) is a modern, fast, and modular MVVM library. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit and is built around the following principles:

  • Platform and Runtime Independent - .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET 5 🚀 (UI Framework Agnostic)
  • Simple to pick-up and use - No strict requirements on Application structure or coding-paradigms (outside of 'MVVM'ness), i.e., flexible usage.
  • À la carte - Freedom to choose which components to use.
  • Reference Implementation - Lean and performant, providing implementations for interfaces that are included in the Base Class Library, but lack concrete types to use them directly.

This package targets .NET Standard so it can be used on any app platform: UWP, WinForms, WPF, Xamarin, Uno, What is Microsoft Toolkit, and more; and on any runtime: .NET Native. NET Core. NET Framework, or Mono, What is Microsoft Toolkit. It runs on all of them. The API surface is identical in all cases, making it perfect for building shared libraries.

Additionally, the MVVM Toolkit also has a .NET 5 target, which is used to enable more internal optimizations when running in on the .NET 5 runtime. The public API surface is identical in both cases, What is Microsoft Toolkit, so NuGet will always resolve the best possible version of the package without consumers having to worry about which APIs will be available on their platform.

To install the package from within Visual Studio:

  1. In Solution Explorer, What is Microsoft Toolkit, right-click on the project and select Manage NuGet Packages, What is Microsoft Toolkit. Search for Microsoft.Toolkit.Mvvm and install it.

    NuGet Packages

  2. Add a using or Imports directive to use the new APIs:

  3. Code samples are available in the other docs pages for the MVVM Toolkit, and in the unit tests for the project.

When should I use this package?

Use this package for access to a collection of standard, self-contained, lightweight types that provide a starting implementation for building modern apps using the MVVM pattern. These types alone are usually enough for many users to build apps without needing additional external references.

The included types are:

This package aims to offer as much flexibility as possible, so developers are free to choose which components to use. All types are loosely-coupled, so that it's only necessary to include what you use. There is no requirement to go "all-in" with a specific series of all-encompassing APIs, nor is there a set of mandatory patterns What is Microsoft Toolkit need to be followed when building apps using these helpers. Combine these building blocks in a way that best fits your needs.

Additional resources

  • Check out the sample app (for multiple UI frameworks) to see the MVVM Toolkit in action.
  • You can also find more examples in the unit tests.
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Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Windows 10 and Office Activator – Free Download

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 is the office toolkit for any windows computer that is free and it is a set of tools that helps you manage, license, deploy, and activate all Microsoft Office programs, as well as Microsoft Windows in general. It does support all editions of Microsoft Windows (windows 10, windows 8.1 windows 8, windows 7) as well. If you run Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) on your computer, you should look into this software. Microsoft Toolkit will help you make your Microsoft Office packages run better if they are copied or pirated versions of the original.
screenshot of Microsoft toolkit

  • Temporary disable your Anti-Virus and Windows defender protection. (Some of virus guard will never allow MS Toolkit to modify system What is Microsoft Toolkit and activate any Microsoft product!)
  • Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 From Here. Mirror-2 Mirror-3
  • Download Microsoft Toolkit

  • FIle PASSWORD IS “123”
  • Unzip and install.
  • Choose the product you want to get activated and wait a few seconds.
  • Restart your PC and enjoy a fully activated Office/Windows.

For Windows 10 Users

windows 10 settings for microsoft toolkit

May 2016 Update:


chrome settings

Windows defender now blocks Microsoft Toolkit. If you experience this problem, please disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection to download Microsoft Toolkit!

Windows 10 activation is now supported. Home, Pro and Enterprise versions are fully supported, What is Microsoft Toolkit. Also  you don’t need to worry about Windows updates. Our tool will take care of them. Enjoy !


Microsoft Toolkit is known as Office 2010 Toolkit’ and ‘EZ-Activator’, What is Microsoft Toolkit, this new version includes Office ToolkitWindows Toolkit and Office Uninstaller for, it allows to activate Microsoft Windows 10, activate or uninstall Microsoft Office What is Microsoft Toolkit products completely with one click!

Supported Microsoft Products

Windows (Home, Pro, Enterprise)Office (2003~2016)
Windows Vista (All Editions)Access
Windows Server 2008 (All Editions)Excel
Windows 7 (All Editions)InfoPath
Windows 7 Embedded (3 Editions)OneNote
Windows Server 2008 R2 (7 Editions)Outlook
Windows 8 (10 Editions)PowerPoint
Windows 8 Embedded (2 Editions)Professional Plus
Windows Server 2012 (4 Editions)Project Professional
Windows 8.1 (10 Editions)Visio Professional
Windows 8.1 Embedded (3 Editions)Word
Windows Server 2012 R2 (4 Editions)Lync
Windows 10 (3 Editions)Publisher
Windows 10 Server (1 Edition)… and more

Why the toolkit?

