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Computer Archives
Computer Archives
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What is a Computer Archive?

S. Gonzales

When someone refers to a computer archive, he or she usually is referring to a specific type of Internet archiving. This type of Internet archiving saves a snapshot of the index page of a website, computer Archives. However, it can also mean another type of Internet archiving in which posts or entries on a website are categorized and archived.

Man holding computer

Creating an archive of a website's index pages can have many benefits. First, computer Archives website's history is documented and can be recalled at will. This can show researchers how the website has evolved through time. Legally, a computer archive might also be able to help those involved in legal disputes by serving as evidence. A computer archive can retain a lot of content, such as text, that would have been lost without the archive's effort to capture and store the website's index page.

Computer archives can also function within an individual website. If a website owner uses a particular software that encourages the act of archiving, like popular blogging software, a computer archive can be established with little to no effort on the part of the website owner. These post or entries might be automatically archived according to date or category after a specific amount of time or when the website owner manually designates them as being archive material. Some software allows users to edit posts or entries so that dates or categories are changed or added and archiving can take place.

An index page can be recalled through the use of a computer archive, but elements of the pages might not function as if they were on a live website. For example, links might be broken, computer Archives, audio can malfunction, and images might not show properly. The same can be said for video or other streaming content that requires a user's computer to connect to a host. Without a live host, content can remain inactive, computer Archives. When confronted with these types of limitations, users are reminded that a computer archive can really just be a library full of website captures, computer Archives, rather than a directory of functional websites.

A computer Archives archive usually is collected and maintained by parties not intimately associated with the websites that they archive, computer Archives. Typically, the computer Archives are third parties who simply want to record the Internet's or a website's history. A computer archive can function and serve much like a digital library. It might even acquire regular patrons in the form of scholars, researchers or the general, curious public.

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Archive file

Computer file used for compression or collection of multiple other files

"File archive" redirects here. For other uses, see file archiver.

A corridor of files at The National Archives

In computing, an archive file is a computer file that is composed of one or more files along with metadata. Archive files are used to collect multiple data files together into a single file for easier portability and storage, or simply to compress files to use less storage space. Archive files often store directory structures, error detection and correction information, arbitrary comments, and sometimes use built-in encryption.


Archive files are particularly useful in that they store file system data and metadata within the contents of a particular file, and thus can be stored on systems or sent over channels that do not support GOM Player Plus Crack Archives file system in question, only file contents – examples include sending a directory structure over email.

Beyond archival purposes, archive files are frequently used for packaging software for distribution, as software contents are often naturally spread across several files; the archive is then known as a package. While the archival file format is the same, there are additional conventions about contents, such as requiring a manifest file, and the resulting format is known as a package format. Examples include deb for Debian, JAR for Java, and APK for Android.


Features supported by various kinds of archives include:

Some archive programs have self-extraction, self-installation, source volume and medium information, and package notes/description.

The file extension or file computer Archives of the archive file are indicators of the file format used. Computer archive files are created by file archiver software, optical disc authoring software, computer Archives, and disk image software.

Archive formats[edit]

An archive format is the file format of an archive file. Some formats are well-defined by their authors and have become conventions supported by multiple vendors and communities.


  • Archiving only formats store metadata and concatenate files.
  • Compression only formats only compress files.
  • Multi-function formats can store metadata, concatenate, compress, encrypt, create error detection and recovery information, and package the archive into self-extracting and self-expanding files.
  • Software packaging formats are used to create software packages that may be self-installing files.
  • Disk image formats are used to create disk images of mass storage volumes.


Further information: List of archive formats and Comparison of archive formats

Filename extensions used to distinguish different types Driver Booster 7.1.0 free download Archives archives include zip, rar, computer Archives, 7z, and tar, the first Boilsoft Video Splitter 7.02.2 Full Version Download which is the most widely implemented, computer Archives.

Java also introduced a whole family computer Archives archive extensions such as computer Archives and war (j is for Java and w is computer Archives web). They are used to exchange entire byte-code deployment, computer Archives. Sometimes they are also used to exchange source code and other text, HTML and XML files, computer Archives. By default they are all compressed.

Error detection and recovery[edit]

Archive files often include parity checks and other checksums for error detection, for instance zip files use a cyclic redundancy check (CRC). RAR archives may include redundant error correction data (called recovery records).