Microsoft toolkit is a combination of all activators. Auto KMS and What is Microsoft Toolkit activator modules are built in to provide a perfect activation algorithm. Also toolkit support manually call activation system. What you have to do is click phone button and get the 12 digit code and call Microsoft through Skype. Then provide the code which is getting from the toolkit. As I mention above this tool is 2 in one software, yes you can activate up to 8.1 and up to MS office 2013. What you have to do is select first what activator do you need. That’s all. For the all activation information please see below description.
Compare with other activators toolkit beat all of them, What is Microsoft Toolkit, because toolkit has special validation module validate your activation. Any other activators do not provide that. 2nd option is user selected. Before the activation process user must select an activation method. There are two activation method Auto KMS and EZ activator. If you are a windows lover you should know What is Microsoft Toolkit KMS developers, What is Microsoft Toolkit. They are number one server base activation provider in the world. EZ activator module developed by DAZ team. Same team developed windows loader. So now you can get an idea about how cool this application is.

screenshot of microsoft toolkit 2.5.1

Office activation (Office Toolkit/Activator)

When you run the Microsoft toolkit make sure you click the MS office logo. The other vice activation process will fail. In the next window click EZ activator. (My personal recommendation). Wait until complete the process. After confirmation message open MS office products.

Offline and online

The Microsoft toolkit 2.6.7 (latest version) doesn’t want to access internet to complete the activation. But 2.4 versions such as 2.4.1, 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 are not supporting the offline module system. Make sure download 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 version if you need offline activation

Features of Microsoft toolkit

  • Two in one activation
  • Two in one is one tool do two work which is activate MS windows 8.1 and MS office.
  • Offline and Online activator modules.
  • Lifetime activation
  • 64-bit system support
  • Any windows and MS office version support
  • 100% clean and virus free
  • Auto KMS and EZ activator modules


This will harm my PC?

Absolutely not, this tool cannot harm your PC. Including software and hardware. If you are not sure you can use virus total for the check. Our tool use silent install modules and best algorithms.

How long the activation stays?

First of all I need to tell you this software not like the other fake activators which are you can find on the internet. The Microsoft toolkit provides lifetime genuine activation. You can use your windows or MS office 2 -3 years without facing errors.

Do I need an internet connection?

No internet requirement is optional. What is Microsoft Toolkit best result will be received if client Antivirus Archives - Malik Softs an internet connection. However the toolkit automatically detect your internet connection and automatically choose what module suitable to your pc.

what QuickBooks 2020 patch Archives the alternative activator forMicrosoft Toolkit?

Well, Daz team has dozens of projects that help to activate windows. according to them the best alternative product for the Microsoft Toolkit is KMSPico. Microsoft Toolkit has all functions and features same as MStoolkit.

Change log

Version 2.6.7
Microsoft Windows 10 & Microsoft Office 2017 updates support
Fixed Mrg16kz update support
Windows Files expire fixed
Office 365 Support

Version 2.6.6
Office 2016 Support
Fixed KMS Server Service crash
Licensing State message “Store License”, What is Microsoft Toolkit. Occurs when getting the free permanent Windows 10 Upgrade
Disable KMS Online Ticket Validation
Improved TAP Drivers
Improved WinDivert Uninstall
Updated new KMS servers

Version 2.6
Remove Trial and Grace Keys
Support for KMS PID with 5 Digit Build Number
Disable Windows Vista Rearm Count
Fixed removing of Trial/Grace Product Keys
Office Uninstaller removes Office 2016 and Click To Run

Version 2.5.5
Microsoft Office Setup Customization Functions
Added AutoKMS Uninstaller for win10
Added AutoRearm Uninstaller
Added Product Key Checker
Added Run Partial Support

Version 2.5.4
Bug fix Office 2013 Professional Activation System
Added windows 10 Removewat label support
Added windows 10 Watermark Remove
Added windows 10 server support
Added TOR backup

Version 2.5.3
Beta Support windows 10
Fixed windows 2013 Server Activation 2223 error
Foxed window8.1 RTM Patch

version 2.5.2
Updated new module online activator
Added new algorithm for auto KMS and KMS server
Improved windows 8.1 support
Added windows server support
Added key backup
Fixed restart lag error
Fixed ms office 2013 activation error
Fixed ms office 2007 841fs.dill missing error

version 2.5.1
Added new module online activator
Added new algorithm for auto KMS
Added windows 8.1 support
Added windows server support
Added key backup
Fixed token backup error
Fixed ms office 2010 activation error
Fixed ms office 2007 324fs.dill missing error

Version 2.5
Added windows 8 support
Added office 2013 support
Added key backup
Fixed token backup error
Fixed ms What is Microsoft Toolkit 2010 activation error

version 2.4.3
Added windows 7 sp1 support
Added office 2010 support
Added key backup
Fixed cache backup error
Fixed ms office 2010 activation error
Added removewat module beta

System Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5+
Microsoft Office 2003+
Windows Vista+ 10

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The Windows Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services. It simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks building What is Microsoft Toolkit apps for Windows 10.

The toolkit can be used to build apps for any Windows 10 device, including PC, Mobile, What is Microsoft Toolkit, Xbox, IoT and HoloLens. You can also use the toolkit with an existing desktop app converted to UWP using the Desktop Bridge.

The Windows Community Toolkit is available as a Visual Studio NuGet package for new or existing C# and VB.NET projects, What is Microsoft Toolkit. Read the Getting Started page for all the details.

You can also preview the capabilities of the toolkit by downloading the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App in the Windows Store.

Feel free to browse the documentation using the table of contents on the left side of this page.

Open Source

Windows Community Toolkit Source Code

Built as an open source What is Microsoft Toolkit hosted on GitHub with support from the community.

The majority of the projects within the Windows Community Toolkit are licensed under a MIT license. Check the specific repo/NuGet packages for details on licensing and third-party usage notes.

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Microsoft Tool For Windows is the most popular and trusted application which is used by many people to activate various Microsoft Products like Windows 10, What is Microsoft Toolkit, 8.1, 8 and 7, What is Microsoft Toolkit. There are also other Microsoft Products like MS Office (All Versions) that can be also activated using this awesome software. In this article, we will know How to Activate Windows 10 With Microsoft Toolkit.

What is Microsoft Toolkit?

Microsoft Toolkit is all in one tool to manage license, What is Microsoft Toolkit, activate with the Product Code of the different Microsoft Products. It is considered as the best and highly suggested activator for Windows which is used to activate Windows Operating System as well as Microsoft Products like MS Office. This tool can be used offline for the activation of Windows 10. With the activation of Windows Home, Pro, and Enterprise, you will be updated with the latest Windows Updates.

Features of Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10

Here are the few most exciting facts about the MS Toolkit that shows that why should you use this tool on your PC right now.

  • Safest, Easiest and Fastest way for activating Windows What is Microsoft Toolkit as well as Operating System.
  • It supports different types of activation modules with Auto KMS and EZ-activator.
  • Can be used offline for What is Microsoft Toolkit and activation of Windows.
  • Lifetime activation of keys with Auto reactivation.
  • It supports both online and offline activation of products.
  • Provides full user permissions to choose any kind of activation process.
  • No need of Windows 10 Product Key to activate the What is Microsoft Toolkit src="" alt="microsoft toolkit windows 10" width="600" height="300">

    Download Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10 in 2021

    If you are a Windows 10 user and want to activate your Windows, MS Toolkit is the perfect tool for you. This tool can be used very easily and also you don’t need even a working Internet Connection while activating Windows. This tool is also known as Universal Activator for Windows as it allows us to choose our preferred activation method i.e Auto KMS and EZ-activator. So, I highly recommend you to use Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10 instead of other activators.

    How to Activate Windows 10 using Microsoft Toolkit?

    Let’s proceed to the steps to activate the Windows 10 license using the MS Toolkit. Using this method, you will have a genuine copy of Windows on your Computer.

    Important – First of all, disable Antivirus or Windows Defender Tool on your PC. To disable defender go to Windows Defender >> Settings >> Turn the real-time protection off. You can turn it on after the activation.

    • Launch Microsoft Toolkit (Run as Administrator)
    • Select Windows icon from the right.
    • Go to the Product Keys Tab and then click on Check System.
    • Now, What is Microsoft Toolkit, choose the Windows 10 from the drop-down and select the Windows edition What is Microsoft Toolkit you want.
    • From the right, What is Microsoft Toolkit, click on the Install button.

    microsoft toolkit

    • Go to the Activation tab and select EZ-activator from there.
    • Now, wait for some time till it finishes the activation process.

    That’s all. You have now successfully activated Windows 10 using Microsoft Toolkit on your PC. Make sure to check if the Windows 10 is activated or not.

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    How to check if Windows 10 is activated successfully?

    To check whether MS Toolkit has activated Windows 10 successfully or not follow the given instructions.

    • Right click on This PC and then click on Properties.
    • At the last, you can find a section of Windows Activation.

    activate windows 10

    • Check there What is Microsoft ToolkitWindows is activated” is written, What is Microsoft Toolkit. If yes, then your Windows is activated.

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    MS Toolkit, What is Microsoft Toolkit, also known as EZ-activator has been used by many geeks as they found it very easier to use. It comes with a set of tools where you can manage licensing, keys, activation of various Microsoft Products. All the version of Windows OS and Microsoft Office can be activated very easily with the help of this tool.

    Final Words

    This was all about Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10 Activation. I hope you have learned very well that How to activate Windows 10 using MS Toolkit. Now, you don’t need to look for the unofficial ways or cracked keys for the activation of Microsoft Products. Still, if you have any type of question regarding this topic, please leave a comment below.

Tejasvi Singh

Tejasvi Singh is a Blogger by passion and a budding engineering student. In the last few years, his blog What is Microsoft Toolkit received millions of visitors and growing. Follow him around to know more.

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