Archive files are sometimes accompanied by separate parity archive (PAR) files that allow for additional error detection and recovery, particularly in recovery of missing files in a multi-file archive.

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CompanionsThe subject of this article is from the Companions update.

The information from this article is up-to-date as of 30 March, 2021, computer Archives.

The subject of this article is from the Companions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 30 March, 2021.

Base Computer Archives
Base Computer Archives
Mission type Secondary
Starting point: Space computer Archives Partial completion of Alone Amidst the Stars
Implemented NEXT
Description A time-gated mission which grants some exclusive base-building blueprints.

Base Computer Archives is a mission.


Base Computer Archives is a secondary mission with many parts which primarily grants players Blueprints for functional base building objects. The mission tasks the player with checking their Base Computer regularly and building whatever it has dug up during its archive recovery so it can continue the process.


Archive Recovery, Part I[]

Base Computer Archives begins once the player has conversed with Artemis for the first time as part of the story mission Alone Amidst the Stars. Upon receiving the mission, computer Archives, the player will be directed to a Base Computer (usually the one built during Awakenings) and must extract a log entry and a blueprint for a Storage Container. Once the blueprint is obtained, computer Archives, the player will then be tasked with building a Storage Container using the blueprint; completing the task ends the first "cycle" of this part of the mission.

Subsequent "cycles" of this part of the mission begin with a 90-minute timer (which counts down in real time), computer Archives. Once the timer has elapsed, computer Archives, the player will need computer Archives check in with the designated Base Computer, extract a log entry and a blueprint for another item, and build that item to complete that "cycle" and begin the next one, computer Archives.

If the player already owns a blueprint obtainable from the mission, they will receive a B-class Life Support Module instead of a blueprint during that blueprint's "cycle." Additionally, the building step will instantly complete if the player already has the required Technology installed or the required object placed in the Base Computer's base.

Archive Computer Archives, Part II[]

Once the final "cycle," the one that awards the Landing Pad blueprint, has been completed, computer Archives, the player will be asked after another 90 minutes computer Archives check in on their Base Computer again and discover that, though it has exhausted its own archives, it knows the location of another archive in a nearby star system. Once the player has received the coordinates of this archive, they will need to travel to an Abandoned Building within another star system and use its terminal to extract an additional log entry as well as a base technology blueprint (or a C-class Cyclotron Module if all base technology blueprints are already known); completing this task ends the first "cycle" of this part of the mission.

Subsequent "cycles" of this part of the mission begin with a 6-hour timer (which counts down in real time). Once the timer has elapsed, the player will need to consult a Base Computer, computer Archives, then visit another Abandoned Building and extract its log entry to complete that "cycle" and begin the next one. This repeats until 10 log entries have been extracted computer Archives this manner.

Archive Recovery, Part III[]

The final stage is a cycle which rewards three Salvaged Technology units every 24 hours, computer Archives.


Part I[]

Part II[]

  • Lore
  • Various base Technology blueprints
  • Up to 10 C-class random Modules (based on when the player acquires all base technology blueprints)


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Base Computer Archives: Locate Off-World Terminal?

Base Computer Archives - mission terminal found!

The Base Computer Archives mission was to go off-world and use the Galaxy Map to locate a terminal. After several jumps to different systems I seemed no closer.

I did some googling to see how to find the terminal since I had no luck and I found threads like this one with various workarounds, but none seemed to help me. After all, I was trying to find the terminal and had not deleted the Base where it was located.

Since it was my first time playing in about a year, I almost passed the mission up for something else. It was then that I noticed when Computer Archives was in the Log that I looked in the pane above the Objectives where I noticed the message that I could restart the mission. It was that simple, Restarting the mission got me back on track and transferred the mission data to the Base where I was when I restarted. Perfect!

Thoughts, ideas, questions? Leave a comment below.

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"Base Computer Archives" Mission
hey, computer Archives, has anyone here finished the "Base Computer Archives" mission? I'm at the point where I done all the traveling back and fourth to the remote terminals every 6 hours, now I'm just receiving scrap/salvage data every 24 hours several times now? I tried to look online, but basically I'm getting the impression the mission just doesn't go away or end, its at the end cycle of only giving me salvage data now? so I just ignore it?

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